Ten thousand wonderful things, Volume 2


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Pagina 34 - I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaoh's chariots.
Pagina 106 - ... constant use twice a day all the year round, for he never failed to eat oysters before dinner and supper through all seasons : the neighbouring town of Poole supplied him with them.
Pagina 82 - A gentleman entered the room bearing a rod, and along with him another who had a tablecloth, which, after they had both kneeled three times with the utmost veneration, he spread upon the table, and, after kneeling again, they both retired. Then came two others, one with the rod again, the other with a salt-cellar, a plate, and bread.
Pagina 226 - ... of the walls of the city. The ascent was from terrace to terrace, by stairs ten feet wide. The whole pile was sustained by vast arches, raised...
Pagina 107 - ... baked. His table cost him not much, though it was good to eat at. His sports supplied all, but beef and mutton, except on Fridays, when he had the best of fish. He never wanted a London pudding ; and he always sang it in with
Pagina 219 - I expected musique, but there was none but only trumpets and drums, which displeased me. The dinner, it seems, is made by the Mayor and two Sheriffs for the time being, the Lord Mayor paying one half, and they the other. And the whole, Proby says, is reckoned to come to about 7 or ^800 at most.
Pagina 330 - When they begin to blow, the sky, at other times so clear in this climate, becomes dark and heavy ; the sun loses his splendour, and appears of a violet colour...
Pagina 9 - Beneath the suspension bridge across the Menai Strait in Wales, close to one of the main piers, is a remarkably fine echo. The sound of a blow on the pier with a hammer is returned in succession from each of the...
Pagina 299 - one day, when we went to pay a visit to some families of Chinese Christian peasants, we met, near a farm, a young lad, who was taking a buffalo to graze along our path. We asked him carelessly, as we passed, whether it was yet noon. The child raised his head to look at the sun; but it was hidden behind thick clouds, and he could read no answer there. 'The sky is so cloudy...
Pagina 82 - At the end of all this ceremonial a number of unmarried ladies appeared, who, with particular solemnity, lifted the meat off the, table, and conveyed it into the queen's inner and more private chamber, where, after she had chosen for herself, the rest goes to the ladies of the court.

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