The Characters of Schiller

Otis, Broaders, 1839 - 296 pagina's

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Pagina 155 - From the highest. As from the vilest thing of every day He learns to wean himself; for the strong hours Conquer him. Yet I feel what I have lost In him. The bloom is vanished from my life. For O ! he stood beside me, like my youth, Transformed for me the real to a dream, Clothing the palpable and familiar With golden exhalations of the dawn. Whatever fortunes wait my future toils, The beautiful is vanished — and returns not.
Pagina 183 - Into this circle of mishap and guilt ? To whom have we been faithless ? Wherefore must The evil deeds and guilt reciprocal Of our two fathers twine like serpents round us ? Why must our fathers' Unconquerable hate rend us asunder, Who love each other ? Wai.
Pagina 144 - do not ride to-day The dapple, as you're wont ; but mount the horse Which I have chosen for thee. Do it, brother ! In love to me. A strong dream warned me so.
Pagina 153 - With My fortune, and my seeming destiny, He made the bond, and broke it not with me. I am but the ship in which his hopes were...
Pagina 171 - What other angel seek I? To this heart, To this unerring heart, will I submit it ; Will ask thy love, which has the power to bless The happy man alone, averted ever From the disquieted and guilty — canst thou Still love me, if I stay ? Say that thou canst, And I am the duke's COUNTESS.
Pagina 155 - And can not cease to be. No ominous hour Knocks at his door with tidings of mishap. Far off is he, above desire and fear ; No more submitted to the change and chance Of the unsteady planets. 0 'tis well With him .' but who knows what the coming hour Veil'd in thick darkness brings for us ! Coun.
Pagina 141 - And fashions in the depths — the spirit's ladder, That from this gross and visible world of dust Even to the starry world, with thousand rounds. Builds itself up ; on which the unseen powers Move up and down on heavenly ministries — The circles in the circles, that approach The central sun with ever-narrowing orbit — These see the glance alone, the unsealed eye, Of Jupiter's glad children born in lustre.
Pagina 178 - For the camp's stir and crowd and ceaseless larum, The neighing war-horse, the air-shattering trumpet, The unvaried, still returning hour of duty, Word of command, and exercise of arms — There's nothing here, there's nothing in all this To satisfy the heart, the gasping heart ! Mere bustling nothingness, where the soul is not — This cannot be the sole felicity, These cannot be man's best and only pleasures.
Pagina 168 - There's a dark spirit walking in our house, And swiftly will the Destiny close on us. It drove me hither from my calm asylum, It mocks my soul with charming witchery, It lures me forward in a seraph's shape...
Pagina 174 - Low tricking malice blacken your good meaning With abhorred venomous glosses. Stand you up Shielded and helmed and weaponed with the truth. And drive before you into uttermost shame These slanderous liars ! Few firm friends have we...

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