Elementary geometrical drawing


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Pagina 8 - The projection of a point upon a plane is the foot of the perpendicular drawn from the point to the plane. Thus A' is the projection of the point A upon the plane MN.
Pagina 95 - A pyramid having for its base a square of 2-5" side, and its axis 3-25" long, rests with one face on the horizontal plane. Draw its plan, and a sectional elevation on a vertical plane represented by a line bisecting the plan of the axis and making an angle of 60į with it. 6. Draw the plan of a school-room 36
Pagina 49 - Through any point in the first line draw a line parallel to the second ; the plane through these is parallel to the second line. Through the second line draw a plane perpendicular to the fore-named plane cutting the first line in a point. Through this point draw a perpendicular in the second plane to the first, and it will be perpendicular to both lines.
Pagina 74 - Through a given point in a given plane, to draw a straight line...
Pagina 73 - Through a given straight line to draw a plane perpendicular to a given plane . . . .153 flane Geometry is that part of Geometry which treats of plane figures and lines in one plane.
Pagina 47 - Through a given point to draw a straight line which shall make equal angles with two straight lines given in position. Let P be the given point, and BE, CF the lines given in position. Produce BE, CF to meet in A, and bisect the angle BAG by the line c AD.
Pagina 56 - A cylinder is conceived to be generated by the revolution of a rectangle about one of its sides as an axis.
Pagina 30 - Through a given point to draw a straight line perpendicular to a given plane . Let AB be the ground line; EF', EG...
Pagina 97 - ... is perforated longitudinally and transversely by semicircular arches, springing at the same height, -viz., 10 feet 6 inches, and intersecting each other.
Pagina 55 - Find the volume of a sphere of radius a, considering the sphere as generated by the revolution of a circle about one of its diameters.

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