RIGHT Rev. the Bishop of St Asaph, 12, Hon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of Carlisle Charles-street, Mortimer-street

Right Rev. the Bishop of Chichester, 19, Rev. Mr Andrews, Rector of St. James's, Pic- Wigmore-street cadilly

Right Rey, the Bishop of Cleyne Rev. Mr Adams, Putney

Right Rev. the Bishop of Cork, 23, Upper


Right Rev, the Bishop of Clogher Right Rev. the Bishop of Bath and Wells, 35, Rev. Mc Cambridge, prebendary of Ely, Curzon-street, May-fair

Twickenham Rev. Mr Backhouse, Rector of Deal, Kent Rev. Mr Clark, Hexham, Northumberland Mr Battell, Lambeth

Rev. Robert Trotman Coates, rector of SteeRev. Dr Bell, prebendary of Westminster

ple-Langford, Sarum Thomas Brown, Esq. Tooting, Surrey - 2 Rev. Dr Conybeare, rector of St Botolph, Robert Brown, Esq. Cheapside

Bishopsgate Benjamin Brown, Esq. Cheapside

John Coggan, Esq. Laleham, Middlesex Rev. John Bussell, Portsmouth

Rev. Dr Cooke, President of C.C.C. OxRev. Mr Buck, Rector of Lavenham, Suffolk ford Rev. Mr Brandon, Lowel, Deal

Rev. Dr Chester, rector of Winterbourd, Bowman, Esq. Lombard-street

Wilts George Brown, Esq. Nicolas-lane

George Clark, Esq. Lombard-street Messrs Bodley and Etty, Lombard-street

Chatteris, Esq. Lombard-street Rev. Mr Brand, Rector of St Mary-at-hill

Courtman, Esq. South Lambeth Rev. Thomas Boys, Ampney-crucis, Glouces- Rev. Mr Curteis, rector of Sevenoaks, Kent tershire

Rev. Mr Clark, minor canon' of Durham Rev. James Buckoll, Sydington, near Ciren- Rev. Mr Caruthers, vicar of Christ-church, cester

Rev. Dr Bingham, archdeacon of London Mrs Wm Croome, Cirencester, Gloucestersh.
Rev. Julius Brockman, Cheriton, Kent' James Croome, Esq. do
Rev. Mr Barry, rector of Hatherley, Gloucester Robert Croome, Esq. do
Rev. Jos. Baylis, rector of St Mary-de-Crypt, Rev. R. Cumberland, Driffield, Cirencester --?

Mrs John Collins, Swansea
Rev. Samuel Commeline, rector of Hemp-

stead, Gloucester His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev. George Cox Lambeth-palace

Rev. John Collins, Osmich, near Swansea


Hon and Right Rev. the Earl of Normanton, Joseph Green, Esq. 18, Guildford-street
Archbishop of Dublin

Mirs Green, do Ilon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of Dur- Rev. Dr Ga kin, rector of St Bene't, Grace. ham 5

church-street Right Res. the Bishop of St David's, Durham Rev. Dr Goodinge, rector of Counde, ShropRev. Mr Durell, prebendary of Durham

Rev. E. A. Drummond, DD. rector of Hadleigh Rev. Dr Gray, prebendary of Durham
Rev. Tho. Dyer, A B. Wadham-coll, Oxforu Rev. Dr Goodall, master of Eton-school
Derby society

William Griffith, Esq. Gloucester
RIV. R. Darke, Breedon, Worcestershire Rev. E. Goddard, Wills
The dean and chapter of Durham

Rev. Mr Greville, Bristol
Mr Henry Davies, Swansea
Rev. Alr Duff, minister of Foyeren, Aber- Captain Honeywood, Sibton, Kent

Rev. Mr Hill, Red-lion-court, Watling-street

Charles Haddock, Esq. Wrotham, Kent Hon und Right Rer, the Bishop of Ely, Do- Rev. Mr Holmes, sub-dean of Chapel-royal, ver-street

and rector of Cripplegate Right Rev, the Bishop of Exeter, Parliament- Rev. Mr Handley, Chipping-norton, Oxfordsh. street

Mr Hetherington, jun. Nicolas-lane William Edwards, Esq. Slock-exchange Rev. Dr Hardwicke, rector of Sopworth, Wilts Rev. Dr Eveleigh, provost of Oriel-college, Mr Hetherington, sen, Nicolas-lane Oxford

Hammelt, Esq. and Co. Lombard-street Rev. Dr Ekins, dean of Salisbury

Rev. Mr Hatch, rector of St Matthew, Fri. Ber, Mr Edwards, rector of St Bartholomew

day-street the Great

Miss Harrison, Clapham, Surrey Rev. N. Earle, rector of Swerford, Oxfordsh. Mr Halc, 7, George-yard, Lombard-street Eton-college library

Benjamin Hyett, Esq Gloucester
William Morgan Evans, Esq. Swansea

Mr Richard Helps, Gloucester
Rev. James Edwards, Swansea
John Elton, Esq. Gloucester

Rev. Dr Jones, archdeacon of Hereford
A. This, Esq. Gloucester

Christopher Idlo, Esq. Adelphi-lerrace C. Evans, Lsq. Gloucester

Rev. B. Jones, Cheriton, Swansea

Rev, Mr James, Penmaen, Swansea Rev. Dr Foster, fellow of Eton-college Mr Rees Jones, land-surveyor, Swansea Rey, James Fawcett, B.D. Norrisian pro- Rev. E. Jones, rector of Rudford, Gloucester fessor, Cambridge

Rer. Mr Jobnos, Bristol Mirs Fendall, 30, Portland-street, Oxford-st.

J. Jelf, Esq. Gloucester Win Fendall, Esq. Matson, Gloucestershire Mr John Jenkins, Swansea Mir Fraser, Jamaica

Right Rev. the Bishop of Kilmore, Ireland The dean and chapter of Gloucester,

Right Rev. the Bishop of Killalla, Ireland --- 2 kes. Mr Gardner, F.A.S. Sansaw, . vcar

Kensington, Esq. Lombard-street, Shrewsbury

Miss Knowlys, at Mr Mayo's, Cloak-lane


THE Author hopes that it will be deemed a satisfactory apology to the subscribers, that the greatest part of the work is printed in so small a type, in order to make it as advantageous as possible to the benevolent purposes for which it is designed, as set forth in his last proposals.

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