Modern Europe

Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1987 - 158 pagina's
"This volume presents a selection from the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art of the best examples of Impressionism and its heritage, from the classically influenced but radically new works of Manet and Degas to the high Impressionism of Monet and Pissaro; from the work of Cezanne, who attempted to return to painting the weight and solidity abandoned by his colleagues, to the emotive distortions of Van Gogh's portraits and landscapes; from the exoticism of Gauguin, Redon, and Rousseau to the Expressionist visions of Soutine, Munch, Grosz, and Beckmann. Cubism- in which conventional representation began to disappear- is seen in masterpieces by Picasso, Braque, and Villon, and the emerging abstraction of the early twentieth century in works by Kandinsky and Kupka. In addition to reproducing the work of these influential artists, Modern Europe shows the continuing dialogue between the fine and applied arts, presenting an unusually broad picture of the artists and craftsmen of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in some one hundred and forty works of art in every genre and medium."--Page 2 of cover.

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Over de auteur (1987)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City needs no introduction. It is the preeminent art museum in the Americas and rivaled by few European museums. In fact, for sheer quality and breadth of collection, it has no equal.

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