A new practical and easy method of learning the Spanish language, after the system of F. Ahn [by D. Salvo]. (1st, 2nd course).

Thimm, 1862

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Pagina 92 - Pray tell me what time it is. It is one o'clock. It is past one. It has struck one. It is a quarter past one. It is half past one. It wants ten minutes to two. It is not yet two o'clock.
Pagina 90 - I am speaking to you. I am not speaking to you. What do you say ? What did you say ? I say nothing. Do you hear ? Do you hear what I say ? Do you understand me?
Pagina 89 - B*** at home? He is just gone out. He is gone out. He is not at home. Can you tell us where he is gone? I cannot tell you exactly.
Pagina 93 - It is very mild. It is cold. It is excessively cold. It is raw weather. It rains. It has been raining. It is going to rain. I feel some drops of rain. There are some drops of rain falling.
Pagina 91 - You do not look so old. You look older. I thought you were older. I did not think you were so old. How old may your uncle be? He may be sixty years old. He is about sixty. He is more than fifty ; he is upwards of fifty.
Pagina 89 - What way shall we take? Any way you like. Let us go into the park. Let us take your brother in our way. As you please. Is Mr. B. at home? He is gone out. He is not at home. Can you tell us where he is gone? I cannot tell you precisely.
Pagina 21 - Exercises. The garden of my uncle is large. I have seen the horse of thy father. Have you found the book of my sister? My son has lost his hat. My brother is tall, but my sister is little.
Pagina 12 - I am. Thou art. He is. We are. You are. They are. I was. Thou wast He was. We were. You were. They were.

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