An Archaeological Survey of the United Kingdom

James MacLehose, 1896 - 113 pagina's

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Pagina 99 - ... ('ogive')? 15. How many times does their height exceed their width? 16. Are they supported laterally by columns? 17. Are they divided internally by stone separations? These separations — are they perpendicular, curved, or circular? 18. The windows — are they in white or in coloured glass? Are figures to be distinguished on them ? What is the size of these figures ? The colours — are they light or dark? Is the flesh of the figures represented by the white glass, or by a tint more or less...
Pagina 109 - No other natural or juridical person can be deprived of his property except by competent authority and for a reason of public benefit or social or national interest. The law shall regulate the procedure for expropriations and shall establish the manner and form of payment as well as the authority competent to rule on causes of public utility or social or national interest and the need for expropriation.
Pagina 78 - Dominions and Countries have been thereby gained, and added to the Imperial Crown of this Realm, but for that the Strength and Welfare of this Kingdom do very much depend upon them, in regard of the Employment of a very considerable...
Pagina 11 - Williams, John. An account of some remarkable ancient ruins, lately discovered in the Highlands, and northern parts of Scotland; in a series of letters to GCM Edinburgh: William Creech, 1777.
Pagina 111 - Translated For the Use of the English Inhabitants of the Danish Settlements in America, London (1756), p.
Pagina 69 - Act which is still in force treasure is now defined as 'anything of any value hidden in the soil, or in anything affixed thereto'.
Pagina 78 - ... all such bonds by him so taken to the chief officers of the Custom in London. 204. Tobacco Act, 1660 (Statutes of the Realm, V, p. 297) AN ACT FOR PROHIBITING THE PLANTING, SETTING OR SOWING OF TOBACCO IN ENGLAND AND IRELAND (12 Car. II, cap. 34) Your Majesty's loyal and obedient subjects, the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, considering of how great concern and importance it is that the colonies and plantations of this kingdom in America be defended, protected, maintained...
Pagina 83 - The usefulness of u museum depends not merely upon the amount of its treasures, but, perhaps, even iu a greater degree upon their proper arrangement; and whilst great collections in the chief capitals of the world are of incalculable importance to science, its interests are also likely to be much promoted by those local museums, still unhappily not numerous, which are devoted to the illustration of all that belongs to particular and limited districts.
Pagina 37 - ... phenomena of the burials and the features of the structure have been specially investigated and placed on record are exceedingly few, and the details are of the most meagre and unsatisfactory description. For instance, a great cairn, which is known by the name of Cairn Greg, on the estate of Linlathen, in the parish of Monifieth, in Forfarshire, was opened in 1834 by Mr. Erskine of Linlathen, in presence of the late Lord Rutherfurd and Mr. George Dundas, Advocate, and reopened in 1864 by the...
Pagina 50 - Ireland) have been brought under the Act. Dr. Murray definitely states that " the Government have, in fact, rendered the Act inoperative, as regards the future, by steadily declining to accept further monuments even when offered to them." Ireland has been more fortunate ; there are thus between 170 and 180 monuments in Ireland under public protection, as against 38 in Scotland and 36 in England. Dr. Murray is not alone in his desire to see all our archa>ological remains preserved and described ;...

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