A narrative of the political and military transactions of British India, under the administration of the marquess of Hastings [ed. by C.R. Prinsep].


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Pagina 23 - Hastings briefly declared his reasons .for deviating from the more limited views that seemed to be entertained in England ; and at the same time expressed a confident hope, that the enlarged plan he had laid down for the secure and permanent attainment of his object, would meet with the assent of the most considerable princes of Central India.
Pagina 421 - Henceforward this epoch will be referred to as that whence each of the existing states will date the commencement of its peaceable settlement, and the consolidation of its relations with the controlling power. The dark age of trouble and violence, which so long spread its malign influence over the fertile regions of Central India, has thus ceased from this time ; and a new era has commenced, we trust, with brighter prospects, — an era of peace, prosperity, and wealth at least, if not of political...
Pagina 153 - The chief's mangled remains were given over to his son for interment, and the miserable fate of one, who so shortly before had ridden at the head of twenty thousand horse, gave an awful lesson of the uncertainty of fortune, and drew pity even from those who had been the victims of his barbarity when living.
Pagina 151 - British service ; he decamped as suddenly as he had come ; while he staid, his horses were constantly saddled, and the men slept with the bridles in their hands, ready to fly, instantly, in case of an attempt to seize them.
Pagina 162 - ... received another wound, which proved mortal. Captain Swanston and Lieutenant Connellon were rescued; and every man of the Arabs who had penetrated to the pagoda was bayoneted without mercy. By a little after nine, the enemy were completely driven from the village and all the ground...
Pagina 109 - ... suffered in a greater proportion. Of the Europeans, fewer were seized ; but those who took the disease more frequently died, and usually within a few hours. The camp was abandoned, and the army continued for some days to move to the eastward...
Pagina 216 - The flank companies of the Royal Scots and of the Company's European regiment rushed in, and came to the second gate, which was found open. At the third gate they were met by the killadar, who came out by the wicket and surrendered to Colonel Conway. The third and fourth gates were then opened, and the storming-party advanced to the fifth, which led into the body of the place.
Pagina 108 - The year was one of scarcity, and grain had been collected for the troops, through the campfollowers, with extreme difficulty, and of course of inferior quality. The water of the country, except where it could be obtained from running streams, was indifferent. The time of the year, too, was that at which the heat of the day is most strongly contrasted with the cold of the night. To all these extraordinary circumstances was superadded the very crowded state of the camp of so large an army.
Pagina 111 - India, with, stimulants when the patient is about to sink from exhaustion, formed the general practice, on the first appearance of the disease : bleeding has since been tried with effect, when administered shortly after the first attack, but it is in vain to try this remedy after the cramps have commenced. The hot bath has also been occasionally adopted successfully in different stages of the disease, and so have other remedies of more capricious selection. The most experienced medical men are not...
Pagina 152 - ... infested by tigers. He was missed for some days, and no one knew what had become of him. His well-known horse was at last discovered grazing near the margin of the forest, saddled and bridled, and exactly in the state in which it was when Cheetoo had last been seen upon it.

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