The Death of Wallenstein: A Tragedy in Five Acts

T.N. Longman and O. Rees, 1800 - 157 pagina's

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Pagina 95 - BUTLER, (with a cold and haughty air.) He is a great Lord, This Duke— and I am but of mean importance. This is what you would say? Wherein concerns it The world at large, you mean to hint to me, Whether the man of low extraction keeps Or blemishes his honour — So that the man of princely rank be saved.
Pagina 56 - I am acting A criminal part toward the Emperor, It is my crime, not thine. Dost thou belong To thine own self? Art thou thine own commander...
Pagina 120 - NEUBRUNN'S neck.] Now, gentle Neubrunn, show me the affection Which thou hast ever promised — prove thyself My own true friend and faithful fellow-pilgrim. This night we must away ! Neu.
Pagina 146 - Time Works miracles. In one hour many thousands Of grains of sand run out ; and quick as they, Thought follows thought within the human soul. Only one hour ! Your heart may change its purpose, His heart may change its purpose — some new tidings May come : some fortunate event, decisive, May fall from Heaven and rescue him. O what May not one hour achieve ! But.
Pagina 15 - And does he know it ? COUNTESS. Yes, and he hopes to win her ! WALLENSTEIN. Hopes to win her ! Is the boy mad ? COUNTESS. Well — hear it from themselves. WALLENSTEIN. He thinks to carry off Duke Friedland's daughter ! Ay ? The thought pleases me. The young man has no grovelling spirit.
Pagina 122 - And where procure we horses for our flight ? Thekla. My equerry procures them. Go and fetch him. Neubrunn. Dares he, without the knowledge of his lord ? Thekla. He will. Go, only go. Delay no longer.
Pagina 129 - He, the more fortunate ! yea, he hath finished ! For him there is no longer any future, His life is bright — bright without spot it was And cannot cease to be. No ominous hour Knocks at his door 'with tidings of mishap. Far off is he, above desire and fear ; No more submitted to the change and chance Of the unsteady planets. O 'tis well With him ! but who knows what the coming hour Veil'd in thick darkness brings for us ! Coun.
Pagina 99 - We've nought to do with thinking — that's your business. You are our general, and give out the orders: We follow you, though the track lead to hell. Butler (appeased) . Good then!
Pagina 55 - They all were aliens: THOU wert Our child and inmate.* Max.! Thou canst not leave me; It cannot be ; I may not, will not think That Max. can leave me. MAX.

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