A short practical ... method of learning the Old Norsk tongue or Icelandic language, after the Danish of E. Rask [in his Kortfattet Vejledning] with an Icelandic reader, an account of the Norsk poetry and the sagas, and a modern Icelandic vocabulary by H. Lund


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Pagina 51 - Iceland [as we have seen] an independent literature grew up, flourished, and was brought to a certain degree of perfection, before the revival of learning in the south of Europe. This island was not converted to Christianity until the end of the tenth century, when the national literature, which still remained in oral tradition, was full blown and ready to be committed to a written form.
Pagina 121 - Southey said, when Isaac Reed's contribution appeared, Comments "upon Shakespeare keep pace with the National Debt: yet I should like to "see his book and would buy it, if I could. Of course ; and a costly store "is obtained by such continual additions...
Pagina 53 - ... eternal ice and snows. The arts of peace were successfully cultivated by the free and independent Icelanders. Their Arctic isle was not warmed by a Grecian sun, but their hearts glowed with the fire of freedom. The natural divisions of the country by icebergs and lava streams insulated the people from each other, and the inhabitants of each valley and each hamlet formed, as it were, an independent community. These were again reunited in the general...
Pagina 113 - FRANZ THIMM'S Series of European Grammars after an easy and improved method. These grammars combine Theory with Practice, and follow the ideas which eminent men have adopted, as to the clearest and most rational method of teaching languages. The celebrated philosopher Leibnitz remarked „my opinion with regard to grammar is this, most is learned by use — the rules must be added for finish...
Pagina 114 - The prevalent idea in these grammars is that of teaching a language easily and pleasantly, of adapting it to every capacity, of removing all unnecessary difficulties and at the same time of imparting the necessary grammatical knowledge. la this respect therefore "Franz ThImm's SerIes of Grammars" is not only original, but extending the new Method to all the languages of Europe, it is unique.
Pagina 114 - It was, that the ,,grammatical form should precede the Exercises, so ,,that the learner should at once be made acquainted with ,,the grammatical structure of the foreign language, „without which, he could never attain a through knowledge of it". This then is the principle which has been followed in „FRANZ THIMM'S Series of European Grammars" and which gives it a distinct feature of progress over the former systems pursued.
Pagina 116 - Nowhere will he find the Book of Nature more freshly and beautifully opened for him than in ' The Story without an End,' of its kind one of the best that was ever written.
Pagina 116 - published." „ Key to ditto, sewed 010 JULIUS, German Writing Copies (Deutsche Vorschriften.) 3rd Ed. oblong. 8vo. 1863. sewed ... 0 1 6 "These Copyslips are simple and graceful in form, they "are methodical and the proper modern handwriting.
Pagina 119 - Italian and English Dictionary. 2 Vols. 8vo. Cloth 0 14 0 Spanish Language. SPANISH SELF-TAUGHT, A new system on the most simple principles for self-tuition with complete engl.

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