The Mechanic's Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette, Volume 34

Robertson, 1841

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Pagina 32 - ... he has been useless for several years. I could not but observe with a great deal of pleasure the joy that appeared in the countenances of these ancient domestics upon my friend's arrival at his country-seat.
Pagina 190 - ... he says, latent heat is evolved or set free. But as this expression relates to an hypothesis depending on the supposition, that the heat of bodies is owing to their containing more or less of a substance called the matter of heat, and as I think Sir Isaac Newton's opinion, that heat consists in the internal motion of the particles of bodies, much the most probable, I chose to use the expression, heat is generated.
Pagina 205 - In its evaporation it swells into two hundred and sixteen gallons of steam, with a mechanical force sufficient to raise a weight of thirty-seven tons a foot high. The steam thus produced has a pressure equal to that of common atmospheric air; and by allowing it to expand, by virtue of its elasticity, a further mechanical force may be obtained, at least equal in amount to the former. A pint of water...
Pagina 32 - Nothing is so glorious in the eyes of mankind, and ornamental to human nature, setting aside the infinite advantages which arise from it, as a strong steady masculine piety ; but enthusiasm and superstition arc the weaknesses of human reason, that expose us to the scorn and derision of infidels, and sink us even below the beasts that perish.
Pagina 45 - Between 1830 and 1840 he realised a handsome fortune by the 'magic razor strop ' which bore his name. After the Crimean war and the extension of the beard movement the sale fell off to the extent of 1,500/. a year. On 10 Nov. 1840 he took out a patent for ' improvements in apparatus to be applied to lamps in order to carry off heat and the products of consumption.
Pagina 220 - Now, these observations were made in the very locality from which some of the first waters which I examined were taken, and nothing more is wanting to identify the cause of the rapid decay of' the ship's copper with that of the mortality of the climate.
Pagina 118 - ... the mean pressure on the crank during the whole revolution is less than the pressure on the piston, only in the proportion in which the whole space moved over by the latter is less than the space described by the former, so that the whole effect is equal to the whole power ; 3.
Pagina 273 - TABLE showing the power required to obtain various rates of speed in a steam vessel, where the total weight of cargo and engines remains in all cases the same, and in which, with a power of 30 horses, a speed of 5 miles per hour is obtained ; and the total weight carried being in all cases 1000 tons, and the engines weighing 1 ton per horse power. Mr. Seaward remarked, that his Table of power and velocities was corroborated by Mr. Cubitt's—the practical results verified both. The great difference...
Pagina 269 - ... received the education of a seaman, and has since had extensive practice as an engineer) to believe that a more efficient mode of employing steam power, for long sea voyages, might be adopted. Notwithstanding the great improvements which have taken place in the construction of steam vessels, and their machinery, it would appear that the duration of the voyage ought not to exceed twenty days, after which time a fresh supply of fuel becomes necessary; hence, steam has rarely been adopted for very...
Pagina 241 - The next patent was granted to Thomas Spencer, of Liverpool, carver and gilder, and John Wilson, of the same place, Lecturer on Chemistry, for certain improvements in the process of engraving on metals by means of voltaic electricity.

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