Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge, Volumes 2-3

American Philosophical Society., 1844

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Pagina 70 - Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumberland, Durham, and Newcastle upon Tyne, England, for which he invited the Society to exchange a copy of its publications.
Pagina 246 - THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES, EDITED BY ISAAC HAYS, MD, is published Quarterly, on the first of January, April, July, and October. Each number contains at least two hundred and eighty large octavo pages, handsomely and appropriately illustrated, wherever necessary.
Pagina 196 - ... and, when it is considered that the magnetism of the needle is the result of the difference of two actions, it may be further inferred, that the diffusion of motion in this case is almost comparable with that of a spark from a flint and steel in the case of light. The author next alludes to a proposition which he advanced in the second number of his Contributions, namely, that the phenomena of dynamic induction may be referred to the known electrical laws, as given by the common theories of electricity...
Pagina 253 - Chapman, it was resolved, that a Committee of five members be appointed, to consider the expediency of celebrating the centennial anniversary of the Society, in May next: — and Dr.
Pagina 235 - Professor Bache stated that his attention had recently been particularly called, by a letter from M. Quetelet, Secretary of the Academy of Sciences of Brussels, to the general instructions for simultaneous observations of natural phenomena, issued by the Academy. Co-operation in the system of observations by observers in the United States being very desirable, Prof. Bache asked leave to offer the following resolution: "Resolved, That a Committee of five members be appointed, to report to the Society...
Pagina 109 - THE CABINET. Typographical Specimens, from the Typometry of Mr. Raffelsperger, of Vienna, including Maps, Portraits, &c. — From Mr. JG Schwarz, of Vienna. The Committee, consisting of Dr. Homer, Mr. Wetherill, and Dr. Goddard, to whom Dr. Harlan's paper entitled, "Description of the Bones of a Fossil Animal of the Order Edentata," was referred at the last meeting, made a report recommending its publication in the Transactions; which was ordered accordingly. These bones form part of the extensive...
Pagina 116 - Semi-annual Report of the Principal of the High School, and Report to the Controllers of the Public Schools.
Pagina 140 - A Digest of the Ordinances of the Corporation of the City of Philadelphia, and of the Acts of Assembly relating thereto.
Pagina 195 - In extending the researches relative to this part of the investigations, a remarkable result was obtained in regard to the distance at which induction effects are produced by a very small quantity of electricity ; a single spark from the prime conductor of a machine, of about an inch long, thrown on to the end of a circuit of wire in an upper room, produced an induction sufficiently powerful to magnetize needles in a parallel circuit of iron placed in the cellar beneath, at a perpendicular distance...
Pagina 209 - Principles of General and Comparative Physiology. By William B. Carpenter, MD 8vo. London, 1841. — From the Author. Principles of Human Physiology, with their chief Application to Pathology, Hygiene, and Forensic Medicine. By William B. Carpenter, MD 8vo. London, 1842. — From the Author. Tic Douloureux, or Neuralgia Facialis, and other Nervous Affections; their Seat, Nature and Cause: with Cases illustrating successful Methods of Treatment. By RH Allnatt, MD 8vo. London, 1841. — From the Author....

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