Stuart tracts

A. Constable, 1909

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Pagina 386 - Then I looked on all the works that my hands had wrought, and on the labour that I had laboured to do : and , behold , all was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun.
Pagina 386 - For there is no remembrance of the wise more than of the fool for ever ; seeing that which now is in the days to come shall all be forgotten. And how dieth the wise man? as the fool.
Pagina 300 - ... their several Places, being attendant and obedient unto you, the said GEORGE, Bishop of LONDON; RICHARD, Bishop of DURHAM; JOHN, Bishop of ROCHESTER; JOHN, Bishop of OXFORD; and WILLIAM, Bishop of BATH AND WELLS; or to any four, three, or two of you, in all things according to the tenour of this our...
Pagina 2 - After he had long discoursed of the manner of the Queen's sickness and of her death, he asked what letters I had from the Council. I told him, none : and acquainted him how narrowly I escaped from them. And yet I had brought him a blue ring from a fair lady, that I hoped would give him assurance of the truth that I had reported. He took it and looked upon it, and said, " It is enough : I know by this you are a true messenger.
Pagina viii - They have so brought it to pass that under the name of Puritans all our religion is branded, and under a few hard words against Jesuits all Popery is countenanced. Whosoever squares his actions by any rule, either divine or human, he is a Puritan ; whosoever would be governed by the King's laws, he is a Puritan. He that will not do whatsoever other men would have him do, he is a Puritan. Their great work, their masterpiece now is, to make all those of the religion to be the suspected party of the...
Pagina xxxiv - Bishop kneeled down by her, and examined her first of her faith, and she so punctually answered all his several questions, by lifting up her eyes and holding up her hand, as it was a comfort to all the beholders.
Pagina iii - That afternoon, by signs, she called for her council, and by putting her hand to her head, when the King of Scots was named to succeed her, they all knew he was the man she desired should reign after her.
Pagina xxxiii - I used the best words I could to persuade her from this melancholy humour ; but I found by her it was too deep rooted in her heart, and hardly to be removed. This was upon a Saturday night...
Pagina xxxv - Pretty well." I bade him " Good Night ! " He replied and said, " Sir, if you will come in ; I will give you my word and credit you shall go out again at your own pleasure.
Pagina 5 - The True Narration of the Entertainment of His Royal Majesty, from the time of his departure from Edinburgh till his receiving at London: with all, or the most special, Occurrences.

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