mystical style, and to originate in becoming individually available till the notion that every baptized the sinner is led by the Holy person, even though a hardened Spirit to embrace it; or whether profligate, an avowed infidel, a God is really reconciled to the sacrilegious scorner, ought to be sinner while he continues in his addressed personally as possess. sins. If the Archdeacon intends ing, though he knows it not and only, what he once says, “ that the heeds it not, “ the mystery of life message is that God is waiting to within ;" that he does not require be at peace with them," he speaks to be justified by faith, but is al. Scripturally; but waiting to be ready justified in baptism, though at peace is not being at peace. he never had faith ; and is to be Besides this, he sometimes refers urged to come back to a state to the covenant entrance by bapfrom which he has receded, not tism into Christ's holy church; to enter upon a

state which and sometimes to the whole fais new to him. We should be mily of man ; so that we cannot glad to learn that we are wrong clearly ascertain the extent and in seeming to discern some cloudi limitation of his meaning. ness of statement, caused by an But whether the obscurity to under current of hypothesis that a

which we have alluded originates man may be really what practi in our misapprehension, or is the cally he is not ; that the address effect of a latent hypothesis, this to a wicked baptized person is does not influence the main obnot to be constructed upon the ject of the discourse, which is to ground of his awful condition as exhibit the Gospel as a ministry not being in a state of accept- of reconciliation, and the duty of ance with God, but upon the setting it forth without mystery ground of his being in that state or reserve. We will now quote of acceptance, but not being in the writer's own words : his life what an accepted person The apostle's brief delineation of ought to be. He is to be ad- our office is, that it is 'a ministry of dressed as a believer, even if he reconciliation, committed to us by God." should avow that he is an un

And mark what this follows-it follows

the declaration, that God has • believer, or should shew by his ciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ :' life that he is so. He is to be that He, that is, through Christ Jesus, told that “ Christ has slain sin

is on His part reconciled unto the in him; and that “ the sin is no

human family; and that all we need, to

be made ourselves 'new creatures' in part of himself,” even though he Christ Jesus, from whom all old things loves and follows it ; that God is have passed, like some evil dream, reconciled to him even though he away, and to whom all things in them has never been reconciled to God, round them, have become new,-is,

selves, and in God, and in the world that he is pardoned, though he that we should indeed draw nigh with never sought pardon. The question reconciled hearts unto Him, through turns upon this, whether we are

Christ our Head-that we should see to say to a wicked man, Be recon

our true place in God's redeemed world,

and claim each one for himself his title to ciled to God for God will be it-tbat we should live and be, what reconciled to you; or Be recon- our covenant-entrance into Christ's ciled to God, for God is recon

Cburch has so eminently made us, a

kind of first fruit of God's creatures.' ciled to you; whether we are to

So that the ministry of reconciliation regard the atonement of Christ committed to us is this :-not that we only as having removed the ob- should reconcile God to man, for that stacles interposed by the truth

has been done upon the cross of Christ;

but-that we should reconcile man to and justice of God to reconcilia

God: that we should bring our brethren tion with fallen man, but as not to claim this their proper place :-to


be in heart and desire, and in the truth view of the ministry agrees with what of the inner man, reconciled to their is there recorded. 'It needs indeed a God, and at peace with Him. And thus strong power of glossing over simis it again expressed in the following ple words to resolve this multitude verses, wherein it is repeated, that of similar expressions into any thing so God was in Christ, reconciling the unlike their natural meaning as to make world unto Himself, not imputing their them merely say that the apostles taught trespasses unto them ;' this, that is, that new code of morals, and impressed being done already: and that he hath those responsibilities which the teachcommitted unto us the word of reconci- ing of Jesus Christ involved. This is liation ;' this being still to be done, and most unlike the simplicity of Holy by our means, who, as ambassadors Scripture. The natural inference which for Christ,' are to bear the message, and any plain man must draw is this, that even to pray our brethren that they be the apostles came to menas lost, through reconciled to God.' So that the leading separation from God; that they beidea of our ministry is, in fact, to be the lieved this separation to be their curse bringing home to men's hearts the and their misery; that they knew they power and truth of Christ's atonement. had a message to deliver, whereby this The want of believing this, and acting separation might be done away ; and upon it, is the great evil that we are to therefore, that in straightforward simredress. The folly and the sin of men plicity, they at once began to preach to consists in this,-that though Christ men this blessed message of our only has come into the world and redeemed Lord's atonement. it, they are still afar from God, and afar “ And if this view thus evidently therefore from peace lost in foolish agrees with the plain sense of Holy and hurtful lusts.' This, then, is to Scripture, see next how it agrees with be our message to them, that God is experience. waiting to be at peace with them ; that “ The whole history of the Church He is a Father in Jesus Christ, yea, the teems with examples ; for never has Father of their spirits. The message there risen up any man amongst his will run out into numberless details of a brethren to press simply upon them as blessed revelation and a holy life: but a reality this message of reconciliation, this is its especial burden; it is the word without the power of his words over of reconciliation. This is what must their consciences being clearly manifest. open hearts: this is what must be first, There may have been many other points middle, and end. When we look at of weakness in his teaching, but this ourselves, it must be as reconcilers, master-truth has prevailed. This it is healers of conscience ; and therefore which gave St. Augustine such a hold, preachers of Christ. When we look at not only on his own generation, but, our people, it must be as those who upon every succeeding age of the need reconciliation as the root of all Church, from his time even unto this. things. We dare not lower down this This was the strength of the worthies message; we dare not dream of prepar. of our own Reformation ; as well as ing the way for it by moral teaching : of him who, from his cell in Saxony, we know that it in its simplicity_it, as roused the slumbering heart of Christwith the power of God it addresses endom : and this, wherever it is preitself to the wounded conscience, is the sent, is still seen to be the secret of a great moral healer, the great restorer truly efficient ministry. One remark. of man's peace and holiness.

able example of it, in the northern mis. " And see how this view of the cen- sions of the United Brethren, has been tral idea of the Christian ministry is often mentioned. There was it shewn confirmed :

that, in the torpor of the polar regions, “First, by the express language of man's heart was to be guided by the Seripture in other places.

self-same springs as those by which the “Let any one, well acquainted with apostles had moved it of old by the lake the New Testament, recall the number- of Gennesareth, and on the mountains less passages in which the ministry of of Judea ; that the wounded conscience the apostles is briefly described as must be healed by the simple message

preaching through Jesus the resur- of atonement, if the man was to be rection ; ' 'as preaching Christ unto touched and the heart renewed ; that them,'' preaching the Gospel,''preach. there is already in every man's heart a ing to him Jesus;' through this man voice of judgment condemning his sins ; preaching the forgiveness of sins ;' and that what is needed therefore to, preaching peace to them which were give practical reality to its power, is to afar off and to them that were nigh;' shew that there is an appointed deliver* preaching peace by Jesus Christ;' and ance by which men may escape from then he will see how completely this that judgment which they fear,'

“ This nature and this struggle are time was coming when parables should in every unrenewed man amongst our no more wrap up the truth, but when Alocks.' 0, then, how can we doubt for He, through us, should shew' men a moment as to the true mode of ad- plainly of the Father ;' when His dressing them! Reason with them on apostles should preach in His name morals, and you vex the already among all nations 'repentance and wounded conscience, until it festers remission of sins.' anew. Prepare them for your mes. “ 2. But, again, we are told that sage, and you trifle with their ytter there is a want of reverence in speaking misery : nay, that sin and that misery openly and often of our Lord's atonehas prepared them for it. Preach unto ment. God forbid that any one should them • Jesus and the resurrection ;' the thus sin against the marvellous good. Saviour and life from the dead: bring ness of the Lord. But how can it be them the word of reconciliation ; irreverent to speak of the Lord Jesus, shew them in the thick darkness around the Mediator between God and man, them, the form of God as of a gracious and yet reverent to speak of the awful Father ; a hand stretched out in mercy, majesty of the Father ? and yet this not in wrath : tell them that the strug- is not forbidden us; on the contrary, gle within is between the sin which we are told to prepare men for hearing Christ has slain and the conscience of the atonement, by awakening in their God has implanted; that the sin is no minds a due sense of the terrors of the part of themselves ; that it may be, that Lord : a direction which destroys, it shall be, cast out from every one that therefore, the objection to support which believes in Christ ; and you do indeed it is urged. heal the broken heart ; and you teach “ 3. Again we are told that Chris. the soul that was bemoaning itself tian antiquity did not so. Now there with a 'who shall deliver me from the is a right reverence for Christian antibody of this death ?' to take up the quity, which let no man withhold. But song of triumph, and indeed to thank be that makes it into an idol, debases God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.'” and dishonours what he seems to exalt;

and he does make it into an idol, wbo In reply to the allegation that

sets it up above any light or any truth the blessed message of the atone- which God has given to his Church. ment ought to be stated with re. Let it be our wisdom, indeed, as we serve, the Archdeacon reasons as

have opportunity, to catch every ray follows : and with this admirable but if there be light, as doubtless there

which shone upon the earlier times ; and seasonable passage we close is, ever flashing out, according to the our extracts :

Church's need, from the great gift of

living truth in God's Holy Word, let “1. We are told that the law of us not lose this, through a wilful refusal God's dealings, and of our blessed Mas. to believe that it is light, unless we ter's teaching, has ever been to reserve find it expressly visible amongst them. for some prepared hearts such wonder. But, further, we maintain that the clear ful discoveries.

and unclouded declaration of these great “Now, granting this assertion to the gospel-truths was the use of the best full, what does it prove ? Nothing, we antiquity. Not to speak of him whose may see at once, unless it can be great care it was so to preach, that he shewn that the bearer of a message has could take to witness' those amongst the same discretionary power with bim whom he had ministered, that he had who sends it. The intinite wisdom of not sbunned to declare unto them all our God determines wbat shall be “re. the whole counsel of God;' look to vealed, 'and what be covered :' but we somewhat later times, and from amongst bave no such discretion; we are simply many, take now but the single instance bearers of a message, and woe unto us of St. Augustine. It is impossible to if we mar its clearness, through any crowd any discourses more entirely full fancied rule of acting as our Lord bas of reiterated statements of this blessed done. So that all such analogies are set message than he has done, in almost aside at once : our rule is, not what we every line, his sermons to the common think we gather from God's doings, people. He had known enough of the but what we know that we receive struggle of his own heart, and handled from God's command; about which too carefully the consciences of others, there can be little question. For even not to know that to this golden key when reserving much Himself, our alone the inner recesses of man's soul blessed Master taught us that what will open. And surely his was the He had spoken in the ear, we were to practice of the whole earliest Church, proclaim on the house-top ;' that the which gave to every baptised person,

as their own inheritance, the rich reve. object, to preach the atonement, to the lations of the Word of God, and the exclusion of holiness:' you are to bring creeds of the Church, which taught out the atonement as the spring of holievery such an one, in Christ's words, ness; to shew men how they may, and with the full assurance of filial adop- how only they may, become holy, as tion, to address, nothing doubting, a having been made nigh by the blood reconciled God as 'our Father which of Christ,' and so being dwelt in richly art in heaven.' And this runs through by Him, through the Spirit. You are all their writings. There is less formal to press on them holy sacraments as statement, perhaps, of truth; less de- the tokens of reconciliation, as the inscribing of religion ; there are even struments of consequent grace; you are many confused expressions; but withal to make them love the Church, because there is very much of the reality of a it is Christ's redeemed flock, His very healthy reconciled piety.

body mystical ; you are to shew them “Follow, then, boldly their example. Christ's" atonement, as the very pith of Look upon every soul committed to sacraments; Christ's atonement as the you as instinct with this great life- cause and instrument of a renewed life. mystery. Believe that every one has You must speak of God's judgments, of a conscience to speak to a deep. His righteous law, of His holy anger, seated want of something far higher even of eternal torments, as ever reand greater than any of the miserable membering the blessed atonement, and substitutes with which, in his ignorance ever, through and with them, bringing of his true rest and peace, he has been it before the sinner's eyes. It must striving to satisfy his soul. Lift up be their strength against temptation, before him the cross : let all your their restoration from falls, their hope ministry be the bringing him as a sinner of pardon, their means of obeying, their to a Saviour's blood : let this be the inner life here, their staff in death, their very front of your address: let it fill sure glory hereafter." your own soul when you deal with his: and as the rivers of the south,' the

Archdeacon Wilberforce, we rehardened hearts shall, of God's mercy, peat, has given the key to the

turn again.' Settle it in your inmost whole question, by shewing that conviction, that just as far as you are

the Gospel is a ministry of reenabled to bring out before men this one central idea of Christianity, just so

conciliation; and his adduction far do you, in God's name, command the of Scriptural authority and exhomage of their souls; that in it is the ample, with his references to hisstrength of Moses' rod—of the prophet's torical facts and his brief reply to voice; that when it strikes, the rocks must melt; when it speaks, the streams objections, exbibit the outline of must distil; that it is the satisfaction of the whole argument. But if the that after which men's hearts have all reader would see this doctrine of along been thirsting; that there is a “ Reserve" discussed more fully, deep wisdom in simply acting on this word of God. Keep ever in view, as

and with great ability, he will do you look out upon your flock, the true

well to refer to the publications cause of man's wretchedness, and its of Mr. Bird and Mr. Le Mesurier, only, cure-separation from God, to which are devoted expressly to be done away through the blood of Christ.

the subject. We have dedicated “Carry this out, as you would have so many pages to the inquiry, your ministry prosper. Resolve, in both in this Number and on God's strength, that against the whis- former occasions, that we fear pers of earthly wisdom you will ever close your ears ; against the representa.

our readers might not approve tions of false delicacy you will ever of our at present devoting to it, harden your face ; against all substi- even if our limits permitted, so tutes of man's invention, for this pure much space as would be requisite and simple gospel, you will ever testify, as did the saints of old against the

to do justice to the matters concalves of Bethel ; that this, and this tained in these two publications, only, you will know amongst your as well as in others which we people, Jesus Christ, and Him cru.

have from time to time inci. cified.

". It is not a mere effect upon the dentally noticed ; but if any perfeelings at which you are to aim; it is on son feels himself perplexed by the the whole character: you are not,as some unscriptural sophistries of the Oxford Tract writers, or has occa- Protestant, and anti-Scriptural, sion to counsel those who are so, self-sufficient conceits and doghe ought not to omit to inform mas. We thought, when we read and fortify his mind by the can- some of his flippant remarks upon did, Christian, Anglican, and satis. the reformers and the reformation factory refutations of Mr. Bird in the former volume, that “one and Mr. Le Mesurier. But the small pill is a dose ;" but the best prophylactic against the virus dose is strengthened to nauseousof Oxford Tractism, is the new ness in the new volume. volume of Mr. Frowde's anti


CHEERFULLY do we unite in the na- law declare to be an illegal act. Tbe tional gratulations upon the Royal Nup- whole difficulty arises from a prior tials; and in the tributes of respect to assumption, namely, the right of the the much-esteemed Protestant prince house to print what may be libellous with whom our sovereign has been for its own use; for between such a cir. united in holy bonds; and earnestly culation and technical publishing there do we pray that a marriage so accept. is no moral difference. The common able to her majesty's subjects, as well sense and justice of the matter are that as cemented by the mutual affection of the Houses of Parliament should print the parties, may, by the mercy of or publish what they think fit; and God, be a source of abundant happiness that the parties whose statements they to themselves and a blessing to the issue should be protected by law, if nation. The perilous circumstances of their averments can be shewn to be the times, as well as the youthfulness true, or to have been given with in. of our gracious Queen and her well. tended fairness and honesty ; but that disposed but necessarily inexperienced if carelessly or maliciously false, they partner, render fervent "

prayers and

should be amenable to punisbment. intercessions," as well as giving of Under such a law Stockdale would not thanks”.(1 Tim. ii . 1, 2) a duty pe- not have gained a farthing damages, as culiarly incumbent upon all the faith. there is no question about the character ful of the land. In the Cambridge of his book. address, there was a well-timed and beautiful allusion to Prince Albert's After a protracted debate the House descent from “those illustrious orna- of Commons has rejected, by the small ments of the bouse of Saxony, through majority of twenty-one, Sir J. Buller's whose effectual aid and generous de- motion affirming want of confidence in votedness to the cause of pure religion, her Majesty's ministers; but the facts the great champion of the Reformation exhibited in the debate, the state of was mainly enabled, under Divine Pro- parties in the House, and public feeling vidence, to triumph over bis adver- throughout the country, prove that saries, and to establish the Protestant “ confidence" is not felt, though it is faith upon a firm, and, as we humbly not technically negatived. Mr. Matrust, an immoveable foundation ; caulay twitted Sir R. Peel by asking and her Majesty was pleased graciously whether “ the bigoted portion” of the to respond to this "historical recollec- church and conservative party feel pertion.'

fect confidence in him? It were well

if Sir Robert would learn a salutary A large portion of the time of the lesson from the taunt. He has not House of Commons has been worse acted up to the high requisitions of his than wasted in the discussions upon position. He has not duly carried out the privilege question. After imprison. the principles which affect Lord Meling the sheriffs, the house has conde. bourne's administration in a religious scended to seize upon an attorney, his aspect. He has truckled to fallacious son, and his stipendiary clerk; while it principles of worldly expediency, indares not touch judges, advocates, or stead of rising to the high standard of jurors; and all this to vindicate a claim Christian duty. We are unwilling to to publish libels, which the courts of adduce proofs; but we must say that a

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