Correspondence of Lieut.-General the Hon. Sir George Cathcart, K.C.B.: Relative to His Military Operations in Kaffraria, Until the Termination of the Kafir War, and to His Measures for the Future Maintenance of Peace on that Frontier, and the Protection and Welfare of the People of South Africa

J. Murray, 1856 - 401 pagina's

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Pagina 34 - Whereas it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to the legal condition of aliens: Be it enacted by the governor of the Cape of Good Hope, with the advice and consent of the legislative council and house of assembly thereof, as follows: 1.
Pagina 34 - The Consolidated Revenue Fund of Canada shall be permanently charged with the Costs. Charges, and Expenses incident to the Collection, Management, and Receipt thereof...
Pagina 21 - LYELL'S (SiR CHARLES) Principles of Geology; or, the Modern Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants considered as illustrative of Geology. Ninth Edition. Woodcuts. Svo. 18s. Manual of Elementary Geology ; or, the Ancient Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants illustrated by its Geological Monuments.
Pagina 12 - A General History of Greece from the Earliest Period to the Death of Alexander the Great, with a sketch of the subsequent History to the present time. New Edition. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price js. 6d. Tales of Ancient Greece.
Pagina 5 - More Worlds than One. The Creed of the Philosopher and the Hope of the Christian.
Pagina 27 - History of Greece ; from the Earliest Times to the Roman Conquest, with Supplementary Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. Woodcuts, Seventh Edition.
Pagina 230 - Boers, I beg you will be satisfied with what you have taken. I entreat peace from you — you have chastised — let it be enough, I pray you ; and let me be no longer considered an enemy to the Queen. I will try all I can to keep my people in order in the future. " Your humble servant,
Pagina 346 - There is something about that fellow that acts on me like a red rag on a bull," continued this irascible old man. " He is as cunning as a fox, and as slippery as an eel; and his infernal twaddle about the duties of a member of Parliament — and his infernal wife too ! Look here ; you are a young man ; you have plenty of energy. Go down at once to Englebury ; issue an address ; pitch it high and strong about corrupt local influence and intimidation ; denounce that...
Pagina 230 - ... obedience, and to punish with rigour and severity any chief, class, or tribe, who may dare to resist my lawful authority. All loyal subjects of the Queen will be ready to join me should I deem it necessary to call upon them for their co-operation against any contumacious offenders. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN ! Given under my hand and seal, at Graham's Town, this 15th day of November, 1S52. (Signed) GEO. CATHCART, Lieut.-General, Governor. By command of His Excellency the Governor, WM. F. LIDDLE, Secretary.
Pagina 233 - Commissioner for the settling and adjustment of the affairs of the territories adjacent or contiguous to the Eastern Frontier of our said Colony of the Cape of Good Hope.

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