Bulletin of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, Volume 5


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Pagina 2 - ... during the latter part of June and the early part of July, but leaves the latter part of the summer poorly occupied.
Pagina 4 - ... does not attack the European Elms, either in Shaw's Botanical Gardens at Saint Louis, or in the grounds of the Department of Agriculture, points in the same direction. Differences are indeed easily enough made out if we take the more or less imperfect descriptions and figures of ulmi,* but are less apparent when the actual specimens are compared.
Pagina 219 - ... there is a stream of considerable size, which divides and flows down either side of the water-shed, thus discharging its waters into both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Having seen this phenomenon on a small scale in the highlands of Maine, where a rivulet discharges a portion of its waters into the Atlantic and the remainder into the St. Lawrence, I am prepared to concede that Bridger's " Two Ocean river
Pagina 8 - It is true that we may frequently find the galls quite fresh, and containing larvae, pupae, and1 winged insects as late as the first week in July, and these late galls, as well as the insects within them, are generally more yellowish than those found earlier in the year; but a careful study of the structure of the inmates shows them to be identical with those found in the earlier galls, and these late galls are, from present knowledge, to be attributed to the work of late hatching and late developing...
Pagina 195 - ... that this vertical dislocation took place after the whole area was compressed into a great region of anticlinals with intermediate synclinals. In other words, it was a region of enormous and complicated folds, riven in later time by a vast series of vertical displacements which have partly...
Pagina 5 - ... more setous ; joint 5 is shorter than 4; the apical, narrowed part of 6th joint is relatively longer and more pointed; the subcostal vein of hind wings is less straight ; the cubital vein is often continuous to very near the subcostal, while I have not found any tendency of the kind in...
Pagina 88 - ЪШ grooved rather further : length under 12 ; wing under 7 ; tail under 3 ; bill under 2.
Pagina 220 - Atlantic Creek with the Upper Yellowstone, the elevation, 8,081 feet, is not more than 150 feet above the valley of the main stream. The valley is at first quite narrow, but it gradually expands into an open, grassy meadow, which, near the pass, becomes one-third of a mile in width, and gradually closes up again into a canon on the Pacific slope. So obscure is the drainage that we camped the night of October 3, 1878, within a fourth of a mile of the water divide, but did not perceive it until we...
Pagina 391 - The three nests were found in heavy timber, some ten or twelve feet from the ground, are half-pensile, something like those of the Orchard and Bullock's Orioles, and attached to upright terminal branches. They are composed of dried grasses woven among the growing twigs and leaves so as to form a matting light and firm. They measure on the inside some three inches in depth and rather more in width.

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