[blocks in formation]

Architecture. Renaissance. (H. Van Brunt) Am. Arch. | Bacchante, H. M. S., at the antipodes. (Princes Ed-
17: 15(Ja10).
ward and George of Wales) Eng. Illust. 2: 387 (Mr).
Arctic regions; Greeley expedition, Geographical work Badger, Rev. Joseph. (H. Rice) Mag. West. Hist. I:
of. (A. W. Greeley) Science, 5: 168 (F27).
Arctic work, Future. (A.W. Greeley) Knowl. 7: 149 Baker, Dom Anselm. Acad. 27: 133 (F21).
Balia, The. (M. L. Thompson) Lippinc. 35: 253 (Mr).
Arethusa and Alpheus. (E. Strachey and others) Acad. Balkan, Through the breach in the. (R. W. Graves)
27: 116(F14), 152(F28).
Gent. M. n. s. 258: 163(F).

Arnold, Benedict, his march to Canada. (W. H. Mills) Balloon in meteorology. Amer. 9: 285 (F7).—Science,
M. Am. Hist. 13: 143(F).

[blocks in formation]

Art, Ancient, Quest for the remains of. (W. S. Lis-
comb) Atlan. 55: 200(F).

- Expansion of. (F. Rothschild) Fortn. 43: 55(Ja).
in England, History of. (A. Beaver) Art J. 37:18 (Ja).
- in schools. (F. W. Farrar) Education, 5: 360 (Mr).
Soul and body in. (C. P. Cranch) Critic, 6: 7(Ja3).
Art education at Rugby. (T. M. Lindsay) Art J. 37:
48 (F).



Balloon voyage, First, across the English Channel. (B.
J. Jeffries) M. Am. Hist. 13: 66(Ja).
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Origin of. (H. B. Adams)
J. H. Univ. Studies, 3: 97 (Ja).

Baltimore, Council at, Third plenary. Month, 34: 153
(F).-Cath. World, 40: 708 (F).— (J. G. Shea)
Am. Cath. Q. 10: 1(Ja).

Balzac, H. de. Costumes of the Comédie humaine.
Nation, 40: 114(F5).

Bancroft, Geo., at home. (B. G. Lovejoy) Critic, 6: 61

Artesian well at Ft. Scott, Kansas. Kans. C. R. 8: 485 Bank of England.
Curiosities of.
Arvicolinæ, Habits of some. (E. R. Quick and A. W. — Robbing the.
Butler) Am. Natural. 19: 113(F).
Asbjörnsen, P. Chr. Ath. '85, 1: 88(Ja17).- Scand.
2: 85(Mr).
Astoria, Story of. (P. Koch) M.
Astronomical date, Change in.

Am. Hist. 13: 269 (Mr).
(S. R. Franklin) Sid.

Mess. 4: 54(Mr).
Astronomical society of Indiana. Sid. Mess. 4: 28 (Ja).
Astronomy, The new; the planets and the moon.
(S. P. Langley) Cent. 29: 700(Mr).

At any cost. (Edward Garrett) Liv. Age, 164: 32(Ja3).
At the Red Glove. Harper, 70: 298 (Ja), 429 (F), 561


(H. May) Fortn. 43: 424(Mr).
Ecl. M. 104: 245(F).
Chamb. J. 62: 81(F7).

Baptism, Infant, Scripture warrant for. (H. J. Van
Dyke) Presb. R. 6: 29(Ja).

Barbara Redwood. (W. Seton) Cath. World, 40: 522(Ja).
Bates, Charlotte Fiske. Lit. W. (Bost.) 16: 29(Ja24).
Bauer, Caroline. (E. B. de Fonblanque) Fortn. 43: 130

Beatrice, Shakspere's. (H. F. Martin) Blackw. 137: 203

Beautiful, The, Source of. (C. Schnaase) New Eng.
44: 13(Ja).

Beetles, etc., as the world's purifiers. (J. G. Wood)
Sunday M. 14: 16(Ja), 87(F).

Atheism and the value of life, Mallock's. (J. A. Noble) Belgic confession and its author. (T. W. Chambers)
Acad. 27: 4(Ja3).
Presb. R. 6: 1(Ja).

Athens, Destruction of ancient buildings at. (E. A. Belief; The wish to believe. Spec. 58: 49(Ja10). — (V.
Freeman) Acad. 27: 9(Ja3).

Athletics, College. (W. C. Camp) New Eng. 44: 138 (Ja).
Gentlemanliness in. (A. L. Ripley) New Eng.
44: 141 (Ja).

Professionalism in. (W. I. Badger) New Eng.
44: 280(Mr).

Atlantis, The lost. (Mrs. A. A. Knight) Education, 5:
317 (Ja).

Augustine, St., Home of. (G. A. Jackson) And. R. 3:
28: (Ja).

Aunt Caroline's present. (E. E. Hale) Harper, 70:
360 (F).

Lee) Acad. 27: 53(Ja24).

Bellamy, C. J. The way out: suggestions for social re-
form. Critic, 6: 27 (Ja17)

Belle-Isle, M. de, Adventure of. (C. Dimitry) M. Am.
Hist. 13: 249(Mr).

Bellingham, Gov. Richard. (E. H. Goss) M. Am. Hist.
13: 262(Mr).

Bentham, George, Memorial of. (A. Gray) Am. J. Sci.
129: 103(F).

Berkeleys, Lives of the. (J. A. Blaikie) Acad. 27: 125

Berlioz, H. Autobiography. Lit.W. (Bost.) 16: 74(M7).

Aurora. (M. A. Tincker) Lippinc. 35: 56(Ja), 158 (F), Bible, Controverted texts of. (O. D. Miller) Univ. Q.

258 (Mr).

Austen, Jane, and style. Liv. Age, 164: 58(Ja3).

at home. (T. E. Kebbel) Fortn. 43: 262(F).

- More views of. (G. Barnett Smith) Gent. M. n. s.
34: 26(Ja).

Authors as suppressors of their books. (W. H. Olding)
Ecl. M. 104: 262(F).

- on themselves. (T. H. S. Escott) Liv. Age, 164: 67

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Biographical Dictionary, Stephen's. Ath.'85, 1: 43 (Ja10). | Buckfast abbey, Excavation of. Am. Arch. 17: 29(Ja17)*

[blocks in formation]

Tricks and manners of a cat-bird. (O. T. Miller) Business and the Baxtons. Overland, n.s. 5: 174(F). Harper, 70: 597 (Mr). Butler, Benjamin Franklin. Granite Mo. 8: 1(Ja). -Why they sing. (B. Placzek) Pop. Sci. Mo. 26: 541 Byron, Lord, The might-have-been old age of. Nation, (F).

40: 69(Ja22).

- Winter, about Boston. (B. Torrey) Atlan. 55: 160(F).
Bishops, Methodist, not a distinct order. (F. B. Neely) Cable, G. W., New Orleans of. (W. S. Kennedy) Lit.
Meth. R. 45: 250(Mr).
W.(Bost.) 16: 29(Ja24).
Bishopshill, Ill., Swedish colony of. (J. Swainson) Cable railway, Kansas City.
Scand. 2: 1(Ja).
Caesarism in Great Britain.

[blocks in formation]

Kans. C. R. 8: 541(F). (Earl Cowper) 19th Cent.

Calais legend. Sat. R. 59: 17(Ja3).
Calculating-machines. (E. Lucas) Pop. Sci. Mo. 26: 441

Caldecott, R. [Pall Mall] Critic, 6: 45(Ja24)
Calderwood, Mrs., of Polton. Ath. '85, 1: 9(Ja3).

Blacksmithing, ancient and modern. (A. Newman) Eel. Calendar, Simple reform in. (E. P. Gray) Science,

Ecl. Eng. 32: 100(F).

Blackstone. (G. P. Macdonell) Macmil. 51: 350(Mr).
Blaine, James G., as a historian. Nation, 40: 57(Ja15).
Blenheim gallery pictures. Portfo. 16: 17(Ja).
Blue rays, Isolating. (H. G. Madan) Nature, 31: 363

Bodichon, Eugene. Ath. '85, 1: 183(F7).
Boilers, Steam, as magazines of explosive energy.

H. Murston) J. Frankl. Inst. 119: 30(Ja).


- Trials of, Standard method of. Ecl. Eng. 32: 211 (Mr). Bonapartes, Money matters of the. Nation, 40: 152 (F19).

Book collecting and binding. (G. W. Smalley) Lib. J. 10: 37(F).

Books, Auction prices of, in London. (G. W. Smalley) Lib. J. 10: 36(F).

5: 165(F27).

California, Building of. III. Early congregationalism. (J. A. Benton) Overland, n. s. 5: 87(Ja).

- IV. Early presbyterianism. Overland, n. s. 5: 181(F).

Calvados. (M. Mather) Eng. Illust. 2: 259(Ja). Cambridge University, Mullinger's. (A. W. Ward) Acad. 27: 19(Ja10).- Ath. '85, 1: 178(F7). Camoens, Burton's translation of. (O. Craufurd) Acad. 27: 1(Ja3).

Camorra, The. Sat. R. 59: 76, 108 (Ja17,24).— Ecl. M. 104: 381(Mr).

- and Caucus. (T. A. Trollope) National R. 4: 842(F). Campagna, Rome and. (D. Benton) Lippinc. 35: 69 (Ja). Campaigning at home.

Borroughdale of Borroughdale. Liv. Age, 164: 13 (Ja3), Campbell, John Francis. 75(Ja10).


Chamb. J. 62: 113(F21).
Acad. 27: 151(F28).—Ath. '85,

Boston, Scientific associations of, New plan for. Science, Canada as a winter resort. (W. G. Beers) Cent. 29: 514 5: 125 (F13).

Bostonians, The. (H. James) Cent. 29: 530(F), 686 (Mr). Botany of North America; characteristics of the flora.

(A. Gray) Nature, 31: 232 (Ja8), 253(Ja15). Brain, Human, Architecture and requirements of. (A. L. Ranney) Harper, 70: 632(Mr). Brains, Our two. (R. A. Proctor) Knowl. 7: 21(Ja9), 62 (Ja23), 101(F6), 141(F20). Brewster, Sir David, with portrait. Pop. Sci. Mo. 26: 546(F).

Bridges, Robert. Prometheus. Ath. '85, 1: 115(Ja24). British Museum, Books in. (R. Garnett) Lib. J. 10: 9 (Ja).

Brodie, E. H. Sonnets. Spec. 58: 153(Ja31).

Bronze, Casting in. (G. Simonds) Eng. Illust. 2: 411 (Mr).

Brown, C. P., Telugu linguist. (R. M. Macdonald) Ath. '85, 1: 14(Ja3).

Brown, Moses, Sketch of. N. E. Reg. 39: 9(Ja). Brownism, Cartwright's letter against. Presb. R. 6: 101 (Ja).

Brown-stone boy. (W. H. Bishop) Atlan. 55: 330(Mr). Brunswick, C: F: W: A:, the diamond duke. Temp. Bar, 73: 353 (Mr).


- French, Ultramontane struggle for supremacy in. (T. Stevenson) Brit. & For. R. 34: 32(Ja).

- French of. (T. O'Neill Russell) Month, 34: 29(Ja). Holiday in. (F. Pollock) Macmil. 51: 259(F). Canadian folk-song. (W. W. Campbell) Atlan. 55: 12 (Ja).

Canals, Speed on. (F. R. Conder) Ecl. Eng. 32: 36(Ja), 119(F).

Cancer, English experience with. (H. P. Dunn) Pop. Sci. Mo. 26: 688 (Mr).

Canning, Geo., as prime minister. (T. E. Kebbel) National, 4: 801 (F).

Canonization; Beatification asked for American servants of God. (R. H. Clarke) Cath. World, 40: 808 (Mr). Canterbury, Old hospitals of. (J. Cartwright) Portfo. 16: 11(Ja).

- Tomb and chantry of the Black Prince at. (J. Cartwright) Portfo. 16: 45(Mr).

Cape Ann quarries. (E. D. Hale) Harper, 70: 549 (Mr).

Capel, Monsignor, Answer to.

(J. H. Hopkins) Am. Church R. 45: 202(Ja).- (J. Fulton) Am. Church R. 45: 261 (Ja).

[blocks in formation]


Caribbean sea, Basin of the. (J. R. Bartlett) Science, | China-house burglary, The. Chamb. J. 62: 109(F14), 5: 89(Ja30). Carleton, H. G. Victor Durand. Critic, 6: 18(Ja10). Carlyle, T. Brit. Q. 81: 143(Ja).- (W. Barry) Dub. R. 96: 63 (Ja).- (D. H. Chamberlain) And. R. 3: 227 (Mr).

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- as prophet. (A. F. Hewit) Cath. World, 40: 721 (Mr). - Froude's life of. Quar. 159:76(Ja).- (Frederic Harrison) No. Am. 140: 9(Ja).

- Life in London. Scot. R. 5: 1(Ja). — (F. H. Hedge) Unita. R. 23: 118 (F).- Atlan. 55: 421 (Mr). Carruthers, Robert. (C. Mackay) Ecl. M. 104: 29(Ja). Carter, Lorenzo. (H. Rice) M. West. Hist. 1: 77(D). Carthage, Excavations at. (S. Reinach) Nation, 40: 10 (Jar).

Castration of domestic animals, Cruelties of.

Morison) Fortn. 43: 249(F).

Cat, The, past and present. Spec. 58: 85(Ja17).
Cats and poets. Lippinc. 35: 177(F).

Chinese ceremony, Unique. (H. N. Shore) Un. Serv.
M. '85, 1: 141(F).

Chinese funerals; "offerings of the dead." (C. F. G.
Cumming) Brit. Q. 81: 47(Ja).

Chinese question, The true. Amer. 9: 199(Ja3).
Chippewas, Among the. (C. Whittlesey) M. West. Hist.
1: 86(D), 177(Ja), 355(F).

Cholera. (M. von Pettenkofer) Pop. Sci. Mo. 26: 503 (F), 621(Mr).

in Paris and Yport, 1884. Science, 5: 33 (Jag). Cholera bacillus. Science, 5: 63(Ja23). Christian philosophy, A, the remedy for agnosticism. (W. Ward) Dub. R. 96: 30(Ja).

(J. C. Christianity, Loss from the decadence of. Cong. 14: 38

Utilitarianism and pessimism. (J. R. Thomson)
Brit. Q.81 25(Ja).

Cat-bird, Tricks and manners of a. (O. T. Miller) Christmas. (G. Littlemore) Cong. 14: 48 (Ja).

Harper, 70: 597 (Mr).
Catechism, Hamilton's, 1552. Scot. R. 5: 83(Ja).
Catherine of Aragon, Death of. (N. Moore) Ath.'85, 1:

Caucus and Camorra. (T. A. Trollope) National, 4:

Causation, Necessity in. (J. H. Stirling) Mind, 10: 45 (Ja).

Cavalry, French and German. (A. Derby) Un. Serv. M.

'85, I: 49(Ja).

Cave dwellings of Arizona. (I. T. Goodnow) Kans. C.
R. 8: 647 (Mr).

Cecil Harvey; or, records of a suburban pastorate.
Cong. I4: 2I(Ja), 99(F), 188(Mr).

Cellulose, Digestibility of. (H. P. Armsby) Science, 5:

Chancery funds, Story of the. Chamb. J. 62: 49(Ja24).
Channing, W. H. (J.F. Clarke) Unita. R. 23: 211(Mr).
Charity, Buddhist. (Max Maller) No. Am. 140: 221

- in the American colonies. (C. L. Rutherfurd) M.
Am. Hist. 13: 95(Ja).

The new method of. (H. A. Stimson) And. R. 3: 107 (F).

Chemistry, Experiments in elementary. Nature, 31: 229 (Ja8).

teaching. (M. M. P. Muir) Nature, 31: 262(Ja22). Chess column, Our. Knowl. 7: 20(Ja2), 40(Ja9), 60 (Ja16), 116(F6), 140(F13), 162 (F20, 184(F27). Chester new museum. Nature, 31: 363 (F19). Childhood in Greek and Roman literature. (H. E. Scudder) Atlan. 55: 13(Ja).

Children, Esthetic. (G. H. Peirce) Lippinc. 35: 202 (F).

- Destitute, Industrial training of. (S. Smith) Contemp. 47: 107(Ja).

-Passion of Jesus for. (B. Waugh) Sunday M. 14: 62 (Ja).

Christmas play in Cornwall. Atlan. 55: 275(F).
Chromes, Krukenberg on.

31: 217(Ja8).

(C. A. MacMunn) Nature,

Church life, A study of. (E. H. Johnson) Bapt. Q. 7:

Church of England and the Evangelical party. (R. E.
Bartlett) Contemp. 47: 65(Ja).

Catholicity of, Capel on. (J. H. Hopkins) Am.
Church R. 45: 202(Ja). — (J. Fulton) Am. Church
R. 45: 261 (Ja).
Church Q. 19:

- Evangelical movement in, Ryle on.
257 (Ja).

- Evangelicalism in. Spec. 58: 7(Ja3)
- Strength and weakness of. (J. G. Rogers) Brit. Q.
81: 127(Ja).


Church union; Corporate reunion in England and Scot-
land. Church Q. 19: 282(Ja).

Churches; recent architecture in America. (M. G. van
Rensselaer) Cent. 29: 323 (Ja).

Cities, Buried. Chamb. J. 62: 38(Ja17).
Civil service in Prussia. (A. E. Lee) Lippinc. 35: 173

Civilization, Old and new. (A. F. Marshall) Am. Cath.
Q. 10: 132 (Ja).

Clam, A parasitic Copecod of the. (R. R. Wright) Am.
Natural. 19: 118(F).

Clark, Gen. G. R., and Lt. Gov. DeLeyba. (O. W. Col-
let) M. West. Hist. 1: 271 (F).

and Francis Vigo. (C. C. Baldwin) M. West. Hist. I: 230(Ja).

Classics in modern higher education. (C. G. Herbermann) Am. Cath. Q. 10: 140 (Ja).

- Progress in teaching. (E. T. Tomlinson) Education,
5: 400 (Mr).

Classicism, Pseudo-; Perry's From Opitz to Lessing.
Lit. W.(Bost.) 16: 4(Ja10).

Clays, Suspension and sedimentation of. (W. H. Brewer)
Am. J. Sci. 129: 1(Ja).

Chimango, The. (W. H. Hudson) Gent. M. n. s. 34: 70 Cleaveland, Gen. Moses. (H. Rice) M. West. Hist. 1: (Ja).

Chimney shafts, Stability of. (R. M. and F. J. Bancroft)
Am. Arch. 17: 69(F7).
China and Japan, Diplomatic relations of the Western
powers to. (J. B. Angell) Bib. Sac. 42: 101 (Ja)
- France and. Sat. R. 59: 38(Jaro). - Westm. 123:
127 (Ja).- (E. Wentworth) Meth. R. 45: 190(Mr).

170 (Ja).

Clemens, S. L., at home. (C. H. Clark) Critic, 6:25
(Ja 17).

Clementina Sobieska. Temp. Bar, 73: 365 (Mr.)
Clergymen as politicians. (J. Van Dyke; H. W. Beech-
er) No. Am. 140: 183 (F).
Clerical life, Behind the scenes in. Scot. R. 5: 43(Ja).

[blocks in formation]

Clermont. (E. A. Freeman) Am. Arch. 17: 101 (F28). | Composition, Real greatness of. Lit. W. (Bost.) 16: 28 Cliff dwellings of Arizona. (I. T. Goodnow) Kans. C.

R. 8: 647 (Mr).


Compromise. (Lord Tennyson) Liv. Age, 164: 66(Ja10). Clocks and watches, Our future. Nature, 31: 201 (Ja1), Congo, The. (G. G. Hubbard) Science, 5: 5(Ja2). 217 (Ja8), 241 (Ja15), 317(F5).

[blocks in formation]

and Berlin conference. Quar. 159: 175 (Ja).- And. R. 3: 177(F).

Congressional government, Wilson's. (A. Shaw) Dial (Ch.) 5: 291(Mr).

- Philosophy of. (W. M. Williams) Knowl. 7: 100 (F6), Consciousness, Christian. (H. M. Goodwin) New Eng. 147 (F20).

Clouds, Iridescent.

(T. W. Backhouse and others) Nature, 31: 192(Ja1).— (H. Geelmuyden and others) Nature, 31: 264(Ja22), 315(F5), 338 (F12), 360 (F19).

Clubs, Boys'. (H. D. Hanrod) Dub. R. 96: 107(Ja).
Coal, Question of. (S. Lupton) Nature, 31: 242(Ja15).
(G. Gore) Nature, 31: 357 (F19).
Cognition, Function of. (W. James) Mind, 10: 27 (Ja).
Colenso, Bishop, and the Zulus. (A. W. W. Dale)

Sunday M. 14: 41(Ja). Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, as a spiritual thinker. (J. Tulloch) Fortn. 43: 11(Ja). Same art. Ecl. M. 104: 305 (Mr). Same art. Liv. Age 164: 557 (F28). - Theosophy examined. (H. D. Traill) Fortn. 33: 223 (F).

Coligny, G. de, Earlier life of. Spec. 58: 125 (Ja24).
Colombi, Marchesa. Blackw. 137: 88(Ja).
Color-blindness; sight and hearing of railway employés.
(W. Thomson) Pop. Sci. Mo. 26: 433(F).
Color-sense in Homeric poems; Gladstone controverted.
(J. W. Farrell) 19th Cent. 17:321(F).
Colors in art. (H. C. Standage) Art J. 37: 42(F).
Columbus, Ohio, Beginnings of. (A. A. Graham) M.

West. Hist. 1: 411(Mr).

44: 194(Mr).

- Facts of. (J. G. Fichte) J. Spec. Philos. 18: 47, 152. Contagion in East Anglia. (A. Jessopp) Liv. Age, 164: 215 (Ja24).

Cookery, Chemistry of. (W. M. Williams) Knowl. 7:5 (Ja2), 45(Ja16). Same art. Pop. Sci. Mo. 26: 368 (Ja), 516(F), 671(Mr).

Coote, Henry Charles. Ath. '85, 1: 86(Ja17).
Coptic churches of Egypt, Ancient, Butler's. (R. S.
Poole) Acad. 27: 68(Ja24).

Coptic monasteries in 18th century. Liv. Age, 164: 470 (F21).

Corn and the Indians. (E. L. Sturtevant) Am. Natural. 19: 225 (Mr).

Corneille, Pierre. (Henry M. Trollope) Gent. M. n. s. 34: 49(Ja). Same art. Ecl. M. 104: 359 (Mr). Cosmopolitan, The. (H. G. Cone) Lippinc. 35: 249(Mr). Cossack and the Sepoy. (E. H. Paske) Un. Serv. M. '85, 1: 105(F).


Country gentleman, A. (M. O. W. Oliphant) Atlan. 55: 88(Ja), 288 (F), 372(Mr).

Country towns, religious problem of the. (Art. 2.) (S. W. Dike) And. R. 3: 38(Ja).

County system of colonial Virginia. (E. Ingle) J. H. Univ. Studies, 3: 177 (F, Mr).

Colville of the Guards. (J. Grant) Un. Serv. M. '84, Court lady, Home life of a. Liv. Age, 164: 39(Ja3).
2: 636(D), '85, 1: 56(Ja), 163(F).
Comet 1884 II. (Barnard), Elements of. (J. Morrison)
Sid. Mess. 4: 29(Ja).

Covenant, The New. (J. W. Hanson) Univ. Q. 42: 31

· 1884 III. (Wolf), Observations of. (C. L. Doolittle; W. T. Sampson; E. Frisby) Sid. Mess. 4: 58, 59 (Mr).

- Encke, Observations of, 1884, Dec. 16. (C. A. Young) Sid. Mess. 4: 24(Ja).

Ephemeris of. Knowl. 7: 136(F13). Comets, Designation of recent. (W. C. Wenlock) Sid. Mess. 4: 5(Ja).

— Free hydrogen in. (C. Piazzi Smyth) Nature, 31: 315(Fr5).

- of 1884. (W. C. Winlock) Science, 5: 31 (Ja9). - Origin of. Knowl. 7: 145 (F20).

-Warner prizes for discoveries of. (H. H. Warner) Sid. Mess. 4: 61(Mr).

Comma Bacillus, Koch's. (G. M. Sternberg) Science, 5: 109(F6).

Commerce and agriculture in 1885, Depression in. (S.
Williamson) Fortn. 43: 70(Ja).
Commonplace, Poetry of. (M. Wilcox) New Eng. 44:

Common Prayer, Book of, American, Revision of, in
General Convention of 1886. (C. S. Patterson) Am.
Church R. 45: 176(Ja).- (H. W. Sheffey) Am.
Church R. 45: 179 (Ja).

Standard editions of. (F. Gibson) Am. Church R. 45: 1(Ja).

Common schools of New England, First. (G. G. Bush) New Eng. 44: 214(Mr).

Crab, The, as a zodiacal symbol. (R. Brown, jr.) Acad. 27: 135(F21).

Crane, Walter. [Pall Mall] Critic, 6: 46(Ja24).
Creeds, Attitude of the historic, toward heresy. (H. W.
Lathe) Bib. Sac. 42: 121(Ja).

Crimean snow-storm, A; a story. (C. Phillipps-Wolley)
Temp. Bar, 73: 218 (F).

Criminal law, Philosophy of. (W. Tucker) Univ. Q. 42: 55(Ja).

Crinoids, Crawfordsville. (D. A. Bassett) Kans. C. R. 8: 556(F).

Criticism, Current, Limitations of. Lit. W. (Bost.) 16: 60(F21).

— Higher, vs. Tradition. And. R. 3: 47(Ja). Crofters, Highland. (Lord Napier) 19th Cent. 17: 437 (Mr). — (J. Rae) Contemp. 47: 185(F).

- Poetry and prose of the Crofter question. (W. R. Lawson) National, 4: 592(Ja).

Croker, J. W. Westm. 123: 150(Ja).-Nation, 40: 121 (F5).-Ed. R. 161: 1(Ja).- Temp. Bar, 73: 201 (F). Critic, 6: 14(Ja10). Cromlechs. Knowl. 7: 37 (Ja9). Cross of Daneveld. [I.] (E. S. Chester) Scand. 2: 56 (F), 83 (Mr).

Crown of thorns that budded. (R. Heath) Liv. Age, 164: 231(Ja24).

Crystalline rocks of the Scottish highlands. (A. Geikie) Am. J. Sci. 129: 10(Ja).

Cuantla, Mexico. (S. Baxter) Atlan. 55: 309(Mr).

[blocks in formation]

Death-rates and sick-rates. (C. T. Campbell) Pop. Sci. Drummond, Henry, and theological reactions. Church Mo. 26: 524(F).

Delaware; Gravels of Southern Delaware peninsula. (F. D. Chester) Am. J. Sci. 129: 36(Ja). Della Crusca and Anna Matilda: an episode in English literature. (A. Kent) National, 4: 607 (Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 164: 440(F14). Same art. Ecl. M. 104: 336(Mr).

Delphine. Liv. Age, 164: 156(Ja17).

Q. 19: 392 (Ja).

Druse village, Life in a. [II.] Blackw. 137: 232(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 164: 84(Ja10), 566 (F28). Duane, James. Letter to George Clinton. M. Am. Hist. 13: 177(F).

Dublin Castle. (J. McCarthy) Contemp. 47: 153 (F). - McCarthy on. Spec. 58: 174(F7). Dudevant, Mme., Correspondence. Ath.'85, 1: 116(Ja24).

Democracy in England. (Lord Norton) 19th Cent. 17: Duelling, French. (H. R. Haweis) Ecl. M. 104: 222(F). 331 (F).

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[blocks in formation]

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