Urban Kiz: A new vision on partner dance

Kelvin Kramp, 8 sep. 2021 - 303 pagina's
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This book provides answers to the following questions:

Part I Science and Philosophy

Why do humans (partner) dance?

How did the dance style urban kiz develop?

Why are urban kiz and Rotterdam so interconnected?

How can we cope with the gender role division in partner dance?

Which positive effects does partner dance have on our physical and mental health?

Can partner dance become a harmful addiction?

What can we learn from maths in dance?

Part II Training and Mindset

What are the foundations of social partner dance?

How enhance connection, musicality, creativity, technique and self-esteem?

What effect does partner dance have on romantic relationships?

The answers are based on scientific literature, philosophical deliberations, personal experiences and in-depth interviews with dancers from the urban kiz scene, making it one of the most comprehensive information resources for dancers and a must-read for those interested in partner dance research.


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Over de auteur (2021)

Kelvin Kramp attained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Utrecht and completed the fast-track medicine study in Groningen. He conducted research in surgical education at the Medical Centre Leeuwarden, received his PhD in 2016 and has worked as a medical doctor in the surgery department in Paramaribo, in the intensive care unit in Rotterdam and emergency department in Tilburg. His publications outside his PhD research cover a range of socially relevant and controversial medical topics such as resuscitation among the elderly, penis skin infections caused by the self-implantation of artificial penile nodules, and deodorant inhalation as a life-threatening form of drug abuse among youngsters.

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