IN 1815.

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Whitehall, April 1. Earl of Clancarty, (one of his Majesty's plenipotentiaries at Vienna,) knight grand cross of the bath.

Howard Elphinstone, Esq. (lieutenantcolonel of the corps of royal engineers,) a baronet of the united kingdom.

April 7. The under-mentioned knights commanders of the bath to be knights grand crosses: Lieutenant-General Hon. Sir John Abercromby, vice LieutenantGeneral Sir John Stuart (Count of Maida) deceased; Major-Gen. Hon. Sir Charles Colville, vice Major-General Hon. Sir E. M. Pakenham, deceased,

The following officers to be knights commanders: Lieutenant-Gen. Moore Disney, vice Lieutenant-General Hon. Sir John Abercromby; Major-Gen. William Inglis, vice Major-General Sir Samuel Gibbs, de

ceased; Major-General James Lyon, vice Major General Hon. Sir Charles Colville.

The following officers in the service of the East India Company to be knights commanders, viz. : Lieutenant-General John Macdonald; Major-Generals Robert Blair, George Wood, Hector Maclean, Thomas Dallas, John Chalmers, John Horsford, Henry White, Gabriel Martindale, George Sackville Browne, George Holmes, and David Ochterlony; Colonels Sir J. Malcolm, Augustus Floyer, and Robert Barclay.

April 3. Major-Gen. Sir G. T. Walker, lieutenant-g t-governor of the Island of Grenada, vice Sir J. Stuart, deceased.

April 20. Vice Admiral Sir Eliab Harvey, Major-General Charles Wale, RearAdmiral Sir Edward Codrington, MajorGeneral Sir Colquhoun Grant, and Col. Sir Charles J. Greville, invested with the ensigns of knights commanders of the bath.

Foreign-office, May 2. A. Cockburn, Esq. his Majesty's envoy extraordinary to the free and imperial Hanseatic towns.

May 9. The Marquis of Bute, lord lieutenant of the county of Glamorgan.

Lieutenant General Sir J. Leith, G. C. B. governor of Barbadoes.

Right Hon. W. Adam, lord chief commissioner; and A. Maconochie, and D. Monypenny, Esqrs., the other lords commissioners of the Scotch Jury Court.

A. Rosenhagen, Esq. a comptroller of the army accounts.

May 25. Rear-Admiral Sir C. Rowley, knight commander of the bath,

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J. G. Harris, Esq. deputy judge advocate to the army under the Duke of Wellington. Whitehall, July 18. The dignity of a baron of the united kingdom granted unto the following noblemen, viz.

Right Hon. John Earl of Strathmore, by the name, style, and title of Baron Bowes of Streatham Castle, co. Durham, and of Lunedale, co. York.

Right Hon. Lieutenant-General George Earl of Dalhousie, K. G. C. B., by the name, &c. of Baron Dalhousie, Castle, co. Edinburgh.

Right Hon. George Earl of Aboyne, by the name, &c. of Baron Meldrum, of Morven, co. Aberdeen.

Right Hon. George Earl of Glasgow, by the name, &c. of Baron Ross, of Hawkhead, co. Renfrew.

Right Hon. John Willoughby, Earl of Enniskillen, by the name, &c. of Baron Grindstead, of Grindstead, Wilts.

cer,) by the name, &c. of Baron Churchill, of Sandridge, co. Hertford.

Right Hon. Edmund Henry, Earl of Limerick, by the name, &c, of Baron Fox. ford, of Stackpole-court, co. Clare.

Right Hon Peniston, Viscount Melbourne, by the name, &c. of Baron Melbourne, of Melbourne, co. Derby.

Francis Almaric Spencer, Esq. (commonly called Lord Francis Almaric Spen

And to George Harris, colonel of the 72d regiment of foot, and general of his Majesty's forces, by the name, &c. of Baron Harris, of Seringapatam and Mysore in the East Indies, and of Belmont, Kent.

Whitehall, June 6. Sir Ralph Milbanke, bart. of Yorkshire and Durham, and the Hon. Dame Judith his wife, eldest daughter of the late Edward Noel, Viscount Wentworth, to take and use the surname and bear the arms of Noel only, in compliance with the will of Thomas Lord Wentworth, her brother, deceased.

Foreign-office, June 20. George William Chad, Esq. secretary of legation to the United States of America.

Sir Henry Lushington, Bart. consul-general at Naples.

Whitehall, June 23. The dignity of a marquis of the united kingdom conferred on Henry William Earl of Uxbridge, K.G. C.B., by the title of Marquis of Anglesea.

July 18. Patrick Colquhoun, Esq. agent and consul-general for the free Hanseatic towns of Lubec, Bremen, and Hamburgh. Rear-Admiral Sir George Cockburn, commander-in-chief at the Cape of Good


July 25. G. H. Rose, Esq. envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to the court of Berlin; and Hon. F. Lamb to the like office at the court of Munich.

Whitehall, July 27. A writ ordered to be issued under the great seal of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, for summoning Sir Cecil Bishopp of Parham Park, Sussex, Bart. up to the House of Peers, by the name, style, and title of Baron Zouche of Haryngworth, he being lineally descended from the eldest of the two daughters of Edward, the late Lord Zouche of Haryngworth, who died without issue male in 1625, and one of the rightful heirs of the said barony created by writ of summons in the reign of Edward II.

July 29. G. Durie, Esq. consul in Norway.

Lord Chamberlain's office, July 22. John Allen, Esq. clerk of the cheque of his Ma jesty's guard of yeomen of the guard.

East India House, Aug. 30. Major-gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, K.C.B., governor of St Helena.

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Sept. 16. Major-General Sir James Kempt, knight grand cross; and MajorGenerals George Cook, Peregrine Maitland, and Frederick Adam, knights commanders of the order of the bath. One hundred and twenty colonels, lieut.-colonels, and majors, have been appointed companions of the said order, on the recommendation of the Duke of Wellington, for their services on the 16th and 18th of June. 336 officers of the army and navy have been appointed companions, conformably to the ordinance relative to the third class of the order published in the gazette of the 2d January last. And 26 officers in the service of the East India Company have been appointed companions, in pursuance of the ordinance published on the 10th of that month,

Carlton-house, Sept. 29. Rear-Admiral Sir William Johnstone Hope, invested as knight commander of the bath.

Whitehall, Sept. 30. The Prince Regent has been pleased to grant dignities of the peerage of the united kingdom, to George James Earl of Cholmondeley, by the title of Earl of Rocksavage, co. Chester, and Marquis Cholmondeley, with remainder

to his heirs male; to James Walter Viscount Grimstone, of Ireland, and Baron Verulam of Gorhambury, Herts, by the titles of Viscount Grimston, and Earl Verulam; to Charles Viscount Whitworth, by the titles of Baron Adbaston, co. Stafford, and Earl Whitworth; to John Lord Brownlow, and his heirs male, by the title of Viscount Alford, of Alford, co. Lincoln, and Earl Brownlow; to John Craggs, Lord Elliot, by the title of Earl of St Germains, Cornwall; to John Lord Boringdon, by the titles of Viscount Boringdon of North Malton, Devon, and Earl of Morley in the said county; to Orlando Baron Bradford, by the titles of Viscount Newport, co. Salop, and Earl of Salop in the said county; to William Baron Beauchamp, of Powyke, by the titles of Vis count Elmley, co. Worcester, and Earl of Beauchamp; to Sir Alan Hyde Lord Gardner, vice-admiral of the white, by the title of Viscount Gardner.

The Prince Regent has also been pleased to grant the dignity of a baronet of the united kingdom to Ewen Cameron, of Fassifern and Callart, co. Argyll, and of Arthurstone, co. Angus, Esq. with remainder to his heirs male.

Foreign-office, Oct. 6. Richard Rochfort, and James Sterling, Esqrs. his Majesty's consuls, the former at Ostend, and the latter at Genoa.

Whitehall, Oct. 10, Don Miguel Alava, lieut.-gen. in the armies of his Catholic Majesty, to be an honorary knight-commander of the bath, in consideration of his long and zealous services while attached to the British army in the Peninsula under the Duke of Wellington.

Oct. 13. George Jackson, Esq. secretary of embassy to the court of Russia.

Whitehall, Oct. 20. His Excellency Baron de Muffling, major-general in the King of Prussia's service, honorary knight-commander of the order of the bath.

Carlton-house. The Honourable William Thomas Graves, page of honour to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, vice Mr Henry Murray.

Oct. 28. Louis Duncan Cassa-major, Esq. secretary of embassy to the court of St Petersburg.

Oct. 31. The dignity of a baron of the united kingdom conferred on the Right Hon. Lieutenant-General Rowland Baron

Hill, K.G.C.B. and his heirs male, by the style &c. of Baron Hill Almarez; and of Hawkstone and Hardwicke, co. Salop, and in default of such issue to the heirs male of his late brother John Hill, of Hawkstone, Esq. deceased.

Nov. 4. J. C. Colquhoun, Esq. sheriff depute of Dumbartonshire.-Sir H. MacKenzie, lieut. and sheriff principal of Rossshire.

Foreign-office, Nov. 22. Edward James Dawkins, Esq. secretary of legation at the court of Florence.-Francis Peter Merry, Esq. secretary of legation at the court of Dresden.

Whitehall, Nov. 21. The dignity of a baronet of the united kingdom granted to Sir David Ochterlony, K.C.B. and majorgeneral in the army in the East Indies, and to his heirs male.

Downing-street, Dec. 6. C. M'Carthy, Esq. governor and commander-in-chief of Sierra Leone and its dependencies.

Foreign-office, Dec, 10. Colin A. Mackenzie, Esq. and George Lewis Newnham, Esq. his Majesty's commissioners of liquidation; George Hammond, Esq. and D. R. Morier, Esq. (his Majesty's consul-general in France) his Majesty's commissioners of arbitration; and the said David Morier, Esq. and James Drummond, Esq. commissary-general of his Majesty's forces, his Majesty's commissioners of deposit; under the several articles of the convention concluded at Paris, November 20, 1815, between his Majesty and his most Christian Majesty, for the examination and liquidation of the claims of his Majesty's subjects against the government of France. Dec. 13. Major-General Sir G. Murray, quarter-master-general to the Duke of Wellington's army.


Appointed by the Prince Regent in council, for the Year 1815.

Bedfordshire, R. Hibbert, of East Hide,


Berkshire, J. Wills, of Hungerford Park, Esq.

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Monmouthshire, Samuel Bosanquet, of Dingestow, Esq.

Norfolk, T. Thornhill, of Riddlesworth, Esq.

Northamptonshire, Leveson Vernon, of Stoke Bruern, Esq.

Northumberland, G. Baker, of Stanton,


Nottinghamshire, John S. Wright, of Walford, Esq.

Oxfordshire, E. F. Coulston, of Filkins,


Rutlandshire, Samuel Barker, of Lyndon, Esq.

Shropshire, F. Taylor, of Chicknell,


Somersetshire, John Phelips, of Montacute, Esq.

Staffordshire, Henry Crochett, of Little Onn Hall, Esq.

County of Southampton, II. Bosanquet, of Clanville Lodge, Esq.

Suffolk, Charles Tyrell, of Gipping, Esq. Surrey, James Laing, of Streatham, Esq.

Sussex, R. W. Walter, of Michaelgrove, Esq.

Warwickshire, James Woolley, of Icknield House, Esq.

Wiltshire, George Eyre, of Bramshaw,


Worcestershire, Edward Dixon, of Dudley, Esq.

Yorkshire, W. Garford, of Wigginthorpe, Esq.


Caermarthenshire, George Mears, of Lanstephan-place, Esq.

Pembrokeshire, Maurice Williams, of Cwngloyn, Esq.

Cardiganshire, H. Evans, of Highmead,


Glamorganshire, W. Taitt, of Cardiff,


Breconshire, H. Price, of Castle Madock, Esq

Radnorshire, W. Davis, of Cabalva,



Merionethshire, Lewis Vaughan, of Penmaun Dovey, Esq.

Carnarvonshire, W. Griffydd Oakley, of Bachysaint, Esq.

Anglesea, Robert Hughes, of Plasyn Llangoed, Esq.

Montgomeryshire, P. Jones, of Cofroyd,


Denbighshire, C. Griffith Wynne, of Pentre Voelas, Esq.

Flintshire, Sir R. Brooke, of Hope Hall, Bart.

Appointed by the Prince of Wales.

Cornwall, Sir Vyell Vyvyan, of Trelowarren, Bart.

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