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Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1834, by L. H. YOUNG, 'n the Clerk's office of the District Court of Connecticut.


THERE is probably no history made up of well-authenticated facts, which does not contain sufficient matter to interest and instruct, without the aid of fiction. False and distorted views of human life, although they may excite the feelings, can never improve the mind.

Care has been taken in this publication, to make those selections only, which are well authenticated. The greater part are taken from works of the first respectability in Great Britain, and elsewhere.

In this country, a great proportion of the reading class seek books for the sake of amusement. It should therefore be an object with publishers to furnish such works as will not only entertain, but at the same time impart solid and useful instruction. This has been attempted in this compilation of the work now in the reader's hands.

A natural desire to know all that is remarkable in the history of man, seems to be implanted in every breast; and the most powerful emotions may be awakened by the recital of all those transactions, in which the various passions and virtues of our race are delineated.

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A work thus calculated to interest the public, if executed faithfully, with a view to its real object, will be admitted worthy of patronage: Such a one, it is hoped the present will be found, and in this belief, it is respectfully presented by


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