Memoirs of John, Duke of Marlborough, Volume 1

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, 1818

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Pagina 550 - Now know ye, that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in consideration...
Pagina 551 - Given at our court, at Carlton house, this day of 18 in the year of his majesty's reign. By command of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his majesty.
Pagina 521 - I believe dear Mrs. Freeman and I shall not disagree, as we have formerly done, for I am sensible of the services those people have done me that you have a good opinion of [the Whigs'], and will countenance them, and am thoroughly convinced of the malice and insolence of them [the Tories] that you have been always speaking against.
Pagina 29 - Mr. Sidney will let you know how I intend to behave myself : I think it is what I owe to God and my country. My honour I take leave to put into your Highness's hands, in which I think it safe. If you think there is anything else that I ought to do, you have but to command me ; I shall pay an entire obedience to it, being resolved to die in that religion that it has pleased God to give you both the will and power to protect.
Pagina xxxvi - History of the House of Austria. From the Foundation of the Monarchy by Rhodolph of Hapsburgh to the Death of Leopold II., 1218-1792.
Pagina 305 - I have not time to say more, but to beg you will give my duty to the queen, and let her know her army has had a glorious victory. M. Tallard and two other generals are in my coach, and I am following the rest. The bearer, my aide-de-camp, colonel Parke, will give her an account of what has passed. I shall do it in a day or two, by another more at large."
Pagina xliii - ... eldest son of the Bishop of Ely, of both his names, MP for St. Michael's, 1661, and made Secretary to Lord Clarendon, after whose fall he filled a similar office under the Duke of York, till his death in 1672. According to Pepys's " Signs Manual," Wren was mortally wounded in the battle of Solebay.
Pagina 308 - Inspired repulsed battalions to engage, And taught the doubtful battle where to rage. So when an angel, by divine command, With rising tempests shakes a guilty land (Such as of late o'er pale Britannia passed), Calm and serene he drives the furious blast ; And, pleased the Almighty's orders to perform, Rides in the whirlwind and directs the storm.
Pagina 31 - ... which inconsiderate and self-interested men have framed against your Majesty's true interest and the Protestant religion. But as I can no longer join with such, to give a pretence by conquest to bring them to effect ; so I will always with the hazard of my life and fortune (so much your Majesty's due), endeavour to preserve your Royal Person and lawful rights, with all the tender concern and dutiful respect that becomes, Sir, Your Majesty's most dutiful and most obliged subject and servant, CnUKOHILL.
Pagina 168 - I have this day seen a very great procession, and the thoughts how pleased poor lord Churchill would have been with such a sight, have added very much to my uneasiness. Since it has pleased God to take him, I do wish from my soul I could think less of him.

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