Read for the Cure

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 128 pagina's
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This book is for anyone afraid and lonely and in that terrible space in time when disease comes knocking at your door and you are left to deal with all of your choices alone. This book is a must for anyone who finds themselves helpless before a dire medical diagnosis and facing the deep, dark clutches of fear. Finding a doctor to depend on is one thing, and it is important, but it is also necessary to pause a moment to consider your options, to read up on what you need to know and to absorb the true power of words as they can, and will, lead you and help you and direct your path. Disease calls all of us to confront ourselves in ways that we have never been asked to do before. It is my belief that it is within one's power to call upon God, to call upon written resources and to investigate all of one's choices: your diet, your lifestyle, your exposures to stress and toxins and your exposures to toxic people and toxic lifestyles. I also believe that you have it within your power to know and embrace the truth that you are a mental, physical and spiritual being and that to become whole again, not one of these aspects of yourself can go unnoticed, undernourished or remain underground. There is true freedom in surrendering to the wisdom that not only ordered the stars in the heavens but the God who also wants us to know deep within our beings that we are no less worthy than those stars and those moons and only a little lower than His angels. If God is with us, if God is for us and if God is within us? Who or what will we fear?

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