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XIII.-The Rhone, the Darro, and the Gaudalquivir ; a Summer

Ramble in 1842. By Mrs. Romer. 2 vols.


XIV.-The Closing Events of the Campaign in China; the Opera-

tions in the Yang-Tze-Kiang; and Treaty of Nanking.

By Captain Granville G. Loche, R.N.


XV.-1. The United Irishmen, their Lives and Times. Second

Series. By R. R. Madden, M.D. 2. The Scenery and

Antiquities of Ireland Illustrated. The Literary De-

partment by N. P. Willis, Esq.

. 368

X VI.-1.Preceptive Illustrations of the Bible. 2. Lessons on

Scripture Prints; to accompany the "Perceptive Illus-

trations of the Bible." 3. Graphic Illustrations of

Animals. 4. Chronological Pictures of English History. 387

XVII.-Dominici Diodati I. C. Neapolitani de Christo Græce Loqvente

Exercitatio; Edited with a Preface. By Orlando T.

Dobbin, L.L.B.

. 397

XVIII.- The Life and Times of John Reuchlin. By F. Barham, Esq. 399

XIX.--The Churchman's Companion.


XX.—The History of Junius and his Works.


XXI.-Tales of the Colonies; or, the Adventures of an Emigrant.

Edited by a late Colonial Magistrate. 3 vols.


XXII.—The History of the Scottish Episcopal Church, from the Revo-

lution to the present time. By G. P. Lawson.


XXIII.—The Confectioner.

• 408

XXIV.-Classical Studies. By C. C. Felton, and others.


XXV.-Orion : an Epic Poem. By R. H. Horne.


XXVI. - Sphor's celebrated Violin School; translated from the original

German. By John Bishop.


XXVII.-The Papal and Hierarchical System compared with the Reli-

gion of the New Testament.


XXVIII.—Counting-House Manual and Introduction to Business. By



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Arr. I.-Medical History of the Expedition to the Niger, during the

years 1841--2; comprising an account of the Fever

which led to its abrupt termination. By James Ormiston

M'William, M.D., Surgeon of H. M. S. Albert. 415

II.- Numerous Cases of Surgical Operation without Pain, in the

Mesmeric State. By John Elliotson, M.D.


III.--1. Political Philosophy. By Henry Lord Brougham. Part II.

2. The Influence of Aristocracies on the Revolutions of

Nations; considered in relation to the Present Circum-

stances of the British Empire. By James Macintyre 429

IV.-Egypt and the Holy Land in 1842: with Sketches of Greece,

Constantinople, and the Levant. By W. D. Stent, B.A.

2 vols.


1. Marmaduke Wyvill ; or, the Maid's Revenge. By Henry

William Herbert. 3 vols. 2. Gabrielle ; or, Pictures

of a Reign. By Louisa Stuart Costello. 3 vols. 445

V.-The Progress of the Nation, in its various Social and Econo-

mical Relations, from the beginning of the Nineteenth

Century to the Present Time. By G. R. Porter, Esq.,

F.R.S. Sections V. to VIII.


VI.--Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence, as administered in

England and America. By Joseph Story, LL.D. 466

VII.-— The Attaché; or, Sam Slick in England. By the author of

the “Clockmaker." 2 vols.


VIII.-Change for the American Notes : in Letters from London to

New York. By an American Lady,


IX.—Personal Observations on Sindh. By T. Postans.


X.-Nelsonian Reminiscences ; Leaves from Memory's Log. By

G. S. Parsons, Lieut. R.N.


XI.-Letters of Horace Walpole to Sir Horace Mann. Concluding

Series. 2 vols.


XII. --Cant. A Satire.

· 514



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