Allgemeine Bibliographie: Monatliches Verzeichnis der wichtigern neuen Erscheinungen der deutschen und ausländischen Literatur, Volumes 1-2

F. A. Brockhaus., 1856

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Pagina 19 - 482. The Historic Peerage of England. Exhibiting, under alphabetical Arrangement, the Origin, -Descent, and Present State of every Title of Peerage which has existed in this Country since the Conquest. Being a new Edition of the , Synopsis of the Peerage of England' by the late Sir Harris Nicolas, revised and continued to the present time by W.
Pagina 77 - An Introduction to Entomology; or, Elements of the Natural History of Insects : comprising an Account of noxious and useful Insects, of their Metamorphoses, Food, Stratagems, Habitations, Societies, Motions, Noises, Hybernation, Instinct, etc. etc. By
Pagina xxxv - 28. Hardwick, C. Christ and other Masters: an Historical Inquiry into some of the chief Parallelisms and Contrasts between Christianity and the Religious Systems of the Ancient World: with special reference to Prevailing Difficulties and Objections. Part
Pagina 51 - 1086. Wright, Th. A Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English; containing Words from the English Writers previous to the 19th Century which are no longer in use, or are not used in the same sense; and Words which are now used only in the Provincial Dialects. 2 vols. London,
Pagina 150 - 2871. Smith, D. The Dyer's Instructor, comprising Practical Instructions in the Art of Dyeing Silk, Cotton, Wool, and Worsted and Woollen Goods as Single and Two Coloured, Damasks, Moreens, Camlets etc.; containing nearly 800 Receipts, with Treatise on the Art of Padding etc. 2d edit. London, 1857.
Pagina 44 - Recueil de Mémoires et Observations sur l'hygiène et la médecine vétérinaires militaires, rédigé sous la surveillance de la Commission d'hygiène hippique, et publié par ordre du ministre secrétaire d'Etat au département de la guerre; avec des documents administratifs sur les remontes de l'armée.
Pagina 7 - it has occurred in Philadelphia, from 1699 to 1854. With an Examination of the Connections between it and the Fevers known under the same name in other parts of Temperate as well as in Tropical Regions.
Pagina 142 - Geographical Distribution. — (—273.) Proceedings in Honor of the Memory of Dr. Kane. 2711. Bulletin monumental, ou Collection de mémoires sur les monuments historiques de France, publié sous les auspices de la Société française d'archéologie pour la conservation et la description des monuments historiques et dirigé par
Pagina xxxv - 29. Howard, H.. E.. J.. The Books of Exodus and Leviticus, according to the Version of the Seventy. Translated into English, with Notices of its Omissions and Insertions, and with Notes on the Passages in which it differs from our Authorised Translation. Cambridge,
Pagina 12 - Decaisne, J.. Le Jardin fruitier du Muséum, ou Iconographie de toutes les espèces et variétés d'arbres fruitiers cultivés dans cet établissement, avec leur description, leur histoire, leur synonymie, etc. Publié sous les auspices de S. Exe. M. le ministre de

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