Cassell's illustrated history of India, Volume 1

Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Company, 1883

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Gheriah Reduced Calcutta Taken The Black Hole
Clive the Avenger Calcutta Retaken Hooghly and Chandernagore Reduced
Battle of Plassy Defeat Flight and Dethronement of the Nabob of Bengal by Colonel Clive
Assassination of Surajah Dowlah Cootes Expedition Trichinopoly Attacked again
Count de Lally His Instructions Sea Battle Surrender of Fort St David Count dAches Instructions Tanjore Attacked
Progress of the British and French Campaign in India Siege of Madras and Capture of Conjeveram
SeaFight off Fort St David Affair off Wandiwash Defeat of Conflans by Colonel Forde Masulipatam Stormed Surat Taken
The Dutch in Bengal Battle of Wandiwash The Country Ravaged Chitapett Reduced
Capture of Arcot and Reduction of Pondicherry Fate of the Count de Lally Fall of the French Power in India
The CrossRoads Chandni Chowk View of a Pagoda at Pondicherry
Clive Returns to India for the Last Time
The Old East India House 61 Surrender of Pondicherry
The Revolution in Bengal Meer Jaffier Deposed Meer Cossim Made Naboh His Quarrel with the Company
Meer Cossim Deposed Defeated by Major Adams Massacre of the Europeans at Patna Battles of Buxar and Korah
East India Companys Ships leaving Woolwich 7 BasRelief from an Indian Temple
Clive Dictator in India State of the Country Discontents in the Bengal Army Reforms Continued
Sketch Map of India 19 Clive departing from India
Conquest of the Philippine Isles Affairs of the Carnatic Hyder Ali c
Sacred Pool near Trichinopoly 25 Hyder Ali
War with Hyder Ali The Chingama Pass Battle of Eroor
The Defence of Amboor Our Treaty with the Nizam Hyder Ali and the Zemindars of Bednore c
Clive leading his Men up to Conjeveram
Narrow Escape of Colonel Woods Army at Mulwagul Annihilation of Nixons Detachment Hyder before Madras c
Dissensions at Calcutta Affairs of Oude Revolt of the Matchlockmen
Map of the Presidency of Madras
The Scottish East India Company Its Rise Progress and Destruction
View of Madras from the Sea 73 Sir Eyre Coote
A Quarrel with the Mahrattas The March of Colonel Leslie
Native Hut at Bombay
Campaign of Colonel Fullarton
The Rajah of Coorg The Bad Feeling in Britain Review of the Army and Final Advance upon
Tippoo Humbled Sues for Peace Surrender of the Hostages Close of the War with Mysore
Defeat of Gholaum Mohammed Khan Marriage of Vizier Ali The Dutch Settlements Reduced
Earl of Mornington in Office Intrigues between the French and Tippoo Sultan
Character c of Tippoo Last Siege of Seringapatam and Death of the Sultan
The Fight in Balasore Roads Partition of Mysore Restoration of the Ancient Hindoo Dynasty
The King of the Two Worlds Defeated and Slain
The Provinces of Goojerat and Cuttack Reduced Allyghur Stormed Battle of Delhi The Great
Conquest of Bundelcund Battle of Argaum Storming of Gawilghur and End of the War
The War with Holkar Ochterlonys Defence of Delhi Our Victories at Ferruckabad and Deeg
Cornwallis again GovernorGeneral His Death and Tomb
The Earl of Minto GovernorGeneral Tragic Story of Lakshman the Robber Comonah Expedition
The Dissensions at Madras Mutiny of the Army Its Causes and Conclusion
The Earl of Moira GovernorGeneral The Nepaulese
War with the Ghoorkas Valour and Success of Ochterlony Operations of General Wood Conquest
Intrigues of the Ghoorkas Cutch Subdued Opposition of the Hindoos to Taxation The Siege

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Pagina 43 - Ugolino told in the sea of everlasting ice, after he had wiped his bloody lips on the scalp of his murderer, approaches the horrors which were recounted by the few survivors of that night. They cried for mercy. They strove to burst the door. Holwell who, even in that extremity, retained some presence of mind, offered large bribes to the gaolers.
Pagina 206 - A storm of universal fire blasted every field, consumed every house, destroyed every temple. The miserable inhabitants flying from their flaming villages in part were slaughtered ; others, without regard to sex, to age, to the respect of rank, or sacredness of function ; fathers torn from children, husbands from wives, enveloped in a whirlwind of cavalry, and amidst the goading spears of drivers, and the trampling of pursuing horses, were swept into captivity in an unknown and hostile land. Those...
Pagina 148 - The physical organization of the Bengalee is feeble even to effeminacy. He lives in a constant vapour bath. His pursuits are sedentary, his limbs delicate, his movements languid. During many ages he has been trampled upon by men of bolder and more hardy breeds. Courage, independence, veracity, are qualities to which his constitution and his situation are equally unfavourable.
Pagina 31 - Caesar, or of the Old Guard of Napoleon. The sepoys came to Clive, not to complain of their scanty fare, but to propose that all the grain should be given to the Europeans, who required more nourishment than the natives of Asia. The thin gruel, they said, which was strained away from the rice, would suffice for themselves. Histoiy contains no more touching instance of military fidelity, or of the influence of a commanding mind.
Pagina 228 - The alms of the settlement, in this dreadful exigency, were certainly liberal; and all was done by charity that private charity could do: but it was a people in beggary ; it was a nation which stretched out its hands for food. For months together, these creatures of sufferance, whose very excess and luxury in their most plenteous days had fallen short of the allowance of our austerest fasts, silent, patient, resigned, without sedition or disturbance, almost without complaint, perished by...
Pagina 144 - This purpose, formed in infancy and poverty, grew stronger as his intellect expanded and as his fortune rose. He pursued his plan with that calm but indomitable force of will which was the most striking peculiarity of his character. When, under a tropical sun, he ruled fifty millions of Asiatics, his hopes, amidst all the cares of war, finance, and legislation, still pointed to Daylesford. And when his long public life, so singularly chequered with good and evil, with glory and obloquy, had at length...
Pagina 205 - Arcot, he drew from every quarter whatever a savage ferocity could add to his new rudiments in the arts of destruction ; and, compounding all the materials of fury, havoc, and desolation, into one black cloud, he hung for a while on the declivities of the mountains.
Pagina 241 - Hundreds of devotees came hither every month to die ; for it was believed that a peculiarly happy fate awaited the man who should pass from the sacred city into the sacred river. Nor was superstition the only motive which allured strangers to that great metropolis. Commerce had as many pilgrims as religion. All along the shores of the venerable stream lay great fleets of vessels, ladeu with rich merchandise.
Pagina 183 - I do not trust to Mr. Francis's promises of candour, convinced that he is incapable of it. I judge of his public conduct by his private, which I have found to be void of truth. and honour.
Pagina 248 - Sir, the Nabob having determined to inflict corporal punishment upon the prisoners under your guard, this is to desire that his officers, when they shall come, may have free access to the prisoners, and be permitted to do with them as they shall see proper.

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