Were rising; or by secret mountain

streams, The guides and the companions of thy

way !




or more than Fancy, of the Social RECITATION OF A POEM ON THE


Distending wide, and man beloved as

man, Friend of the wise ! and Teacher of the Where France in all her towns lay Good !

vibrating Into my heart have I received that Lay

Like some becalmed bark beneath the More than historic, that prophetic Lay


30 Wherein (high theme by thee first sung Of Heaven's immediate thunder, when aright)

no cloud Of the foundations and the building up

Is visible, or shadow on the main. of a Human Spirit thou hast dared to

For thou wert there, thine own brows tell

garlanded, What may be told, to the understanding Amid the tremor of a realm aglow, mind

Amid a mighty nation jubilant, Revealable ; and what within the mind

When from the general heart of human By vital breathings secret as the soul

kind Of vernal growth, oft quickens in the

Hope sprang forth like a full - born heart

Deity! Thoughts all too deep for words !

Of that dear Hope afflicted and

struck down, Theme hard as high ! So summoned homeward, thenceforth Of smiles spontaneous, and mysterious

calm and sure fears

From the dread watch-tower of man's (The first-born they of Reason and twin

absolute self, birth),

With light unwaning on her eyes, to Of tides obedient to external force,

look And currents self-determined, as might Far on-herself a glory to behold,

The Angel of the vision ! Then (last Or by some inner Power ; of moments

strain) awful,

Of Duty, chosen Laws controlling choice, Now in thy inner life, and now abroad, Action and joy !- An orphic song inWhen power streamed from thee, and

deed, thy soul received

A song divine of high and passionate The light reflected, as

a light be

thoughts stowed

To their own music chaunted ! Of fancies fair, and milder hours of

youth, IIyblean murmurs of poetic thought Ere yet that last strain dying awed the Industrious in its joy, in vales and

air, glens

With stedfast eye I viewed thee in the Native or outland, lakes and famous

choir hills!

Of ever-enduring men. The truly great Or on the lonely high-road, when the Have all one age, and from one visible stars





O great Bard !


and act,


Shed influence! They, both in power Plucking the poisons of self-harm! And

ill Are permanent, and Time is not with Such intertwine beseems

beseems triumphal them,

Save as it worketh for them, they in it. Strew'd before thy advancing !
Nor less a sacred Roll, than those of old,
And to be placed, as they, with gradual

Nor do thou, fame

Sage Bard ! impair the memory of that Among the archives of mankind, thy

hour work

Of thy communion with my nobler Makes audible a linked lay of Truth,

mind Of Truth profound a sweet continuous By pity or grief, already felt too long ! lay,

Nor let my words import more blame Not learnt, but native, her own natural

than needs.

[is nigh notes !

60 The tumult rose and ceased : for Peace Ah ! as I listen'd with a heart forlorn, Where wisdom's voice has found a The pulses of my being beat anew :

listening heart.

[storms, And even as life returns upon the Amid the howl of more than wintry drowned,

The halcyon hears the voice of vernal Life's joy rekindling roused a throng of


90 pains

Already on the wing. Keen pangs of Love, awakening as a babe

Eve following eve, Turbulent, with an outcry in the heart ; Dear tranquil time, when the sweet sense And fears self-willed, that shunned the

of Home eye of hope ;

Is sweetest ! moments for their own sake And hope that scarce would know itself

hailed from fear;

And more desired, more precious, for Sense of past youth, and manhood come

thy song, in vain,

In silence listening, like a devout And genius given, and knowledge won

child, in vain ;

My soul lay passive, by thy various And all which I had culled in wood

strain walks wild,

Driven as in surges now beneath the And all which patient toil had reared,

stars, and all,

With momentary stars of my own birth, Commune with thee had opened out- Fair constellated foam, still darting off but flowers

Into the darkness; now a tranquil sea, Strewed on my corse, and borne upon Outspread and bright, yet swelling to

the moon. In the same coffin, for the self-same grave !

And when --O Friend ! my comforter

and guide! · That way no more ! and ill beseems Strong in thyself, and powerful to give

strength !-Who came

a welcomer in herald's Thy long sustained Song finally closed, guise,

And thy deep voice had ceased — yet Singing of glory, and futurity,

thou thyself To wander back on such unhealthful Wert still before my eyes, and round us road,

both с



my bier,


it me,

[blocks in formation]

How warm this woodland wild recess !

Love surely hath been breathing here :
And this sweet bed of heath, my dear!

Swells up, then sinks with faint caress,

OFT, oft methinks, the while with thee, As if to have you yet more near.

I breathe, as from the heart, thy dear

And dedicated name, I hear

A promise and a mystery,
Eight springs have flown, since last I lay

A pledge of more than passing life,

Yea, in that very name of Wife! On sea-ward Quantock's heathy hills,

Where quiet sounds from hidden rills Float here and there, like things astray,

A pulse of love, that ne'er can sleep ! And high o'er head the sky - lark

A feeling that upbraids the heart shrills.

With happiness beyond desert,

That gladness half requests to weep! III

Nor bless I not the keener sense

And unalarming turbulence
No voice as yet had made the air

Be music with your name ; yet why
That asking look ? that yearning sigh? Of transient joys, that ask no sting
That sense of promise every where?

From jealous fears, or coy denying ; Beloved ! flew your spirit by ?

But born beneath Love's brooding


And into tenderness soon dying,

Wheel out their giddy moment, then As when a mother doth explore

Resign the soul to love again.
The rose-mark on her long-lost child,
I met, I loved you, maiden mild !

A more precipitated vein
As whom I long had loved before-

Of notes, that eddy in the flow So deeply had I been beguiled.

Of smoothest song, they come, they


And leave their sweeter understrain

Its own sweet self-a love of Thee You stood before me like a thought,

That seems, yet cannot greater be! A dream remembered in a dream.

? 1807

green willow!


But not from me shall this mild darkness

steal thee : My eyes make pictures, when they are I dream thee with mine eyes, and at my shut:

heart I feel thee! I see a fountain, large and fair, A willow and a ruined hut,

Thine eyelash on my cheek doth playAnd thee, and me and Mary there.

'Tis Mary's hand upon my brow ! O Mary! make thy gentle lap our

But let me check this tender lay pillow !

Which none may hear but she and

thou ! Bend o'er us, like a bower, my beautiful

Like the still hive at quiet midnight


Murmur it to yourselves, ye two beloved A wild-rose roofs the ruined shed,

women !

? 1807. And that and summer well agree : And lo! where Mary leans her head, Two dear names carved upon the tree !

TO TWO SISTERS And Mary's tears, they are not tears of

[Mrs. MORGAN AND Miss BRENT] sorrow : Our sister and our friend will both be

A WANDERER'S FAREWELL here to-morrow.

To know, to esteem, to love,--and then 'Twas day! but now few, large, and

to partbright,

Makes up life's tale to many a feeling The stars are round the crescent

heart; moon !

Alas for some abiding-place of love, And now it is a dark warm night, O'er which my spirit, like the mother The balmiest of the month of June !

dove, A glow-worm fall’n, and on the marge Might brood with warming wings !

remounting Shines, and its shadow shines, fit stars

O fair ! O kind ! for our sweet fountain.

Sisters in blood, yet each with each in

twined O ever-ever be thou blest !

More close by sisterhood of heart and For dearly, Asra ! love I thee!

mind ! This brooding warmth


Me disinherited in form and face breast,

By nature, and mishap of outward This depth of tranquil bliss—ah,


Who, soul and body, through one guiltFount, tree and shed are gone, I know

less fault not whither,

Waste daily with the poison of sad But in one quiet room we three are still

thought, together.

Me did you soothe, when solace hoped I

none ! The shadows dance upon the wall, And as on unthaw'd ice the winter sun, By the still dancing fire-flames Though stern the frost, though brief the made;

genial day, And now they slumber moveless all ! You bless my heart with many a cheerful And now they melt to one deep

ray ; shade!

For gratitude suspends the heart's despair,


me !

IO 20



Reflecting bright though cold your image Yet still she flutters o'er her grave's green there.

slope : Nay more ! its music by some sweeter For Love's despair is but the ghost of strain

Hope ! Makes us live o'er our happiest hours again,

Sweet Sisters ! were you placed around Hope re-appearing dim in memory's one hearth guise--

With those, your other selves in shape Even thus did you call up before mine

and worth, eyes

Far rather would I sit in solitude, Two dear, dear Sisters, prized all price Fond recollections all my fond heart's above,

food, Sisters, like you, with more than sisters' And dream of you, sweet Sisters ! (ah! love ;

not mine !) So like you they, and so in you were And only dream of you (ah! dream and

pine !)

50 Their relative statures, tempers, looks, Than boast the presence and partake and mien,

the pride, That oft, dear ladies ! you have been to And shine in the eye, of all the world me


1807. At once a vision and reality. Sight seem'd a sort of memory, and

A TOMBLESS EPITAPH Mingled a trouble with affection's gaze.

'Tis true, Idoloclastes Satyrane ! Oft to my eager soul I whisper blame, 30 (So call him, for so mingling blame with A Stranger bid it feel the Stranger's

praise shame

And smiles with anxious looks, his My eager soul, impatient of the name,

earliest friends, No strangeness owns, no Stranger's form Masking his birth-name, wont to chardescries :

acter The chidden heart spreads trembling on

His wild-wood fancy and impetuous zeal)

'Tis true that, passionate for ancient First-seen I gazed, as I would look you

truths, thro’!

And honouring with religious love the My best-beloved regain’d their youth in

Great you,

Of elder times, he hated to excess, And still I ask, though now familiar with an unquiet and intolerant scorn, grown,

The hollow puppets of an, hollow age, Are you for their sakes dear, or for your Ever idolatrous, and changing ever own ?

Its worthless idols! Learning, power,

and time, O doubly dear! may Quiet with you (Too much of all) thus wasting in vain dwell!

war In Grief I love you, yet I love you Of fervid colloquy. Sickness, 'tis true, well!

Whole years of weary days, besieged him Hope long is dead to me! an orphan's close, tear

Even to the gates and inlets of his life ! Love wept despairing o'er his nurse's But it is true, no less, that strenuous, bier.


the eyes.


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