An Introduction to Practical Chemistry: Including Analysis

Lea and Blanchard, 1849 - 303 pagina's

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Pagina xxii - Triflers may find or make any thing a trifle ; but since it is the great characteristick of a wise man to see events in their causes, to obviate consequences, and ascertain contingencies, your Lordship will think nothing a trifle by which the mind is inured to caution, foresight, and circumspection.
Pagina 67 - ... to the weight of a volume of the liquid equal to that of the cube.
Pagina 287 - BASES, from sal, salt, aruifto, to become ; bodies capable of combining with acids to form salts. SAPID, from sapio, to taste of ; possessing the power of exciting the organs of taste. SATURATION, -ATED, from satur, full ; the solution of one body in another until the receiving body can contain no more. SCALE, from...
Pagina 303 - DUNGLISON'S MEDICAL DICTIONARY, 6th ed., 1 vol. imp. 8vo., 804 large pages, double columns. HOBLYN'S DICTIONARY OF MEDICAL TERMS, by Hays, 1 vol. large 12mo., 402 pages, double columns. MEDICAL NEWS AND LIBRARY, monthly, at $1 a year. ANATOMY, NATOMICAL...
Pagina 139 - The .fl^ may be detected by a strip of paper moistened with a solution of acetate of lead, and the reaction gives us the means of discovering small quantities of S02. Sulphurous anhydride is a powerful reducing agent. Thus IodicAcid

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