her best influences with her ally to in regard to the three Presidencies, we prevent Syria retrograding in civiliza- bave in Bengal, blessed be God, the tion, more especially in its present to. complete abolition of the Pilgrim tax; leration towards foreign Christians. As in Madras, we have nothing, absofor the natives, we do not augur much lutely nothing ; in Bombay we have benefit for them by the transfer to (so far as we can ascertain the abo. their old masters; for whether under lition of honours paid by European Turks or Egyptians they have long troops, &c. at certain processions, and drunk to the dregs the hitter cup of the withdrawal from the management of bondage and oppression. England hav- Pagan affairs, recommended but not ing been foremost in restoring them to confirmed by the supreme government. Turkey, ought to exert itself for their We rejoice at these buddings of bope. more humane and equitable treatment. But much remains to be effected. At

bome the question must be pressed The toils of war are thickening around upon parliament, upon the India house, us in India. By our ill-advised and upon her Majesty's government, and too often selfish or ambitious policy, upon the country; till the measures in interfering with the Asiatic powers, already ordered, and whatever more we are in a state of actual or latent hos.

may be necessary, shall be really, speetility in the North and East and West dily, and fully carried out. In India it of our vast frontier; and our late bril. is required that what has been promised liant conquests in Central Asia have shall be honestly, fearlessly, and combeen followed by severe reverses, the pletely fulfilled. At Bengal, some issue of which may be very hazardous ; minute particulars ; but especially, to especially in the state of our relations give up Juggernaut altogether to nawith China, whose coasts we are block- tive management, so that Christian ading, having stationed a naval force hands may be undefiled. At Madras, at the mouth of the river of Canton, to return, as regards military honours and sent an armament to take posses. at processions, to the position in which sion of the Island of Chusan, the key Sir R. O'Callaghan and Sir P. Maitto Pekin. Whatever may be the re- land's orders placed matters, and to sults, we have a very strong feeling follow out the Directors' principles of that our affairs in the East are mixed 1833 in terms of tbat dispatch. At up with much unrighteousness, espe. Bombay, to abolish wbatever yet recially in our quarrel with China for mains of the old system. We doubt seizing and destroying the contraband not the Queen's ministers wish to bave opium. It may please God to bring the question settled, in order to be good out of evil, and even to open saved the clamour of parliamentary pe. China to European civilization and titioning ; but Sir J. Hobhouse's last Christian intercourse; and such we speech, in August, was very mischiev. pray may be the issue; but this will be

ous; and Lord Melbourne echoed it,God's mercy, not man's project. amidst the usual professions of wishing

to satisfy the reasonable demands of the The state of the Idolatry question in country, and the like. In India, the India is far from satisfactory; Much authorities are reluctant labourers in bas, doubtless, been achieved; but more this good work ; and, from Lord Auckremains to be accomplished. The for- land downwards, will, we fear, obstruct mer should excite our gratitude and and retard its progress to the utmost. praise to God; the latter calls for re- The communications from India afford newed vigilance, enlarged exertion, and melancholy proof of this being the real more fervent prayer. The details are state of mind among the bigher autho. so involved, that British Christians are rities. The local officers of government not generally aware of what has been throughout the provinces are, for the effected, or what is still required. We most part, favourable to the entire may briefly sum up the particulars as fol. emancipation of Europeans from all par. lows. First, what has beenaccomplished. ticipation in the affairs of the native At home we have the complete, reiter. idolatry. ated, acknowledgment of the principle ; The Indian foreign govern-ment (unand this alone required the labour of der some supposed pledge to indemnify years to gain. But beyond this, repeated the injured, and to serve a religion of orders have been sent out to India to heathenism) bas, under orders, doubt. carry the principle into effect; and in less, from home, agreed to pay Jugger. particular the dispatch of 1833 was pre- naut alone 60,0001. sterling per annum. cise, specific, and unequivocal. In We have seen a letter, in which the India, the Governor-General and Coun. writer, whose testimony is unimpeach. cil profess to use their best endeavours able, says, Juggernaut was exhibited to carry into effect the orders from on the 1st July last (1840), The Rajab home. So much generally. Specially, and Priests have made an extraordinary

effort this year. The idols were decked tioned as being so strongly panegyrised with unusual grandeur, and Juggernaut by Dr. Adam Thomson, the originator bad his superb golden arms weighing of the present agitation ; and recomten pounds each. Two wretched men, mended by him for general distribution and since then nine more, sacrificed by the Scotch Bible-printing Board. themselves under the wheels of a car.” A writer in the Patriot Newspaper, un[Dr. Buchanan did not see more.] der the signature “ Experience,” has "Though government have renounced requested any possessor of Dr. Blaythe Pilgrim Tax, they have agreed to ney's folio edition of 1769, to compare give the Temple 47,000 rupees-a sum

with it this specimen sheet. One of our more than sufficient to support the idol correspondents has taken the trouble to in all his glory, and to perpetuate idola- do so, and has sent us the result of his try here for ever." And this letter collation. What the promised “ School is dated only 7th July last !

Bible" will be, with its “ many impor

tant corrections” made by a Scottish diWe have entered at great length, in vine, we cannot tell; but taking the 4to our December Number, into the much Family Bible as a sample, it will be ill agitated question respecting the restric. adapted for general circulation. The tion of the printing of Bibles to the Uni. variations from Dr. Blayney, 1769, in versities and the Queen's printer. The this single specimen sheet, that is, from agitators threaten to deluge parliament Genesis i. to x. 9, our correspondent with petitions, or rather remonstrances, calculates at twenty-eight. Supposing next Session, demanding that every the book will consist of about 1000 man shall be allowed to print Bibles, pages, at 8 pages a sheet, there will be and they propose beginning with break- 125 sheets; and these multiplied by ing the law in order to try its strength; twenty-eight (the number of alterain the full expectation that nothing can tions in the specimen sheet) will show withstand the clamour and pressure an amount of 3500 variations from the which are to be brought to bear upon the generally received standard edition. Six subject. It is a question which every of these are not mere alterations, but clergyman,every member of the Church, actual errors; namely, Nos. 7, 8, 17, and, we will equally add, every Dissen. 24, 27, 28, of the list. At six errors a ter who loves truth and the best inte- sheet there will be upwards of 750 porests of religion better than party, ought sitive errors in the volume ; and this is to make himself master of, in order to doing the printer no injustice, as most know how to act in the forthcoming probably he would endeavour to make time of exigency. We trust and believe the specimen sheet as perfect as possithat, when the matter comes to be pub- ble. The following is the collation :licly understood, it will be clearly seen that restriction is necessary, in order to

Blaney 1769. " Family Bible" 1840. secure the accuracy and good printing 1 Gen.i. 10 Earth; - Earth : of our vernacular Bibles; that the na- 2

ji. 16 eat:

-eat; tion being the proprietor of the autho- 3 19 air; -air, rised version—a ground wbich the Dis- 4

Adam -Adam, senter may take--and, we should add, 5

20 field;

-field : the Church being its conservator--the 6 21 T And -And legislature has a good right to impose 7

thereof; thereof. such restrictions as it considers neces. 8 23 Mau. sary for that purpose ; and that, in point 9 jji. I subtil -subtile of fact, the present system works well, 10 5 opened, Lopened; as regards accuracy, cheapness, and exe- 11

9 And -Aud cution. We have disclaimed the notion 2 16 conception ;-conception : that the restriction is for interested pur. 13 iv. 8 And - And poses'; the sole object ought to be to

9 And

Aud supply Bibles as cheaply and accurately 15

16 And

- And as possible—neither of which, do we


17 [ And -And believe, would be accomplished_by 17

a city, --a a city, throwing open the trade in Bibles. But 18 3 And

And we will not recapitulate what we have 19 vi. 5 And said more at large in our December 20 8 But -But Number. In the postscript to our pa. 21 9 man and -man, and per, we shewed practically what has al- 22 14 | Make --Make ready been the effect, as respects those 23

gopherwood-gopher-wood momentous objects, accuracy and uni. 24 19 sort -sort formity, in the instance of the first 25 viji. 13 ( And - And Scorch Testament under the new sys. 26 x. 1 Noah, -Noah; tem which has fallen into our bands. 27 4 Elishah, -Elisha, A specimen sheet has been circulated 28 7 Sabtechah :-Sabtecha : of the" Family Bible,” which we menCHRIST. OBSEB V. APP.

5 M



[ocr errors]


Dr. Dickenson, the chaplain of the extracting the following statements on archbishop of Dublin, is the new Irish this subject, from an interesting volume bishop. A ministerial newspaper, the from the pen of Mr. G. J. Gurney, Morning. Chronicle, says, respecting whose testimony is in every respect this appointment: “His claims are his unimpeachable. He says: talents and his virtues. He is one of a “1. The emancipated negroes are class of clergymen, uncommon in Eng- working well on the estates of their old land, and still more rare in Ireland, masters. The existing instances of a who belong to no faction or clique. contrary description must be ascribed He has shewn his politics only by the to causes which class under slavery, and support of every liberal measure and not under freedom. of every

useful institution. He “ 2. An increased quantity of work was an open and strenuous advocate thrown upon the market is, of course, for the comprehensive system of eilu- followed by the cheapening of labour. cation introduced by the Education Remember A. B.'s declaration, that he Board at its commencement." We had rather, for the profit's sake, make have no wish to enter into any contro. sixty tierces of coffee under freedom, versy upon such a subject ; but there is than one hundred and twenty under in all societies the faction of the no- slavery.' faction; for eclectics are a clique “ 3. Real property has risen, and is as much as non-eclectics ; and the zea-e ising in value. In the towns, the en. Jous part taken by Dr. Dickenson, in hancement and improvement of proregard to the National Education perty are very extraordinary. In the question, and other matters country, the value of the slaves, to say which we will not enter into, does the least of it, is already transferred not enable to partake of the to the land. unmingled satisfaction of the Morning “ 4. The personal comforts of the Chronicle. We greatly lament the labouring population under freedom are decease of another Irish cburch digni. multiplied tenfold. tary, Dr. Murray, dean of Ardagh, the 5. Lastly, the moral and religious very antipodes of the new bishop in improvement of this people under free. many matters doctrinal and ecclesiasti. dom, is more than equal to the increase cal,and especially in regard to the Edu- of their comforts. Under this head cation question, and the duties of the there are three points deserving reIrish clergy in reference to Romanism. spectively of a distinct place in our me. We might not consider all his proceed- mories. First, the rapid increase and ings perfectly well-judged ; but he was vast extent of elementary and Christian a holy, a zealous, and an exemplary education-schools for infants, young servant of his divine Lord, and a great persons, and adults, multiplying in every blessing to his church.

direction. Secondly, the gradual but

decided diminution of crime, amounting It is very gratifying to the old friends in many country districts almost to its of the abolition of Slavery, to learn the extinction. Thirdly, the happy change blessed results of that great act of jns- of the general and almost universal practice and humanity-results which they tice of concubinage, for the equaily gepredicted: but which many were slow nejal adoption of marriage. to credit. We have great pleasure in



ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. W. J.; H. M. ; P. P. P.; J. R.; M. L.; G. E. O.; Nirtis; Liturgicus ; P.;

H. L. M. ; F. S.; E. A.; H. M. P.; A Minister of the Church of England;

R. H. S.; and J. P.; are under consideration, To several correspondents ,who have addressed us in consequence of our remarks

respecting Societies for supplying cast-off clothing to clergymen and their families, we reply that we were aware that several individuals have been long epgaged in so doing, and we offered no opinion as to matters of private charity; but we were not aware of there being any regular Society, supported by subscriptions for that purpose. We are now informed that such a Society exists in Birmingham (and three correspondents have sent us copies of some of its printed Reports) and that cast-off clothing is also received at tbe Office of the Poor Pious Clergy Society, and elsewhere. We state the facts as requested: and we feel confident the relief is administered with all possible kindness and delicacy; and the expressions of gratitude in the Reports are affecting and overwhelming; but nothing can reconcile usj to the institution of societies for such a purpose. If, however, they are required, they do not degrade the clergy ; it is the nation that is degraded by allowing such afflicting poverty to be found among those who minister at its altars.




&c, &c. &c.


146, 280
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Animal Magnetism

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on Delaying

to Infants.. 285, 320, 351, 623

validity of...... 220, 352, 406
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Indian Idolatry

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Lay Interference.

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Malta, Popish Superstition in ...... 297 Romanist Proselytism .....

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Memoir (See Obituary.)

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