GAO Report on Analysis of Cost of Space Shuttle Program: Hearings (with Committee's Summary and Conclusions) Ninety-third Congress, First Session


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Pagina xi - ... schedule goals and estimates are both a valid and essential element in the decision making process of the Congress and the GAO studies in these areas . . . must have sufficient depth to encompass all major cost considerations, c. The fragmentary arguments with respect to costs advanced by GAO reports are so incomplete as to fail to validate the GAO conclusions drawn from them. d. That GAO should continue review of the space shuttle program development in conjunction with the legislative and oversight...
Pagina 2 - Mr. Chairman and Members of the Subcommittee, we are pleased to appear here today to discuss the...
Pagina xi - The Subcommittee concluded, following their testimony by NASA and GAO representatives: "a. The five noneconomic issues cited by GAO as major considerations in the decision to develop a space shuttle are valid and proper elements in the original decision to proceed and in the future evaluation of the progress and pace of space shuttle development, b. Cost, performance and schedule goals and estimates are both a valid and essential element in the decision making process of the Congress and the GAO...
Pagina 75 - Cost Estimates for the Space Shuttle and Two Alternate Programs. The review, made by GAO at the request of Sen. Walter F. Mondale (D-Minn.), said GAO was "not convinced that the choice of a launch system should be based principally on cost comparisons" and "not certain that the Space Shuttle is economically justified (is less costly when the time value of money is considered), even though NASA'S calculations show that it is.
Pagina viii - consider the future space missions used in NASA'S economic analysis ... to determine whether these missions are a reasonable basis for space program planning at this time" and "review the estimates for the Space Shuttle annually, giving due consideration to the appropriateness of the missions used in making those estimates.
Pagina 14 - We're just trying to put two and two together and make it come out to four, and not have it three and one-half or four and one-half.
Pagina 4 - Generally accepted practice for cost estimating provides that, in making economic comparisons among alternatives, consideration should be given to the time value of money through a discounting procedure. The results of this procedure do not produce a cost estimate of actual dollars that might be spent if the various alternatives were funded ; rather, it provides a basis for eliminating the effects produced by variations among the alternatives in the years in which the costs are to be incurred.
Pagina 5 - Shuttle and expendable alternatives; (2) extended payload lifetimes through increased reliability. Payload reliability has increased significantly on recent programs. The cost of either expendables alternative would be reduced more by this factor than the Shuttle. Since NASA has not continued to seriously consider expendables, the possible reductions may not have been reflected in NASA's estimates of payload costs for expendables.
Pagina 4 - Shuttle and overestimated them for the expendables. 9. Performing the proposed missions in either the March 1972 or in the new mission model with expendables would require using a space station and developing an orbiting and reentry vehicle, capable of carrying 12 men, which could be launched with the expendable launch vehicles. NASA said that if the expendable alternate were selected, a further analysis should be made of research and development costs. NASA statements indicate that this might increase...
Pagina 39 - The shuttle is intended to place satellites in orbit, retrieve satellites from orbit, permit in-orbit repair and servicing of satellites, deliver propulsive stages...

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