The British Homoeopathic Review, Volume 40


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Pagina 222 - To humbler functions, awful Power ! I call thee: I myself commend Unto thy guidance from this hour ; Oh let my weakness have an end ! Give unto me, made lowly wise, The spirit of self-sacrifice; The confidence of reason give ; And in the light of truth thy Bondman let me live!
Pagina 322 - Vaccinae, A Disease Discovered in Some of the Western Counties of England. Particularly Gloucestershire, and Known by the Name of the Cow Pox...
Pagina 327 - Europe and other parts of the globe are incalculable : and it now becomes too manifest to admit of controversy, that the annihilation of the small-pox, the most dreadful scourge of the human species, must be the final result of this practice.
Pagina 651 - Of the agony it occasioned, I will say nothing. Suffering so great as I underwent cannot be expressed in words, and thus fortunately cannot be recalled. The particular pangs are now forgotten ; but the black whirlwind of emotion, the horror of great darkness, and the sense of desertion by God and man, bordering close upon despair, which swept through my mind and overwhelmed my heart, I can never forget, however gladly I would do so.
Pagina 200 - ... happen to carry him, which is the condition brute creatures are in; but that from his make, constitution, or nature, he is in the strictest and most proper sense a law to himself. He hath the rule of right within; what is wanting is only that he honestly attend to it.
Pagina 170 - No papers will be read at the general meetings. The accepted essays will be printed and supplied to all who desire to take part in the debates on their subject matter. They will be presented at the meetings singly, or in groups, according to their contents, a brief analysis of each being given from the chair, and the points on which they treat will then be thrown open for discussion, after an appointed opener, or openers, shall have been heard.
Pagina 535 - The third section (the medical) are unanimously of opinion that experiments with medicines on healthy individuals are, in the present state of medical science, of urgent necessity for physiology and therapeutics, and that it is desirable that all known facts should be methodically and scrupulously collected, and, with prudence, cautiousness, and scientific exactness, arranged, written out, and published.
Pagina 324 - ... days — a circumstance that seemed easily to be accounted for, from my knowing that the common people were very rarely inoculated for the small-pox, till that practice was rendered general by the improved method introduced by Buttons ; so that the working people, in the dairies, were seldom put to the test of the securing powers of the cow-pox.
Pagina 702 - I should die in that state, and that the world would only pity or ridicule my folly. At length I felt a slight tingling of the blood in the end of my third finger, and made an effort to touch it with my thumb, but without success. At a second effort, I touched it, but there seemed to be no sensation. I gradually raised my arm and pinched my thigh, but I could see that sensation was imperfect.
Pagina 505 - Discussion : On the Condition and Prospects of Homoeopathy at the present time, and the best means of furthering its cause.* Wednesday, August 5.

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