The Southern Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 15

J. McCafferty, 1859

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Pagina 126 - The Science and Art of Surgery ; being a Treatise on Surgical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations. By JOHN ERIC ERICHSEN, Senior Surgeon to University College Hospital, and Holme Professor of Clinical Surgery in University College, London.
Pagina 66 - I give half-drop doses of the 3x tincture every two, three or four hours, according to the urgency of the symptoms...
Pagina 127 - I'VE often wish'd that I had clear, For life, six hundred pounds a year, A handsome house to lodge a friend, A river at my garden's end, A terrace walk, and half a rood Of land, set out to plant a wood.
Pagina 362 - We're twenty! We're twenty! Who says we are more ? He's tipsy, —young jackanapes ! —show him the door! " Gray temples at twenty?" — Yes! white if we please : Where the snow-flakes fall thickest there's nothing can freeze! Was it snowing I spoke of ? Excuse the mistake!
Pagina 431 - H. DOUGHTY, Ga. The following Special Committees were continued or altered : — On Microscope. — JOHN C. DALTON, Jr., NY ; DAVID HUTCHINSON, Ind. ; AR STOUT, Cal. ; CALVIN ELLIS, Mass. ; CHRISTOPHER JOHNSTON, Md.
Pagina 311 - California, and the only part to which the name applies in the current language of the country. It is the occupied and inhabited part, and so different in character— so divided by the mountain wall of the sierra from the Great Basin above— as to constitute a region to itself, with a structure and configuration— a soil, climate, and productions— of its own; and as northern Persia may be referred to as some type of the former, so may Italy be referred to as some point of comparison for the...
Pagina 239 - Resolved, That we recommend to all the medical colleges entitled to a representation in this body that they appoint delegates, especially instructed to •represent them in a meeting to be held at Louisville on Monday, the day immediately preceding the convention of the American Medical Association, for the year 1859, at ten o'clock, at such place as the committee of arrangements shall designate.
Pagina 700 - Davey read a paper on this subject before the Medical Society of London, the principal object of which was to prove the independency of the organic nervous system, and, what is more, the dependency of the integrity of the cerebro-spinal system in common with all the organism, on it. To prove his position, Dr. Davey brought forward a variety of facts, more or less startling...
Pagina 183 - In order to obviate this inconvenience, I have added nitre to the leaveę of belladonna and of stramonium, by watering these plants, dried and conveniently spread out, with a solution of nitrate of potash, in the proportion of three ounces of the salt to rather more than two pounds avoirdupois of the plants. It will be easily understood, that as this solution penetrates the entire vegetable tissue, the latter will, when dry, burn completely, without the formation of the pyrogeneous products above...
Pagina 259 - Atlantic coast for a little while, they bring us air saturated with moisture from the Gulf Stream, and we complain of the sultry, oppressive, heavy atmosphere ; the invalid grows worse, and the well man feels ill, because, when he takes this atmosphere into his lungs, it is already so charged with moisture that it cannot take...

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