Geschichte des Plakates

Phaidon Press, 1 jul. 2004 - 244 pagina's
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History of the Poster, co-written by Josef and Shizuko Muller-Brockmann, is aandmark account of one of the most prolific visual traditions of our culture.riginally published in 1971, this seminal study is clearly written andichly illustrated. Now reprinted by Phaidon Press, History of the Poster isn essential read for anyone intrigued by this most modern medium. The bookresents an exhaustive collection of posters, ranging from the end of theineteenth century until the early seventies, when the book was published forhe first time. Conceived, written and designed by one of the best and mostnfluential poster designers of the twentieth century, the book defines theature of a poster and indicates the laws of designing it. Muller-Brockmannefines and describes four fundamental conceptions of the poster, approachinghe function-type of each and presenting an array of methods used to capturehe attention of the viewer.;The author employs sure aesthetic judgement inis selection of images as he guides us through the formation and evolutionf style, emphasis and connotation in poster design. This reprint has not

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Geschichte des Plakates = Histoire de l'affiche = History of the poster

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This 1971 volume studies the poster as an advertising vehicle, art piece, and more. The authors offer examples of 300 posters that illustrate what they call the "four main lines of development: the illustrative, objective-informative, constructive, and experimental." Volledige review lezen

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