Parliamentary Papers, Volume 32


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Pagina 12 - Letters Patent under the Great Seal of Our United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, bearing date at Westminster the...
Pagina 6 - Adjudication ; and such further Proceedings shall and may be had upon such Judgment as may seem fit to the Discretion of the said Court from time to time, until the whole of the Debts due to the several Persons against whom such Discharge shall have been obtained shall be fully paid and satisfied...
Pagina 12 - God's blessing, be improved; and that besides a competent maintenance to be assigned to the minister of each orthodox church, a convenient house be built at the common charge for each minister, and a competent proportion of land assigned him for a glebe and exercise of his industry.
Pagina 6 - To Our Trusty and Welbeloved Jonathan Belcher Esq' Greeting. We reposing especial Trust and Confidence in the Prudence Courage and Loyalty, of you the said Jonathan Belcher, of Our especial Grace certain knowledge and mere motion have thought fit to constitute and appoint, and by these Presents do constitute and appoint you the said Jonathan Belcher to be Our Captain General and Governor in chief in and over Our Province of Nova Caesarea or New Jersey in America.
Pagina 4 - Canada, Constituted and assembled by virtue of, and under the Authority of an Act passed in the Parliament of Great Britain, intituled "An Act to repeal certain Parts of an Act passed in the fourteenth Year of His Majesty's Reign, intituled "An Act for making more effectual Provision for Government of the Province of Quebec, in North America, and to make further provision for the Government of the said Province...

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