The British Theatre; Or, A Collection of Plays: Which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket ...

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808

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Pagina 18 - No, sir; but if you can inform us — TONY. Why, gentlemen, if you know neither the road you are going, nor where you are, nor the road you came, the first thing I have to inform you is, that — you have lost your way.
Pagina 26 - Which might consist of about five thousand men, well appointed with stores, ammunition, and other implements of war. ' Now,' says the Duke of Marlborough to George Brooks, that stood next to him — You must have heard of George Brooks — ' I'll pawn my dukedom,' says he, 'but I take that garrison without spilling a drop of blood.
Pagina 29 - Why, really, sir, your bill of fare is so exquisite, that any one part of it is full as good as another. Send us what you please. So much for supper. And now to see that our beds are aired, and properly taken care of.
Pagina 32 - Oh! yes. Very fortunate - a most joyful encounter But our dresses, George, you know are in disorder What if we should postpone the happiness till tomorrow? - To-morrow at her own house - It will be every bit as convenient - and rather more respectful - To-morrow let it be. [Offering to go.] MiSS NEVILLE.
Pagina 10 - It's false, Mr Hardcastle ; I was' but twenty when I was brought to bed of Tony, that I had by Mr Lumpkin, my first husband ; and he's not come to years of discretion yet. Hard. Nor ever will, I dare answer for him — Ay, you have taught him finely.
Pagina 19 - Then you were to keep straight forward, till you came to four roads. Mar. Come to where four roads meet ? Tony. Ay ; but you must be sure to take only one of them. Mar. O, sir, you're facetious. Tony. Then keeping to the right, you are to go sideways, till you come upon Crack-skull Common ; there you must look sharp for the track of the wheel, and go forward till you come to Farmer Murrain's barn. Coming to the farmer's barn, you are to turn to the right, and then to the left, and then to the right-about...
Pagina 27 - HARD. (Taking the cup.} I hope you'll find it to your mind. I have prepared it with my own hands, and I believe you'll own the ingredients are tolerable.
Pagina 35 - Hard. (Aside.) I vow and so do I. (To him.} You were observing, sir, that in this age of hypocrisy — something about hypocrisy, sir.
Pagina 21 - You must not be so talkative, Diggory. You must be all attention to the guests. You must hear us talk, and not think of talking...
Pagina 26 - It's not my way, you see, to receive my friends with my back to the fire. I like to give them a hearty reception in the old style at my gate. I like to see their horses and trunks taken care of.

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