Origin and Services of the Coldstream Guards, Volume 1

R. Bentley, 1833 - 552 pagina's

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Pagina 94 - that according to the ancient and fundamental laws of this Kingdom, the government is, and ought to be, by King, Lords, and Commons.
Pagina 412 - Defence, (such Proportion to be raised under the Authority of the General Court or General Assembly of such Province or Colony, and disposable by Parliament) and shall engage to make Provision also for the Support of the civil Government, and the Administration of Justice, in such Province...
Pagina 5 - Haslerig : which were so prodigiously armed, that they were called by the other side the regiment of lobsters, because of their bright iron shells, with which they were covered, being perfect cuirassiers; and were the first seen so armed on either side...
Pagina 113 - The Dutch, during the Civil wars in England, had encroached on the English trade ; .... Sometime after, the king gave the duke a patent for Long Island, in the West Indies, and a tract of Land between New England and Maryland, which always belonged to the crown of England, since first discovered; and upon which the Dutch had encroached during the rebellion.
Pagina 27 - M. a day, was valued at £9. which cabbage (they having fasted, as they themselves said, near eight days) poisoned their bodies; for, as they were coming from thence to Newcastle, some died by the way-side.
Pagina 24 - FORASMUCH as I understand there are several Soldiers of the Enemy's Army yet abiding in the Field, who by reason of their wounds could not march from thence: " These are therefore to give notice to the Inhabitants of this Nation That they may and hereby have * free liberty to repair to the Field aforesaid, and, with their carts or [in...
Pagina 122 - The alarme was so greate that it put both Country and Citty into a paniq, feare and consternation, such as I hope I shall never see more ; everybody was flying, none knew why or whither.
Pagina 67 - There be, that tell me, that there is a certain cunning fellow in Scotland, called George Monk, who is said to lie in wait there to introduce Charles Stuart : I pray you use your diligence to apprehend him, and send him up to me.
Pagina 129 - As the manners are generally formed early in life, she retained something of the smith's daughter, even at her highest elevation. She was first the mistress, and...
Pagina 291 - There we found one poor soldier alive, who, upon his throwing in, had catched fast hold of some impending bushes, and saved himself on a little jutty within the concavity. On hearing us talk English, he cried out; and ropes being let down, in a little time he was drawn up ; when he gave us an ample detail of the whole villany.

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