Abercromby, Mr, his motion on Buona-
parte's escape from Elba, and debate
thereon, I. 168
Abington, Earl, moves the address in the
Upper House, I. 3

Accounts, public, for the year, II. ccxxxiii
Acts, public, for the year, II. ccxviii
African female, account of one, a sailor
in the British navy, II. lxii
Agricultural report for January, II. x-
For March, xxvi-For August, Ixi-
For October, lxix-For December, lxxxi
Allied Sovereigns enter into a treaty with
Britain against Buonaparte, I. 163. De-
bates in Parliament on this treaty, 174.
Amount of troops to be furnished by
each, 183. Their formidable prepa.
rations for war, and positions of their
armies, 220. Enter France at the
head of their troops, 279. Refuse to
treat with the provisional government,


America, North, affairs of, I. 353. At-

tack of New Orleans, 355. Ratifica-
tion of the treaty of peace, 356. Fol-
lowed by a commercial treaty, 359.
Ludicrous names of the rivers of, II.

America, South, affairs of, I. 362
Angouleme, Duchess of, driven from
Bourdeaux, I. 150. Arrives in Eng-
land, II. xxxix. Returns to Paris, xlix
Duke of, capitulates in the
south to Buonaparte's troops, I. 161
Appointments and promotions, list of
principal ones, II. cclxxxiii


[blocks in formation]

Best, Mr Serjeant, moves for a bill to
amend the insolvent debtor's act, I. 28;
but withdraws it, 29
Bigamy, curious case of, II. xxviii
Blacas, Count, unpopular in France, I. 91.

Dismissed from Louis's ministry, 303
Blucher, Marshal, in imminent danger at
the battle of Ligny, I. 228. Effects his
retreat unmolested, ib. His army ar
rives on the field, and decides the bat-
tle of Waterloo, 246. He pursues the
flying French army, 247. Meeting of
him and Wellington after the battle of
Waterloo, 246. Anecdote of him, II,
Bourbon, Duke of, endeavours, without
success, to raise a force in La Vendee,
I. 159

Brune, Marshal, murdered at Avignon, I.


Brunswick, Duke of, falls gloriously in
the battle of Quatre Bras, I. 230
Brussels, account of a masked ball there,

II. xví

Buccleuch, Duke of, presents the Ettrick

Shepherd with a pastoral farm, II. xxxi
Buonaparte, account of his behaviour at
Elba, I. 137. He corresponds with
France and Italy, 138. Embarks at
Elba, and lands with a few attendants
at Frejus, 143. Advances without op-
position, 144. His first meeting with
the royal troops, 146. They join him
as he marches on Paris, 149. He issues
decrees from Lyons, 150. Arrives in
Paris, and resumes the government,
157. Makes proposals of peace to the
allies, which are rejected, 162. Dis-
putes between him and his ministers,
202. Pays court to the Federates, 205.
Disaffection of the people to his go-
vernment, 209. His speech to the Le-
gislative Chambers, 217. Prepares to
meet the allied armies, 222. His
speech to his soldiers, *225. Attacks
the Prussians, and drives them from
Charleroi, 226. Defeats them again
at Ligny, 227. Attacks the British ar-
my at Waterloo, and, after a desperate
battle, is routed with great slaughter,
236, 246. His conduct in the field, 242,
243-and flight from it, 246. His car-
riage and baggage taken at Genappe,
247. He returns alone to Paris, 256.
Abdicates in favour of his son, 262.

[blocks in formation]

Champ de Mai, ceremony of, I. 213
Chancellor of the Exchequer for Ireland
brings forward the Irish budget for the
year, I. 21

Charleroi, the Prussians driven from it by
Buonaparte, 1. 226
Chesters, Roxburghshire, singular occur.
rence there, II. xxi
Chinese, disagreements between them and
the British, I. 349
Cochrane, Lord, escapes from prison, and
appears in the House of Commons-Is
arrested, tried, and sentenced to farther
imprisonment, I. 77, 78. Farther par-
ticulars, II. xxiii
Congress of Vienna declares Buonaparte
without the pale of the law of nations,
I. 162. Removed to Frankfort, 220
Convention between Britain and the Ne-
therlands, II. cl. Between the same
and Prussia, clxxii. Between the same

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and Russia, clxxxv. Between the Bri-
tish and Dutch governments, cxc
Corn, bill for restricting the importation
of, I. 34.
Discussions on it, 35. View
of the arguments for and against the
bill, 36. Observations on the policy of
the measure, 57. Is the cause of seri-
ous riots in London, 79. Anecdote of
a soldier and cobler, connected with
it, 86
Correspondence between M. de Caulain

court and Lord Castlereagh, II. clxvi
Corunna, insurrection of Porlier there, I.


Currency, question of its alleged deprecia-
tion examined, I. 60

Curson, Captain, killed at Waterloo, I.



Dartmoor, seven American prisoners kill-
ed there, in an attempt to escape, II.
Davoust, Marshal, his address to the ar-
my of the Loire, I. 308. He is removed
from the command, 309
Death of Lady Hamilton at Calais, II.
xiv. Of the Duke of Dorset, xvi. Of
the Prince of Aremberg, xix. Qf Lady
Mary Fitzgerald, xxx
Declaration of the allied powers relative
to the slave-trade, II. clvi. Of the
same on Buonaparte's return from Elba,
clxi. Of Louis from his court at Ghent,
clxxiii. Of Buonaparte to the French
on commencing war, clxxxiii
Delancey, Sir William, killed at Waterloo,
I. 242

Delawar, Lord, his speech on seconding
the address to the Prince Regent, I. 3
D'Esterre, Mr, of Dublin, killed in a duel
by Mr O'Connel, II. xi
Dispatches from Rear-Admiral Hotham,
dated H. M. ship Superb, before New
London, 23d January, with enclosures
from Captain Hayes and Hope, II.


from Vice-Admiral Sir Alex-
ander Cochrane, dated H.M. ship Ar-
mide, off Isle-au-Chat, 16th December,
1814, inclosing one from Captain Lock-
yer, II. lxxxvii-Another, dated January
18, lxxxix

from E. Cooke, Esq. under
secretary of state, dated Rome, 20th


May, inclosing military reports from
Colonel Church, II. xcii. Another, da-
Dispatches from Lord Burghersh, dated
ted Rome, May 22, xcvi
Rome, May 16, and Teano, May 21, in-
closing the military convention with
Naples, II. xcvi. Another, dated Na-
ples, 23d May, c

from the Duke of Wellington,
dated Waterloo, June 19, II. ci. Others
dated Cateau, 22d, and Joncourt 25th,
cv. Orville, 28th, cvi. Gonasse, July
2, cvii. Same place, July 4, inclosing
the military convention with Davoust,
cviii. Louvre, June 30, transmitting
one from Sir C. Colville, cx. Paris,
July 8, cxii

- from Captain Maitland, dated
H. M. ship Bellerophon, July 14, II.

from Admiral Lord Keith,
dated Ville de Paris, in Hamoaze, July
21, with inclosures from Captains Ayl-
mer and Palmer, II. cxiii

from Colonel the Baron de
Montalembert, dated in the Gironde,
July 31, II. cxiii

from Lieut.-General Brown-
rigg, dated Candy, February 25, II. cxvi
from Sir Hudson Lowe, dated
Cujes, July 24, II. cxxiv

from Sir James Leith, dated
Guadaloupe, August 12, II. cxxiv

from the Vice-Presidency at
Fort-William, dated February 20, with
enclosures from Mr Secretary Adam,
and Sir David Ochterlony, II. cxxxiii
from Admiral Lord Exmouth,
with an enclosure from Captain Fahie,
dated H. M. ship, Malta, Gaeta Bay,
August 9, II. cxxxvii

from Earl Moira, dated Fut-
tyghur, June 1, II. cxxxix

from the Earl of Clancarty,
Dorset, Duke of, account of his death, II.
dated Vienna, May 6, II. clxviii


Dublin, interesting incident at Aston's
quay there, II, xxxvi

Duel between Mr O'Connel and Mr D'-
Esterre, II. xi-Between Colonels
Quentin and Palmer, xiv

Dundee, loss of a pinnace, with passengers,
Dwarf, description of a very small one, II,
at the ferry there, II. xxxviii


Eclipse, Leith smack, lost near Yarmouth,
II. lxxv

Edinburgh, freedom of, conferred on J. C.
Curwen, Esq. I. xv-Bill for a canal
between it and Glasgow, xix-New road
over the Calton-hill, xxix-Celebration
of the Prince Regent's birth day, lviii.
Musical Festival, lxxi. Visit of the
Austrian Archdukes John and Lewis,

Excelmans, General, his letter to Murat
intercepted, I. 135. Trial and acquittal
of, 136

Execution of Elizabeth Fenning, for poi-
soning a family, II. xlvii
Explosion on board a vessel at Berwick,
II. v. Of fire-damp in a coal mine,
xliii. In a sugar refinery in London,


Fayette, M. de La, proposes resolutions
in the French legislature on the state
of the nation, I. 258. Hints to Buona-
parte the necessity of his abdication,

Fire, in St Paul's church-yard, London,
II. vii. In St George's street, London,
xxxiii. At Waterford, lvii. In the mint,
London, Ixviii. In High Holburn, lxvii
Fitzgerald, Lady Mary, account of her
death, II. xxx

Fouche, M. his conduct on the restoration
of Louis XVIII. I. 129. His duplicity
to Buonaparte, 269. Secretly embraces
the interests of the Bourbons, 282.
Resigns the ministry of police, and pub-
lishes reasons of his conduct, 318
France, internal state of, I. 87. Defects

of the administration, 90. Condition
and character of the royalists, 92. Di-
visions of the royal family, ib -Fears
of the national proprietors, 96. Acount
of the jacobin party, 97.
The Buoca-
partists, 98.
Discontents of the army,
99. The constitutionalists, or neutrals,
the most numerous party 102. Report
on the state of the country, 107. De-
hate on the liberty of the press, 112.
Censorship proposed by M. Faure, and
passed with some modifications, 116.

Expedients of the disaffected to elude
the law, 117. Scandalous affair in the
church of Durnac, 118. Debate on a
plan for indemnifying emigrants, ib.
Intrigues of the republicans, headed by
Carnot and Fouche, 130. Warlike pre-
parations, 132. Intrigues at the Congress
of Vienna, 133. Insubordination of the
army, 136 Interest excited by emis-
saries in favour of Buonaparte, 137.
Organization of a conspiracy for his re-
storation, 139. Culpable indifference
of the ministry to the proceedings of
the conspirators, 140, 144. Landing of
Buonaparte at Frejus, 143. Suspicions
of treachery in the war department,
145. Confusion and bustle at Paris,
147. Defection of the troops from the
royal cause, 149, 156 Reins of go-
vernment seized by Buonaparte, 157.
The cities and provinces receive his au-
thority, 159. Plot to carry off the em-
press detected at Vienna, 201. Exer-
tions of the partizans of Louis, 20s.
Preparations for war, 207. Additional
act to the constitution, 210. Ceremony
of the Champ de Mai, 212. Meeting of
the Legislative Chambers, and Buona-
parte's speech to them, 216. Battle of
Ligny, 227. Of Quatre Bras, 229.
Route of the army at Waterloo, 246.
Discussions in the chambers on Buona-
parte's return, 258. Furious debates on
acknowledging Napoleon II. 263, 266.
He is indirectly acknowledged, 267.
Movements of the French corps after
their defeat at Waterloo, 277. Effect
their retreat to Paris, 279. Provisional
government solicits an armistice, ib.
Austrian and Bavarian armies cross the
Rhine, and advance into the country,
283. The grand Russian army also
cross it, 284. Situation of the provi-
sional government, and debates in the
chambers, 285. Preparations to defend
Paris, 289. It surrenders by capitula-
tion, 293. Dissolution of the chambers,
and entrance of Louis into Paris, 302.
Proscription of peers and others, 304.
Distraction in the provinces, 306. The
army of the Loire disbanded, 309. Dis-
turbances in the south, 310. Assembly
of the chambers, 318. New ministry,
320. Sufferings inflicted on the country
by the Prussian soldiers, 322. Disper-
sion of the national Museum, 323.

[blocks in formation]

pie, 344-Operations of Sir David Och-
terlony, 345-Defeat of Ameer Sing,
and conclusion of the war, 348-Con-
quest of the kingdom of Candy, 351
Indies, West, affairs of, I. 361
Ionian Islands placed under the protec

tion of Britain, I. 340. Treaty between
Britain and Russia on this subject, II.


Indies, East, affairs of, I. 341-War in
Nepaul, $42-Death of General Gilles-

Ireland, disturbances in, and revival of the
insurrection act, I 341. Farther parti-
culars, II. vi. Emigration from, xl. At-
tack on the Cork mail-coach, lxiv
Jury trial in civil cases established in Scot-
land, I. 31. Observations on the sub-
ject, ib. 32


Kalunga, unsuccessful attempt to storm
it, I. 344
Kandy-See Candy.
Kelso, singular accident there, II. vi
Kent, outrage by smugglers on the coast
of, II. 1


Labedoyere, Colonel, carries over the
troops under his command to Buona-
parte, I. 146. Brought to trial, con
demned and shot, 314. Farther parti-
culars, II. lv

Laon, the broken French troops form a
junction there after the battle of Water-
loo, I. 277

Larochejaquelin, death of, and submission
of La Vendee, I. 220

Lavalette, M. seizes the post-office at Pa-

ris, and facilitates the entrance of Buo-
naparte, I. 156. He is tried and con-
demned, II. lxvii-But escapos from
prison, lxxx

Lauderdale, Earl of, his speech in favour
of abolishing the pillory, I. 29
Legitimacy, remarks on the principle of,

as applied to monarchial right, I. 272
Leicester, dreadful catastrophe there, II.

Leon, Princess of, account of her death,
II. viii

Ligny, sanguinary battle of, I. 227
London, serious riots there on account of
the corn-bill, in which the houses of
many members of parliament were de-

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