"To meet with PART at least of your son Work out its dread fulfilment, and the Bethlen,

spirit Or the war - wolf must have a quick Of wronged Kiuprili be appeased. But digestion !

only, Go! Search the wood by all means ! Go! | Only, O merciful in vengeance ! let not I pray you !'

That plague turn inward on my Casimir's Sarolta. Inhuman wretch !

soul ! Attendant. And old Bathory answered Scare thence the fiend Ambition, and With a sad smile, 'It is a witch's prayer,

restore him And may Heaven read it backwards.' | To his own heart ! O save him ! Save Though she was rash,

my husband ! 'Twas a small fault for such a punish

[During the latter part of this ment !

speech EMERICK comes forSarolta. Nay! 'twas my grief, and not

ward from his hiding-place. my anger spoke.

SAROLTA seeing him, without Small fault indeed ! but leave me, my

recognising him. good girl !

In such a shape a father's curse should I feel a weight that only prayer can

come. lighten. [Exit Attendant. Emerick (advancing). Fear not O they were innocent, and yet have Sarolta. Who art thou ? Robber? perished

Traitor ? In their May of life ; and Vice grows old Emerick.

Friend ! in triumph.

Who in good hour hath startled these Is it Mercy's hand, that for the bad man

dark fancies,

49 holds

Rapacious traitors, that would fain depose Life's closing gate ?-

Joy, love, and beauty, from their natural Still passing thence petitionary Hours

thrones : To woo the obdurate spirit to repentance?

Those lips, those angel eyes, that regal Or would this chillness tell me, that

forehead. there is

Sarolta. Strengthen me, Heaven! I Guilt too enormous to be duly punished,

must not seem afraid ! [Aside. Save by increase of guilt ? The Powers The king to-night then deigns to play the of Evil

Are jealous claimants. Guilt too hath What seeks your Majesty ?
its ordeal,


Sarolta's love; And Hell its own probation !-Merciful And Emerick's power lies prostrate at Heaven,

her feet. Rather than this, pour down upon thy Sarolta. Heaven guard the sovereign's suppliant

power from such debasement ! ! Disease, and agony, and comfortless Far rather, Sire, let it descend in venge

want ! O send us forth to wander on, unsheltered! On the base ingrate, on the faithless slave Make our food bitter with despised tears ! Who dared unbar the doors of these Let viperous scorn hiss at us as we pass !

retirements !

60 Yea, let us sink down at our enemy's gate,

For whom? Has Casimir deserved this And beg forgiveness and a morsel of

insult ? bread !

O my misgiving heart! If-if- from With all the heaviest worldly visitations

Let the dire father's curse that hovers Yet not from you, Lord Emerick !
o'er us


Chiefly from me.


Has he not like an ingrate robbed my Emerick. Insolent slave! Depart ! court

Know'st thou not me? Of Beauty's star, and kept my heart in Bethlen. I know thou art a villain darkness?

And coward ! That thy devilish purpose First then on him I will administer

marks thee! justice

What else, this lady must instruct my If not in mercy, yet in love and rapture.

sword ! [Seizes her. Sarolta. Monster, retire! O touch

! Sarolta. Help! Treason! Help!

him not, thou blest one !

90 Emerick. Call louder! Scream again! This is the hour that fiends and damned Here's none can hear you !

spirits Sarolta. Hear me, hear me, Heaven ! Do walk the earth, and take what form Emerick. Nay, why this rage? Who

they list! best deserves you ? Casimir, 70 Yon devil hath assumed a king's ! Emerick’s bought implement, the jealous Bethlen.

Usurped it! slave

Emerick. The king will play the devil That mews you up with bolts and bars?

with thee indeed ! or Emerick

But that I mean to hear thee howl on Who proffers you a throne ? Nay, mine

the rack, you shall be.

I would debase this sword, and lay thee Hence with this fond resistance ! Yield;

prostrate then live

At this thy paramour's feet; then drag This month a widow, and the next a

her forth queen!

Stained with adulterous blood, and Sarolta. Yet, yet for one brief moment

[Then to Sarolta. [Struggling.

-mark you, traitress ! Unhand me, I conjure you.

Strumpeted first, then turned adrift to [She throws him off, and rushes

beggary ! towards a toilet. EMERICK Thou prayed’st for't too. follows, and as she takes a Sarolta. Thou art so fiendish wicked, dagger, he grasps it in her That in thy blasphemies I scarce hear thy hand.

threats ! Emerick. Ha! Ha! a dagger ; Bethlen. Lady, be calm ! fear not this A seemly ornament for a lady's casket !

king of the buskin ! 'Tis held, devotion is akin to love, A king? Oh laughter ! A king Bajazet! But yours is tragic! Love in war! It That from some vagrant actor's tiringcharms me,


room, And makes your beauty worth a king's Hath stolen at once his speech and crown! embraces !


Ah ! treason ! [During this speech BETHLEN Thou hast been lessoned and tricked up enters armed.

for this! Bethlen. Ruffian, forbear! Turn, turn As surely as the wax on thy deathand front my sword !

warrant Emerick. Pish ! who is this?

Shall take the impression of this royal Sarolta. O sleepless eye of Heaven !

signet, A blest, a blessed spirit! Whence So plain thy face hath ta'en the mask of camest thou ?

rebel ! May I still call thee Bethlen?

[EMERICK points
points his

hand Bethlen. Ever, lady,

huughtily towards BETHLEN, Your faithful soldier !

who catching a sight of the



I 20

signet, seizes his hand and I now commit this traitor and assassin. eagerly observes the signet,

[Then to the Attendants. then flings the hand back with Hence with him to the dungeon ! and indignant joy.

to-morrow, Bethlen. It must be so ! 'Tis e'en the Ere the sun rises, -Hark ! your heads or counterpart !

his! But with a foul usurping cypher on it! Bethlen. Can Hell work miracles to The light hath flashed from Heaven, and

mock Heaven's justice ? I must follow it !

Emerick. Who speaks to him dies ! O curst usurper ! 0 thou brother

The traitor that has menaced murderer!

His king, must not pollute the breathing That madest a star-bright queen a fugi

air, tive widow !

Even with a word ! Who fillest the land with curses, being Casimir (to Baihory). Hence with him thyself

to the dungeon ! All curses in one tyrant ! see and tremble !

[Exit BETHLEN, hurried off by This is Kiuprili's sword that now hangs

BATHCRY and Attendants. o'er thee!

Emerick. We hunt to-morrow in your Kiuprili's blasting curse, that from its

upland forest : point

Thou (to Casimir) wilt attend us : and Shoots lightnings at thee. . Hark! in

wilt then explain Andreas' name,

This sudden and most fortunate arrival. Heir of his vengeance, hell - hound ! I

[Exit EMERICK; Manent CASIdefy thee.

MIR and SAROLTA. [They fight, and just as EMERICK Sarolta. My lord ! my husband ! look is disarmed, in rush Casi

whose sword lies yonder ! 140 MIR, OLD BATHORY, and

[Pointing to the sword which Attendants. CASIMIR runs

BETHLEN had been disarmed in between the combatants,

of by the Attendants. and parts them ; in the It is Kiuprili's, Casimir ; 'tis thy father's! struggle BETHLEN's sword And wielded by a stripling's arm, it is thrown down.

baffled, Casimir. The king ! disarmed too by Yea, fell like Heaven's own lightnings a stranger ! Speak !

on that Tarquin. What may this mean?

Casimir. Hush ! hush ! Emerick. Deceived, dishonored lord !

[In an under voice. Ask thou yon fair adultress! She will I had detected ere I left the city tell thee

The tyrant's curst intent. Lewd, damned A tale, which would'st thou be both

ingrate! dupe and traitor,

For him did I bring down a father's Thou wilt believe against thy friend and

curse ! sovereign !

Swift swift must be our means ! ToThou art present now, and a friend's

morrow's sun duty ceases :

Sets on his fate or mine! O blest To thine own justice leave I thine own

Sarolta ! [Embracing her. wrongs.

No other prayer, late penitent, dare I Of half thy vengeance I perforce must


150 rob thee,

But that thy spotless virtues may prevail For that the sovereign claims. To thy ! O’er Casimir's crimes, and dread Kiuallegiance


prili's curse! [Exeunt consulting. you first.


Heard you

Lord Rudolph. I entered as the door ACT IV

was closing on you : SCENE I

His eye was fixed, yet seemed to follow

you: A glade in a wood.

Enter CASIMIR With such a look of hate, and scorn and looking anxiously around.

triumph, Casimir. This needs must be the spot !

As if he had you in the toils already, O, here he comes !

And were then choosing where to stab Enter LORD RUDOLPH.

But hush ! draw back ! Well met, Lord Rudolph !--

Casimir. This nook is at the furthest Your whisper was not lost upon my ear, From any beaten track. And I dare trust

Lord Rudolph. There ! mark them ! Lord Rudolph. Enough ! the time is

[Points to where LASKA and precious !

PESTALUTZ cross the Stage. You left Temeswar late on yester-eve?


Laska ! And sojourned there some hours ?

Lord Rudolph. One of the two I reCasimir.

I did so !
cognized this morning ;

29 Lord Rudolph.

His name is Pestalutz : a trusty ruffian, Aught of a hunt preparing ?

Whose face is prologue still to some dark Casimir. Yes; and met

murder. The assembled huntsmen !

Beware no stratagem, no trick of message, Lord Rudolph. Was there no word Dispart you from your servants. given ?

Casimir (aside).

I deserve it. Casimir. The word for me was this ; The comrade of that ruffian is my servant: -The royal Leopard

The one I trusted most and most preChases thy milk-white dedicated Hind.

ferred. Lord Rudolph. Your answer?

But we must part. What makes the Casimir. As the word proves false or

king so late? true

It was his wont to be an early stirrer. Will Casimir cross the hunt, or join the Lord Rudolph. And his main policy. huntsmen !

To enthral the sluggard nature in ourLord Rudolph. The event redeemed

selves their pledge ?

Is, in good truth, the better half of the Casimir. It did, and therefore

secret Have I sent back both pledge and invita- To enthral the world : for the will tion.

governs all.

40 The spotless Hind hath fled to them for See, the sky lowers ! the cross - winds shelter,

waywardly And bears with her my seal of fellowship! Chase the fantastic masses of the clouds

[They take hands, etc. With a wild mockery of the coming Lord Rudolph. But Emerick ! how

hunt! when you reported to him

Casimir. Mark yonder mass ! I make Sarolta's disappearance, and the flight

it wear the shape Of Bethlen with his guards?

Of a huge ram that butts with head Casimir. O he received it

depressed. As evidence of their mutual guilt. In Lord Rudolph (smiling). Belike, some fine,


stray sheep of the oozy flock, With cozening warmth condoled with, Which, if bards lie not, the Sea-shepand dismissed me.

herds tend,


Glaucus or Proteus. But my fancy The fledge-dove knows the prowlers of shapes it

the air, A monster couchant on a rocky shelf. Feared soon as seen, and flutters back to Casimir. Mark too the edges of the

shelter. lurid mass

50 And the young steed retoils upon his Restless, as if some idly-vexing Sprite,

haunches, On swift wing coasting by, with tetchy The never - yet - seen adder's hiss first hand

heard. Pluck'd at the ringlets of the vaporous O surer than Suspicion's hundred eyes Fleece.

Is that fine sense, which to the pure in These are sure signs of conflict nigh at

heart, hand,

By mere oppugnancy of their own goodAnd elemental war !


80 [A single trumpet heard at some Reveals the approach of evil. Casimir ! distance.

O fool! O parricide! through yon wood Lord Rudolph. That single blast

did'st thou, Announces that the tyrant's pawing With fire and sword, pursue a patriot courser

father, Neighs at the gate. [A volley of trumpets. A widow and an orphan. Dar’st thou Hark! now the king comes forth !

then For ever 'midst this crash of horns and (Curse - laden wretch) put forth these clarions

hands to raise He mounts his steed, which proudly The ark, all sacred, of thy country's rears an-end

cause? While he looks round at ease, and scans Look down in pity on thy son, Kiuprili ! the crowd,

бо And let this deep abhorrence of his Vain of his stately form and horseman

crime, ship!

Unstained with selfish fears, be his I must away! my absence may be

atonement ! noticed.

O strengthen him to nobler compensaCasimir. Oft as thou canst, essay to


90 lead the hunt

In the deliverance of his bleeding Hard by the forest-skirts; and ere high

country! [Exit CASIMIR. noon Expect our

confederates from Temeswar.

[SCENE II] I trust, ere yet this clouded sun slopes Scene changes to the mouth of a Cavern, westward,

as in Act II, ZAPOLYA and GLYCINE That Emerick's death, or Casimir's, will

discovered. appease The manes of Zapolya and Kiuprili ! Zapolya. Our friend is gone to seek [Exit RUDOLPH and manet CASI

some safer cave : MIR.

Do not then leave me long alone, The traitor, Laska!


Glycine ! And yet Sarolta, simple, inexperienced, Having enjoyed thy commune, loneliCould see him as he was, and often

ness, warned me.

That but oppressed me hitherto, now Whence learned she this?_0 she was

scares. innocent !

Glycine. I shall know Bethlen at the And to be innocent is Nature's wisdom !

furthest distance,


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