The Medical News, Volume 39

Lea Brothers & Company, 1881

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Pagina 570 - And then, let us always remind ourselves of the nobility of our calling. I dare to claim for it, that among all the sciences, ours, in the pursuit and use of truth, offers the most complete and constant union of those three qualities which have the greatest charm for pure and active minds — novelty, utility, and charity.
Pagina 107 - Actius, who lived at the end of the fifth and the beginning of the sixth centuries, repeats the recommendations of Oribasius.
Pagina 83 - It varies in different individuals, and in the same individual at different times.
Pagina 254 - April 30 wishing to bring forward a subject not upon the programme must give notice of his intention to the SecretaryGeneral at least twenty-one days before the opening of the Congress. The Officers of each Section shall decide as to the acceptance of any communication offered to their Section, and shall fix the time of its presentation. No communication will be received which has been already published, or read before a Society.
Pagina 693 - This shaft should be, at least two and a half feet square. It should extend from the cellar through the roof, and should be covered by a louvered skylight.
Pagina 315 - As the diagnosis and treatment of disease belong to the province of a distinct profession, and as a pharmaceutical education does not qualify the graduate for these responsible offices; we should, where it is practicable, refer applicants for medical aid to a regular physician.
Pagina 376 - Resolved, That the President be authorized to appoint a committee of five to digest and report in detail as soon as practicable upon the time, place, and terms of the publication of such a journal, to elect an editor, fix his salary, and to arrange all other necessary details.
Pagina 603 - ... at once, and here, indeed, we see the influence of the resistance of life, since this microbe, the virulence of which is null, multiplies itself. A little further, and we touch the principle of vaccination.
Pagina 388 - ... a fifth of a degree, 103° F. The investigations of Wunderlich long ago brought to light the fact that, as a rule, in uncomplicated typhoid fever the temperature during the whole course of the attack rarely exceeds the maximum attained at the close of the first or the beginning of the second week (or period). It is further well known that a temperature-range characterized by considerable morning remissions is much less injurious to the tissues, even when the evening maxima are relatively higher,...
Pagina 380 - It is not in accord with the interests of the public or the honor of the profession that any physician or medical teacher should examine or sign diplomas or certificates of proficiency for, or otherwise be specially concerned with, the graduation of persons whom they have good reason to believe intend to support and practice any exclusive and irregular system of medicine.

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