Catalogue of the Library of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, Volumes 1-2

Cosmos Press, 1917

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Pagina xxxi - Mémoires de la Société royale et centrale d'agriculture , sciences et arts du département du Nord , séant à Douai.
Pagina 199 - A description of the genus Pinus, illustrated with figures, directions relative to the cultivation, and remarks on the uses of the several species.
Pagina xvii - Majesty's Woods in America and for the Encouragement of the Importation of Naval Stores from thence, and to encourage the Importation of Masts, Yards and Bowsprights from that Part of Great Britain, called Scotland, and every Clause, Article and Proviso therein be Strictly and duly comply'd with.
Pagina 199 - Pinus, with directions relative to the cultivation, and remarks on the uses of the several species; also descriptions of many other new species of the family of Coniferae.
Pagina xli - MUELLER.— THE ORGANIC CONSTITUENTS OF PLANTS AND VEGETABLE SUBSTANCES, and their Chemical Analysis. By Dr. GC Wittstein. Authorised Translation from the German Original, enlarged with numerous Additions, by Baron Ferd. von Mueller, KCMG, M.
Pagina 93 - Rare, or otherwise interesting Exotic Plants, especially of such as are deserving of being cultivated in our Gardens. 3 vols.
Pagina 90 - Herball, wherin are conteyned the names of Herbes in Greke, Latin, Englysh, Duch, Frenche, and in the Potecaries and Herbaries Latin, with the properties degrees and naturall places of the same, gathered and made by Wylliam Turner, Phisicion vnto the Duke of Somersettes Grace. Imprinted at London by Steven Mierdman.
Pagina 375 - Hortus Europae Americanus: or, a Collection of 85 Curious Trees and Shrubs, The Produce of North America; adapted to the Climates and Soils of Great Britain, Ireland, and most Parts of Europe, &c By Mark Catesby ... . London: J.
Pagina 95 - Thirty-eight plates, with explanations, intended to illustrate Linnaeus's System of vegetables, and particularly adapted to the Letters on the elements of botany.
Pagina xviii - To which is added, An ESSAY on TEA, considered as pernicious to Health, obstructing Industry, and impoverishing the Nation : with an Account of its Growth, and great Consumption in these Kingdoms ; with several Political Reflections ; and Thoughts on Publick Love : in Thirty-two Letters to Two Ladies.

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