Paradigm of Love

Connie Lou Arcemont, 2007 - 60 pagina's
Paradigm of Love is a poetry book that will take you on a fabulous journey of mixed emotions. My poetry is meant to encourage, exhort, inspire, and entertain you. You will sense peace, hope, and joy as you delve into this magnificent journey that will enable you to feel Godas love and presence in your life. Paradigm of love simply means an example of love. It is my desire that you will laugh with me, cry with me, pray with me, and dream with me. I want you to see and experience Godas love and acceptance for you. You will even be able to experience some of the pain that I have walked through on my journey in this life. Most of my poems are from my personal experiences. A few are solely for your entertainment and pleasure. Please read this book when you can have some quiet time for yourself so that you can let Jesus minister to you, and you can let Him comfort your soul on this journey we call life. Enjoy Paradigm of Lovea]

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