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Infinite myriads of self-conscious minds Scream in its scanty cradle: he the
Are one all-conscious Spirit, which in-


Wins gentle solace as with upward eye With absolute ubiquity of thought He marks the streamy banners of the (His one eternal self-affirming act !)

All his involved Monads, that yet seem Thinking himself those happy spirits shall
With various province and apt agency

Each to pursue its own self-centering Who there in floating robes of rosy light

Dance sportively. For Fancy is the Some nurse the infant diamond in the

power mine;

That first unsensualizes the dark mind, 86 Some roll the genial juices through the Giving it new delights; and bids it


swell Some drive the mutinous clouds to clash With wild activity; and peopling air, in air,

By obscure fears of beings invisible, And rushing on the storm with whirl- Emancipates it from the grosser thrall wind speed,

Of the present impulsę, teaching SelfYoke the red lightnings to their volley

control, ing car.

Till Superstition with unconscious hand Thus these pursue their never -varying Seat Reason on her throne. Wherefore course,

not vain, No eddy in their stream. Others, more Nor yet without permitted power imwild,

pressed, With complex interests weaving human I deemed those legends terrible, with fates,

which Duteous or proud, alike obedient all, The polar ancient thrills his uncouth Evolve the process of eternal good.

throng :

Whether of pitying Spirits that make And what if some rebellious, o'er dark

their moan realms

O’er slaughter'd infants, or that giant Arrogate power? yet these train up to

bird God,

60 | Vuokho, of whose rushing wings the And on the rude eye, unconfirmed for

noise day,

Is tempest, when the unutterable Shape Flash meteor - lights better than total Speeds from the mother of Death, and gloom,

utters once As ere from Lieule-Oaive’s vapoury head That shriek, which never murderer heard, The Laplander beholds the far-off Sun

and lived. Dart his slant beam on unobeying snows, While yet the stern and solitary Night

Or if the Greenland Wizard in strange Brooks no alternate sway, the Boreal

trance Morn

Pierces the untravelled realms of Ocean's With mimic lustre substitutes its gleam,

bed Guiding his course or by Niemi lake (Where live the innocent as far from cares Or Balda Zhiok, or the mossy stone 70

As from the storms and overwhelming Of Solfar-kapper, while the snowy blast


100 Drifts arrowy by, or eddies round his Dark tumbling on the surface of the sledge,

deep) Making the poor babe at its mother's Over the abysm, even to that ut most back




By mis-shaped prodigies beleaguered, Held commune with that warrior-maid such

of France As earth ne'er bred, nor air, nor the Who scourged the Invader. From her upper sea.

infant days,

With Wisdom, mother of retired thoughts, There dwells the Fury Form, whose un

Her soul had dwelt; and she was quick heard name

to mark With eager eye, pale cheek, suspended the good and evil thing, in human lore

breath, And lips half-opening with the dread of And Heaven had doom'd her early years

Undisciplined. For lowly was her birth, sound,

to toil Unsleeping Silence guards, worn out

That pure from Tyranny's least deed, herwith fear

self Lest haply escaping on some treacherous

Unfeared by fellow-natures, she might blast

wait The fateful word let slip the Elements 110

On the poor labouring man with kindly And frenzy Nature. Yet the wizard her,


140 Armd with Torngarsuck's power, the

And minister refreshment to the tired Spirit of Good,

Way-wanderer, when along the roughForces to unchain the foodful progeny

hewn bench Of the Ocean's stream, — Wild phan

Wild phan- The sweltry man had stretched him, and tasies ! yet wise,

aloft On the victorious goodness of high God

Vacantly watched the rudely - pictured Teaching reliance, and medicinal hope,

board Till from Bethabra northward, heavenly Which on the mulberry-bough with welTruth

come creak With gradual steps, winning her difficult

Swung to the pleasant breeze.

Here, way,

too, the Maid Transfer their rude Faith perfected and

Learnt more than schools could teach : pure.

Man's shifting mind,

His vices and his sorrows! And full oft
If there be Beings of higher class than

At tales of cruel wrong and strange dis-
I deem no nobler province they possess,

tress Than by disposal of apt circumstance

To the totter

Had wept and shivered.
To rear up kingdoms : and the deeds
they prompt,

Still as a daughter would she run : she
Distinguishing from mortal agency,

placed They choose their human ministers from

His cold limbs at the sunny door, and

such states
As still the Epic song half fears to

To hear him story, in his garrulous sort,

Of his eventful years, all come and name, Repelled from all the minstrelsies that

gone. strike

Şo twenty seasons past. The Virgin's The palace-roof and soothe the monarch's

form, pride.

Active and tall, nor sloth nor luxury And such, perhaps, the Spirit, who (if | Had shrunk or paled. Her front subwords

lime and broad, Witnessed by answering deeds may claim Her flexile eye-brows wildly haired and our faith)



I 20

ing Eld

150 as

yet alive

And her full cye, now bright, now un- Shouts to himself, there first the Abbeyillumed,

lights Spake more than Woman's thought; Seen in Neufchâtel's vale ; now slopes and all her face


adown Was moulded to such features The winding sheep-track vale - ward : declared

when, behold That pity there had oft and strongly In the first entrance of the level road worked,

An unattended team! The foremost And sometimes indignation. Bold her


190 mien,

Lay with stretched limbs; the others, And like an haughty huntress of the woods

But stiff and cold, stood motionless, She moved : yet sure she was a gentle

their manes maid !

Hoar with the frozen night-dews. And in each motion her most innocent

Dismally soul

The dark-red dawn now glimmered ; Beamed forth so brightly, that who saw

but its gleams would say

Disclosed no face of man. The maiden Guilt was a thing impossible in her!

paused, Nor idly would have said for she had Then hailed who might be near. No lived

voice replied. In this bad World, as in a place of From the thwart wain at length there tombs,


reached her ear And touched not the pollutions of the A sound so feeble that it almost seemed dead.

Distant : and feebly, with slow effort

pushed, 'Twas the cold season when the rustic's A miserable man crept forth : his limbs eye

The silent frost had eat, scathing like From the drear desolate whiteness of his


201 fields

Faint on the shafts he rested. She, Rolls for relief to watch the skiey tints

meantime, And clouds slow-varying their huge Saw crowded close beneath the coverture imagery;

A mother and her children-lifeless al When now, as she was wont, the health- Yet lovely! not a lineament was ful Maid

marred Had left her pallet ere one beam of day Death had put on so slumber-like a Slanted the fog-smoke. She went forth

form! alone

It was a piteous sight; and one, a babe, Urged by the indwelling angel - guide, The crisp milk frozen on its innocent that oft,

lips, With dim inexplicable sympathies 180 Lay on the woman's arm, its little hand Disquieting the heart, shapes out Man's Stretched on her bosom.

course To the predoomed adventure. Now

Mutely questioning, the ascent

The Maid gazed wildly at the living She climbs of that steep upland, on



He, his head feebly turning, on the The Pilgrim-man, who long since eve

group had watched

Looked with a vacant stare, and his eye The alien shine of unconcerning stars,


whose top

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The drowsy calm that steals on worn- They closed their eyes in sleep, nor out anguish.

knew 'twas death.

239 She shuddered ; but, each vainer pang He only, lashing his o'er-wearied team, subdued,

Gained a sad respite, till beside the base Quick disentangling from the foremost Of the high hill his foremost horse horse

dropped dead. The rustic bands, with difficulty and Then hopeless, strengthless, sick for lack toil

of food, The stiff cramped team forced home- He crept beneath the coverture, enward. There arrived,

Anxiously tends him she with healing Till wakened by the maiden.-Such his

And weeps and prays—but the numb
power of Death

Ah ! suffering to the height of what was
Spreads o'er his limbs; and ere the

suffered, noon-tide hour,

Stung with too keen a sympathy, the The hovering spirits of his wife and

Maid babes

Brooded with moving lips, mute, startHail him immortal ! immortal ! Yet amid his

ful, dark ! pangs,

And now her flushed tumultuous features With interruptions long from ghastly

shot throes,

Such strange vivacity, as fires the eye 250 His voice had faltered out this simple Of misery fancy-crazed ! and now once tale.


Naked, and void, and fixed, and all The village, where he dwelt an hus

within bandman,

The unquiet silence of confused thought By sudden inroad had been seized and And shapeless feelings. For a mighty fired

hand Late on the yester-evening. With his Was strong upon her, till in the heat of wife

soul And little ones he hurried his escape. To the high hill-top tracing back her They saw the neighbouring hamlets

steps, flame, they heard

230 Aside the beacon, up whose smouldered Uproar and shrieks! and terror-struck

stones drove on

The tender ivy-trails crept thinly, there, Through unfrequented roads, a weary Unconscious of the driving element, way!

Yea, swallow'd up in the ominous dream, But saw nor house nor cottage. All

she sate

2бо had quenched

Ghastly as broad-eyed Slumber ! a dim Their evening hearth-fire: for the alarm

anguish had spread.

Breathed from her look ! and still with The air clipt keen, the night was fanged

pant and sob,

Inly she toiled to flee, and still subAnd they provisionless! The weeping


Felt an inevitable Presence near.
Ill hushed her children's moans ; and
still they moaned,

Thus as she toiled in troublous ecstasy, Till fright and cold and hunger drank A horror of great darkness wrapt her their life.


with frost,

And a voice uttered forth unearthly From off her brow, and through the tones,

uncouth maze Calming her soul,-'0 Thou of the Retraced her steps; but ere she reached Most High

the mouth Chosen, whom all the perfected in Of that drear labyrinth, shuddering she Heaven

paused, Behold expectant

Nor dared re-enter the diminished


As through the dark vaults of some [The following fragments were intended to form

mouldered tower part of the poem when finished.]

(Which, fearful to approach, the evening • Maid beloved of Heaven !

hind (To her the tutelary Power exclaimed)

Circles at distance in his homeward Of Chaos the adventurous progeny


300 Thou seest; foul missionaries of foul The winds breathe hollow, deemed the sire,

plaining groan Fierce to regain the losses of that hour Of prisoned spirits; with such fearful When Love rose glittering, and his

voice gorgeous wings

Night murmured, and the sound through Over the abyss fluttered with such glad

Chaos went. noise,

Leaped at her call her hideous-fronted As what time after long and pestful

brood ! calms,

A dark behest they heard, and rushed on With slimy shapes and miscreated life

earth; Poisoning the vast Pacific, the fresh

Pacific, the fresh Since that sad hour, in camps and courts breeze


adored, Wakens the merchant-sail uprising. Rebels from God, and Monarchs o'er Night

Mankind !'
An heavy unimaginable moan
Sent forth, when she the Protoplast

From his obscure haunt Stand beaufeous on Confusion's charmed | Shriek'd Fear, of Cruelty the ghastly wave.

dam, Moaning she fled, fied, and enter'd the

Feverish yet freezing, eager-paced yet Profound


310 That leads with downward windings to

As she that creeps from forth her swampy the cave

reeds, Of darkness palpable, Desert of Death Ague, the biform hag! when early Sunk deep beneath Gehenna's massy


Beams on the marsh-bred vapours. roots. There many a dateless age the Beldame

lurked And trembled ; till engendered by fierce Even so (the exulting Maiden said) Hate,

The sainted heralds of Good Tidings fell, Fierce Hate and gloomy Hope, a Dream And thus they witnessed God! But now arose,

the clouds Shaped like a black cloud marked with Treading, and storms beneath their feet, streaks of fire.

they soar It roused the Hell-Hag ; she the dew- | Higher, and higher soar, and soaring damp wiped



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