The Works of Tobias Smollett, Volume 3

Constable, 1899

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Pagina 163 - My curiosity being excited by this hint, I consulted my friend Dick Ivy, who undertook to gratify it the very next day, which was Sunday last. He carried me to dine with S , whom you and I have long known by his writings. He lives in the skirts of the town ; and every Sunday his house is open to all unfortunate brothers of the quill, whom he treats with beef, pudding, and potatoes, port, punch, and Calvert's entire butt beer.
Pagina 47 - ... a child, full of scrophulous ulcers, carried in the arms of one of the guides, under the very noses of the bathers. I was so shocked at the sight, that I retired immediately with indignation and disgust — Suppose the matter of those ulcers, floating on the water, comes in contact with my skin, when the pores are all open, I would ask you what must be the consequence...
Pagina 109 - You perceive," said the squire, turning to me, "our landlord is a Christian of bowels. Who shall presume to censure the morals of the age, when the very publicans exhibit such examples of humanity? Hark ye, Clinker, you are a most notorious offender. You stand convicted of sickness, hunger, wretchedness, and want.
Pagina 167 - Not only their talents, but also their nations and dialogues were so various, that our conversation resembled the confusion of tongues at Babel. We had the Irish brogue, the Scotch accent, and foreign idiom, twanged off by the most discordant vociferation ; for, as they all spoke together, no man had any chance to be heard, unless he could bawl louder than his fellows. It must be owned, however...
Pagina 108 - He seemed to be about twenty years of age, of a middling size, with bandy legs, stooping shoulders, high forehead, sandy locks, pinking eyes, flat nose and long chin ; but his complexion was of a sickly yellow ; his looks denoted famine ; and the rags that he wore could hardly conceal what decency requires to be covered.
Pagina 63 - ... the rest either deaf or blind. One hobbled, another hopped, a third dragged his legs after him like a wounded snake, a fourth straddled betwixt a pair of long crutches, like the mummy of a felon hanging in chains ; a fifth was bent into a horizontal position, like a mounted telescope, shoved in by a couple of chairmen ; and a sixth was the bust of a man, set upright in a wheel machine, which the waiter moved from place to place.
Pagina 56 - My uncle and he are perfectly agreed in their estimate of life, which, Quin says, would stink in his nostrils, if he did not steep it in claret.
Pagina 52 - ... community. He sees them in their natural attitudes and true colours, descended from their pedestals, and divested of their formal draperies, undisguised by art and affectation. Here we have ministers of state, judges, generals, bishops, projectors, philosophers, wits, poets, players, chemists, fiddler -s ; and buffoons.
Pagina 52 - Here we have ministers of state, judges, generals, bishops, projectors, philosophers, wits, poets, players, chemists, fiddlers, and buffoons.* If he makes any considerable stay in the place, he is sure of meeting with some particular friend, whom he did not expect to see; and to me there is nothing more agreeable than such casual rencounters. Another entertainment, peculiar to Bath, arises from the general mixture of all degrees assembled in our public rooms, without distinction of rank or fortune.
Pagina 166 - ... caprice. Wat Wyvil, the poet, having made some unsuccessful advances towards an intimacy with S , at last gave him to understand, by a third person, that he had written a poem in his praise, and a satire against his person ; that if he would admit him to his house, the first should be immediately sent to the press, but that if he persisted in declining his friendship he would publish the satire without delay.

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