Catalogue of the Library at Bamburgh Castle, in the County of Northumberland, Volume 1

Gilbert and Rivington, Printers, 1859 - 592 pagina's
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Pagina 560 - The difficulties and discouragements which attend the Study of the Scriptures, in the way of private judgment...
Pagina 149 - CABALA SIVE SCRINIA SACRA : Mysteries of State and Government, in Letters of Illustrious Persons, and Great Ministers of State...
Pagina 38 - Religion agreed upon by the archbishops and bishops of both provinces and the whole clergy in the convocation holden at London in the year of our Lord God...
Pagina 193 - Appeal from the Country to the City for the Preservation of His Majesty's Person, Liberty, Property, and the Protestant Religion.
Pagina 182 - CATLOW.-POPULAR CONCHOLOGY; Or, the Shell Cabinet arranged: being an Introduction to the Modern System of Conchology : with a sketch of the Natural History of the Animals, an account of the Formation of the Shells, and a complete Descriptive List of the Families and Genera. By AGNES CATLOW.
Pagina 458 - Pleas of the Crown, or a Methodical Summary of the principal Matters relating to that Subject.
Pagina 472 - A Letter containing an account of some Antiquities between Windsor and Oxford, with a list of the several pictures in the school gallery adjoining to the Bodleian library...
Pagina 189 - Reports of Cases taken and adjudged in the Court of Chancery, in the reign of King Charles I., and to the 20th year of King Charles II.
Pagina 254 - A COLLECTION of PRIVATE DEVOTIONS, in the Practice of the ANCIENT CHURCH, called the HOURS of PRAYER: as they were much after this Manner published by Authority of Queen Elizabeth, 1560.
Pagina 481 - Hermippus Redivivus ; or, the sage's triumph over old age and the grave. Wherein a method is laid down for prolonging -the life and vigour of man. Including a commentary upon an ancient inscription, in which this great secret is revealed ; supported by numerous authorities.

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