A List of Books, Photographs, &c., in the National Art Library, Illustrating Metal Work


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Pagina 4 - Gleanings from Ornamental Art of every style : Drawn from Examples in the British, South Kensington, Indian, Crystal Palace, and other Museums, the Exhibitions of 1851 and 1862, and the best English and Foreign works. In a series of loo exquisitely drawn Plates, containing many hundred examples.
Pagina 106 - L'Art de convertir le fer forgé en acier, et l'Art d'adoucir le fer fondu, ou de faire des ouvrages de fer fondu aussi finis que de fer forgé.
Pagina 99 - Woodcuts, 10s. 6d. ITALIAN SCULPTORS ; being a History of Sculpture in Northern, Southern, and Eastern Italy. By CC PEKKIXS. With 30 Etchings and 13 Wood Engravings. Imperial 8vo. 42s. TUSCAN SCULPTORS, their Lives, Works, and Times, With 45 Etchings and 28 Woodcuts from Original Drawings and Photographs.
Pagina 74 - Description des travaux qui ont précédé, accompagné et suivi la fonte en bronze, d'un seul jet, de la statue équestre de Louis XV, le Bien-Aimé, dressée sur les mémoires de M.
Pagina 13 - LOWER'S (MA) The Stranger at Rouen, a. Guide for Englishmen. 12mo, plates. Is LUKIS (Rev. WC) Account of Church Bells, with some Notices of Wiltshire Bells and Bell-Founders, containing a copious List of Founders, a comparative Scale of Tenor Bells and Inscriptions from nearly 500 Parishes in various parts of the Kingdom. 8vo, 13 plates, cloth.
Pagina 52 - CYPRUS. Cyprus: its Ancient Cities, Tombs, and Temples. A Narrative of Researches and Excavations during Ten Years
Pagina 132 - La Normandie souterraine ou Notices sur des cimetières romains et des cimetières francs explorés en Normandie (2e édit.). Paris. Derache, 1855, in-8°, 1 v. Cochet (abbé). — Sépultures gauloises, romaines, franques et normandes, faisant suite à * la Normandie souterraine ». Paris.
Pagina 54 - Instrumenta Ecclesiastica; a Series of Working Designs, engraved on 72 Plates, for the Furniture, Fittings, and Decorations of Churches and their Precincts. Edited by the Ecclesiological, late Cambridge Camden Society. 4to, £1 11s.
Pagina 63 - Reports by the juries on the subjects in the thirty classes into which the Exhibition was divided (London, 1852).

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