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1900. No. 1.-Roll of Alumni in Arts of King's College, 1596-1860. P. J. Anderson.

No. 2.-Records of Old Aberdeen, 1157-1891. A. M. Munro, F.S.A. Scot. Vol. I. No. 3.-Place Names of West Aberdeenshire. James Macdonald, F.S.A. Scot. 1901. No. 4.-Family of Burnett of Leys. George Burnett, LL.D., Lyon King of Arms.


No. 5.-Records of Invercauld, 1547-1828. Rev. J. G. Michie, M.A.


1902. No. 6.-Rectorial Addresses in the Universities of Aberdeen, 1835-1900. P. J. Anderson.

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No. 7.-Albemarle Papers, 1746-48. Professor C. S. Terry, M.A.


1903. No. 8.-House of Gordon. J. M. Bulloch, M.A. Vol. I.

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No. 9.-Records of Elgin. William Cramond, LL.D. Vol. I. 1904. No. 10.-Avogadro and Dalton. A. N. Meldrum, D.Sc.

No. 11.-Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire.

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David Littlejohn, LL.D.


No. 12.-Proceedings of the Anatomical and Anthropological Society, 1902-04. 1905. No. 13.-Report on Alcyonaria. Professor J. Arthur Thomson, M.A., and others.

No. 14.-Researches in Organic Chemistry. Prof. F. R. Japp, F.R.S., and others.

No. 15.-Meminisse Juvat: with Appendix of Alakeia. Alexander Shewan, M.A.

No. 16.-Blackhalls of that Ilk and Barra. Alexander Morison, M.D.


1906. No. 17.-Records of the Scots Colleges. Vol. I. P. J. Anderson.

No. 18.-Roll of the Graduates, 1860-1900. Colonel William Johnston, C.B., M.D., LL.D.

No. 19.-Studies in the History of the University. P. J. Anderson and others.

No. 20.-Studies in the History and Art of the Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire.
Professor Sir W. M. Ramsay, D.C.L., and pupils.


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No. 24.-Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire. David Littlejohn, LL.D. Vol. II. 1907. No. 25.-Studies on Alcyonarians and Antipatharians. Prof. Thomson, M.A., and others.

No. 26.-Surgical Instruments in Greek and Roman Times. J. S. Milne, M.A., M.D.

No. 27.-Records of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeenshire. David Littlejohn, LL.D. Vol. III.
No. 28.-Flosculi Graeci Boreales. Ser. II. Professor John Harrower, M.A.

No. 29.-Record of the Quatercentenary, 1906. P. J. Anderson.

No. 30.-House of Gordon. J. M. Bulloch, M.A. Vol. II.


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1908. No. 31.-Miscellany of the New Spalding Club. Vol. II.

No. 32.-Religious Teachers of Greece. James Adam, Litt.D. (Gifford Lectures, 1904-06.)

No. 33. Science and Philosophy of the Organism. Hans Driesch, Ph.D. (Giff. Lect., 1907.)

No. 34.-Proceedings of the Anatomical and Anthropological Society, 1906-08.

No. 35.-Records of Elgin. Vol. II. Rev. S. Ree, B.D.

No. 36.-Pigmentation Survey of School Children. J. F. Tocher, B.Sc.


1909. No. 37.-Science and Philosophy of Organism. Hans Driesch, Ph.D. Vol. II. (Giff. Lect., 1908.)

No. 38.-Studies on Alcyonarians and Hydroids. Prof. Thomson, M.A., and others. Ser. III.

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Convener: Professor JAMES W. H. TRAIL, F.R.S., Curator of the Library.

No. 39.-Publications of Scottish Clubs. Professor C. S. Terry, M.A.

No. 40.-Aberdeen Friars: Red, Black, White, Grey. P. J. Anderson.

No. 41.-Studies on Alcyonarians. Professor Thomson, M.A., and others. Ser. IV.

No. 42.-Records of Old Aberdeen. A. M. Munro. Vol. II.


1910. No. 43.-Musa Latina Aberdonensis: Poetae Minores. W. K. Leask, M.A.

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General Editor: P. J. ANDERSON, LL.B., Librarian to the University.

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No. 44.-Bulletins of the Aberdeen and North of Scotland College of Agriculture. Nos. 1-14. 1911. No. 45.-Records of Inverness. W. Mackay and H. C. Boyd. Vol. I.

No. 46. Zoological Studies. Professor Thomson and others. Ser. V.

No. 47. Subject Catalogue of the Phillips Library.

No. 48.-Zoological Studies. Professor Thomson and others. Ser. VI.

No. 49.-Anacreontic Poetry of Germany. John Lees, D.Litt.

No. 50.-Creeds and Confessions of Faith. Professor W. A. Curtis, D.Litt.

No. 51.-Aberdeen Alumni at Other Universities. Part I. Professor J. Harrower, LL.D.

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Vol. I.

No. 21.-Studies in Pathology. William Bulloch, M.D., and others.

No. 22.-Proceedings of the Anatomical and Anthropological Society, 1904-06.

No. 23. Subject Catalogues of the Science Library and the Law Library. P. J. Anderson.

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