What does Hallam say of it? What works and criticisms to be read? Best edition?


Repeat Gray's lines. What works referred ENGLISH MINSTRELSY, (p. 109.)

to? Best edition of his works? What does

Croft say of him ? (note.) What does Drake What is said of the minstrels? Where say of his removal to London? In whose were their talents put in requisition? What reigns did he flourish? Where born? When? of their origin? Derivation of the term? What is said of his early life? What prove How long did they continue a distinct order? him to have been a great student? Whom What did they sing and probably compose ? did he marry? When did he remove to LonWhat incidents in history show that they don? What is his history there? His first were held in high estimation? Give an ac- play? Repeat the list of his plays in chrocount of their declining popularity? What nological order. When did he retire to the of Sir Patrick Spens? On what founded ? country? How long did he enjoy his retireWhat is one of the most celebrated English ment? When did he die? What is said of ballads? What does Sidney say of it? On his children, and their descendants? How what founded? [Commit at pleasure.] has he written his own eulogy ? Repeat the

lines. What does Ben Jonson say of him?

What Dryden? (Repeat the extract most QUEEN ELIZABETH, (p. 117.) richly worth committing.) [Commit from Birth and death? What of her poetry? | the poet, at pleasure.] What is one of her best pieces? Give the historical incident on which it is founded.

BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER, (p. 143.) What does Headley say of it?

What of their friendship and union ? Birth and death of Francis Beaumont? Of

John Fletcher? Of what do their plays conTRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE, (p. 118.)

sist? What is said of their lyrics ? Commit

the extracts. What was the chief cause of the superiority of the age of Elizabeth in literature? (note.) What most important undertaking in James

SIR WALTER RALEIGH, (p. 146.) I.'s reign? How many versions of the Bible In whose reigns did he flourish? What is subsequent to Tyndale's are here named? said of him? Where educated? How did he Mention them in order. What of Coverdale's?spend his time in France? To what danger Of Matthewe's? Of Cranmer's? Of Tavern- there exposed? What did he do in 1579? er's? Of the Geneva? The Bishop's? The What was the result of the expedition ? Douay? What of King James's or our own What was granted him in 1584? What did present version ? What were the reasons he do? What in 1585? Result? When was why it was undertaken ? When was a con- tobacco first carried into England? What ference held of the clergy of all denomina- in 1594? What did he publish? How treated tions? What did the king (James I.) do? | by James? Of what accused? What is said How many of those first commissioned to of the trial, and result? How did he emtranslate the Bible died or resigned before ploy his prison hours? What did he do in it was begun? How many were left? How 1615? Result? What of his death? What divided ? How did they proceed in their does Sir Egerton Brydges say? What is task? What cautions did they take to pre- said of his character, and learning? How vent errors? When was the result pub-distinguished ? Dates of his history? What lished? Under what title? What is said of does Hume say of it? What Tytler? What the translation as a whole? What does other works did he write? What does Adam Clarke say? What does strict truth Headley say of him? What is said of his require ?

What is one of the greatest de- poetry by Sir Egerton Brydges ? (note.) fects in the translation ? (note.) Give ex- What does Spenser style him? [Commit amples. Why this historical view given ? " The Nymph's Reply," and the Soul's Repeat Mrs. Ellis's remarks, (note.)

Errand," and the “Sonnet upon the Faerie


When flourish? What did she write? In whose reigns did he flourish? Why does he deserve consideration? Give an account of his tragedy? By what poem is he

SAMUEL DANIEL, (p. 155.) best known? What are its character and In whose reigns did he flourish? What is design? What portion did he write of it? his chief work? What is its character ? Who finished it? What is said of Sackville's What does Headley say of him? [Commit powers as a poet? Repeat some of the cha- the three last verses of Richard the Second's racters?




GILES FLETCHER, (p. 158.) In whose reigns flourish? What of him? In whose reigns did he flourish? What Why, and how killed, and by whom? By does Wood say of him? What is his chief what is be best known?

poem? What does Campbell say of him?

FRANCIS BACON, (p. 159.)

GEORGE SANDYS, (p. 180.) [Commit Thomson's lines.] In whose In whose reign did he flourish? Where reigns did he flourish? Whose son was he? educated? When did he die? His principal Where educated? How there distinguished ? work? What of his travels ? What profession did he choose? Did he confine his studies to it? What great work did he early plan! What honor did he receive,

WILLIAM CHILLINGWORTH, (p. 182.) 1603? What subsequent honors ? What In whose reigns did he flourish? What is awaited him? What inquiry instituted ? said of him? Where did he study for some To what did he confess? What were his time? What is his great work called ? words ? What was his punishment? When What object had he in writing it? What did he die? What is his first principal work? does Locke say of it? What Gibbon? What does Stewart say of it? What the second mentioned ? Of what does it treat? How does he divide human learning? What

FRANCIS QUARLES, (p. 186.) the third ? What is its object? What the In whose reigns did he flourish? Where fourth? What rank has this work given educated ? What profession did he study ? him? Difference between Bacon and Aris- With what noble object? To whom did he totle? What does he say of the office and become secretary? Where did he die, and duty of man? What does he call the key to when? What does Montgomery say of him? the temple of knowledge? What remark- What remarks upon his writings ? What able passage in his will ? Best editions, and does Headley say ? What are his chief pobooks, &c., referred to? [Commit at plear etical works? What are his emblems? sure.]

[Commit at pleasure. “The World," and "Hope in God," are recommended.] What

is his principal pro work? What does JOHN DONNE, (p. 165.)

Headley say of it?" [Commit at pleasure.] In whose reigns did he flourish? How popular in his life? How now? What profession did he enter? Of what do his poems

WILLIAM DRUMMOND, (p. 190.) consist? What of them? In what class of What is said of him? What of the chapoets does he rank? Of what do his prose racter of his poetry? What of his sonnets ? writings consist ? What does Walton say of When did he die? [Commit “On Sleep,” him?

and “To the Nightingale."]


RICHARD CRASHAW, (p. 192.) When did he flourish? What is his chief In whose reigns did he flourish? What is work? Give an account of it. What other said of his character? What are his poems works? For what now most valued? What called? To what church did he attach himbooks referred to ?

self? What do his poems display? What

of his attainments? What of his “Lines on BEN JONSON, (p. 172.)

a Prayer-book”? [Commit his version of the

twenty-third Psalm.] In whose reigns did he flourish? Give an account of his life. Of what do his works consist? How is he compared with Shaks- PHINEAS FLETCHER, (p. 195.) peare? How does old Fuller compare them? In whose reigns did he flourish? Where What is said of his lyrical pieces? What of did he study? What profession did he enter? his prose? [Commit “Directions for writ- What is his chief poem called ? What is it? ing well.”]

What its character? [Commit “The Shep

herd's Life,” and “Decay of Human Great GEORGE HERBERT, (p. 175.)

ness.”] Who was he? When did he flourish ? What are his chief works? How does he WILLIAM HABINGTON, (p. 197.) rank as a poet ?

Dates of birth and death? Where educated? What is the title of his volume of

poems? THOMAS CAREW, (p. 177.)

What of his history? Of his

poetry? In whose reigns did he flourish? What is the character of his poems? What does Headley say of his poetry? What Camp

JOSEPH HALL, (p. 199.) bell? But on what subjects did he employ In whose reigns did he flourish? What his talents ?

characters did he unite? Of what profession ? What office did he hold? In what

protestation did he unite? What was done GERVASE MARKHAM, (p. 179.) to him in consequence? What was his sub

sequent history? At what age did he die? When did he flourish? When did he com- How known as a poet? What does Warton mence author? What was the character of say of his poems? What is their chief fault? bis publications? What of his popularity? What was Pope's testimony concerning them? [Commit "The Client and Lawyer," does Dr. Johnson say of him as a poet? and “ Domestic Tutor."]_

What is said of What is said of his prose compared with his him as a prose writer? Which of his prose poetry? What is the criticism of Dr. Johnworks are now most known? What has he son ? Of Dr. Drake? Best edition ? been styled ? [Commit lines from Burns, (note.)]


Dates of birth and death? Where born,

and educated ? What honor did he receive? When born? Where educated? What does Meaning of poet-laureate? Date of the office? old Anthony Wood say of him? What of his who have filled it successively? What office history and misfortunes? When die, and did he hold in the civil wars? Where did he how?

go when the royal cause declined ? On what expedition sent? Result? How was his life

spared? On what does his fame chiefly rest? THOMAS FULLER, (p. 207.)

Its story in full ? In whose reigns did he flourish? Where educated ? Of what profession? What of his promotions? Give the outline of his

MARGARET, DUCHESS OF NEWCASTLE, life. What is the first of his works here

(p. 236.) mentioned? What is its character? What When did she flourish? What of her early the second ? What of it? What the third ? tastes? Where did she go? To whom marThe fourth? The fifth? What is said of ried? What of her literary labors ? his character? Of his learning? Of his memory? [Commit Aphorisms, at pleasure.] What touching appeal does he make for the

JOHN MILTON, (p. 239.) African? What does Gibbon say of the obli- Repeat the lines of Thomson, Gray, and gations of a scholar to his teacher? (note.) Wordsworth. How does Milton rank among What are Burton's six reasons for marriage ? English poets? In whose reigns did he (note.) What duty does Bacon enjoin upon flourish? When, and where born? Where every man ? (note.)

did he imbibe his principles of liberty? In

what was he early instructed ? What influ. ROBERT HERRICK, (p. 213.)

ence had it on him? Where educated ?

Where did he go after leaving the universiIn whose reigns did he flourish? What is ty? For how long? How employed? What said of him as a poet? What profession did remark did he make? Which of his minor he enter? What does the Retrospective Re- poems did he write while in the university ? view say of him as a poet? [Commit “To Which at his father's? When did he go to Daffodils,"

"To Primroses,” “ To Blossoms,” Italy? How did he rank? Whom did he &c.]

visit? What did he do on his return home?

In what controversy engage? How did he CATHERINE PHILIPS, (p. 216.)

sustain himself in it? Whom did he marry!

What is said of the connection ? To what Dates of birth and death? Whose daugh- office appointed in 1649? For how long had ter? Under what name did she write? How his eyesight been failing him? What cause? esteemed by her contemporaries?

When, and in what labor did it entirely fail !
What did he say of it? (note 3, p. 260.) What

is said of him at the Restoration? Do what JEREMY TAYLOR, (p. 218.)

did he devote himself? When was the Para What is said of him? In whose reigns did dise Lost published! What did he receive he flourish? Where educated ? To whom for it? When Paradise Regained? What is did he become chaplain? What happened to his first poetical work, and what is its subhim 1644? Where did he establish a school?ject? What the second? Third ? Fourth? What does he say of his retirement ? What Fifth? Sixth? Seventh? Eighth? Ninth? affliction did he meet with? What honor Tenth? Best edition of his works? Books did he receive at the Restoration? When referred to? What does Brydges say of did he die ? What is said of his writings ? Johnson's life of Milton? What of AddiWhat is his greatest work? What is its ob- son’s Essays on Paradise Lost? (note.) When ject? How has it been described? What is did he compose his ode on Christ's Nativity ? his most popular work? What does an What does Brydges say of it? What is the eminent critic say of him? [Commit “On subject of Lycidas? What do Addison and Prayer," "On Content," and Thomson's Warton say of it? What is the fable of lines, in note.]

Comus ? (note.). [Commit “Invocation to

Light,” “Rome," " Athens," “ Evening in ABRAHAM COWLEY, (p. 225.)

Paradise," and "Hymn on the Nativity.”]

What is said of the prose works of Milton? What is said of him? In whose reigns did of what subjects do they treat? To what he flourish? For what was he distinguished owing? What does Burnet say of them ? in college? What early gave him a taste for What Brydges? What did Milton publish poetry? To what cause did he attach him. in 1642? What remarkable sentiment in it? self? What is said of him at the Restora- What character does Dr. Symmons give tion? How was he esteemed at his death? him? What Sir Egerton Brydges? What How are his poetical works divided ? What I rank is awarded to him on the whole?

cumstances? What is said of Hudibras? EDWARD HYDE, (p. 269.)

By what suggested? What was its object? In whose reigns did he flourish? With What is said of his poem ?: [Commit first what times connected ? Where educated ? paragraph of Macaulay's remarks on the What profession did he study? What after Puritans, note.] What is said of Butler's wards did he turn his attention to? What prose? side did he take? Whom had he for an opponent? Where did Hyde accompany

SIR THOMAS BROWNE, (p. 298.) Charles ? His situation there How afterwards rewarded? What influence had he? In whose reigns did he fourish? What What followed ? When, and where die? His profession did he follow? What honors reprincipal literary work? What is said of ceive? What are his principal productions? Oharles I.? (note.) What does the Edinburgh What is said of the Religio Medici? What Review say of Clarendon's great work? of his Pseudodomia Epidemica? What of

Hydriotaphia? How does Dr. Johnson de

scribe his style ? Repeat a portion of the SIR MATTHEW HALE, (p. 274.) Soliloquios of the Philosopher and Young What is said of Hale? In whose reign did Lady. he flourish? What profession did he enter? What course did he take in the civil war? Was it right? Who first appointed him

IZAAK WALTON, (p. 302.) judge? Who next? How did he disobarge What is he called? In whose reigns did his duties? What honor, 1671? What ex- he flourish? At what age did he die? For ception to his judicial reputation? What is what celebrated? Whose lives has he writsaid of it? Who were with him in opinion? | ten? Who especially valued them? By (see note.) What did he write? What is what is Walton most known? What is the best known? [Commit Lord Erskine's Eu- character of the work? In what form? logy, and Cowper's lines.]

Who are the parties introduced ? Give an account of Falconry, (note.), Repeat the exgreat work? What its subject? What does | arbitrary conduct of Charles II. affect him? Southey say of it? What great poets have To what post did the Prince of Orange invite united to extol it? Repeat Macaulay's re- him? When did he die ? What of his marks.

hortation to contentment, ISAAC BARROW, (p. 278.) What is said of him? In whose reign did he flourish? What profession did he first

ROBERT LEIGHTON, (p. 309.); Atudy? Why did he change it, and for what? Dates of birth and death? Where born, To what professorship elected in 1660? In and educated ? What situation did he hold 1662? In 1663? To whom did he resign the in Scotland ? How fill it? What does Burlast? Why? What honor, 1672? When did net say of him? he die? What of his mind and character ? What did Charles II. call him? What of his sermons ? What noble moral sentiment re

ANNE KILLEGREW, (p. 312.) corded ? Repeat the lines of Milton, (note, When did she flourish? Whose daughter? p. 280.) What does Bacon say of the ad- What of her character? What English poet vantages of knowledge ? (note, p. 282.) has written in her praise ?

ANDREW, MARVELL, (p, 282.)

EDMUND WALLER, (p. 314.) Why does Marvell deserve especially to be What is said of him as a man and a poet? remembered? What is said of his character ? In whose reigns did he flourish? What is In what office did he assist Milton? What said of him in political life? How punished ? of their relations? How honored in 1660? | Whither did he go after his release? What How did he discharge his duties? How of him at the Restoration? What does Burvote? Give the anecdote of the attempt to net say of his conduct in Parliament? What bribe him. To whom did he become obnox-are his characteristics as a poet? What does ious? How threatened ? How affected by Hallam say? (Commit “The Rose.”] it? What is said of his prose writings ? What of the friendship between him and Milton? How did he defend Milton? What

JOHN BUNYAN, (p. 317:) of his poetry? [Commit “The Emigrants."] Repeat the lines of Cowper. In whose

reigns did Bunyan flourish ? What of his OWEN FELLTHAM, (p. 288.)

parents? Of his education? What does he

say of his early marriage? What influence When did he flourish? What of his his-on him? What incident made a deep imtory? What is his chief work? What its pression on his mind ? When did he join character? Of its sentiments ?

the Baptist church? What office did he fill?

What awaited him? What was done to him? SAMUEL BUTLER, (p. 292.)

How long confined in Bedford jail ? What

were the fruits of this imprisonment? Give Of what is Butler the author ? In whose his own account of his incarceration. What reigns did he flourish? How was his early books had he with him in prison? Repeat life employed ? When did he first conceive the lines of Cowper. What did he do when the idea of his poem? When was the first released from prison? What did Dr Owen part published ? When the second? When say of his preaching? What were some of the third? When did he die ? In what cir- his works, and their subjects ? What his

works? Name them. To what did his Essay on ancient and modern learning give

rise ? What position did he maintain? What ROBERT BARCLAY, (p. 324.)

work did he adduce to support it? Who was Where born, and when? Whither did he Phalaris ? (note.) Who came out against go after leaving school? What is said of his him? What then appeared ? What folposition there? What offers did his uncle lowed ? What is said of Bentley? Who make, and on what conditions? Why did were the parties to this controversy? Who he decline them? Was his filial duty re-used the weapon of ridicule? In what work? warded? How? How have the “Friends” What is said of this controversy? (note.) been distinguished as a sect? What of prac- What does Blair say of Temple's style? tical religion? (note.) To what sect did Barclay become a convert? What is his great work? What is said of it? What else did

JOHN DRYDEN, (p. 346.) he write? How were the latter years of his Repeat Pope's lines? Where born? In life spent? What is said of his character? whose reigns did he flourish? What first What of his dedication to Charles II.

poem that attracted attention? How did he change sides? To what did he betake

himself? How did he write? What ocROBERT BOYLE, (p. 328.)

curred in 1668? Who were his principal In whose reigns did he flourish? Where enemies? In what did they ridicule him? educated ? Give the anecdote relative to his In what did he reply? What course did he study of mathematics. What places on the tak after the accession of James? What continent did he visit? What change in his did he write in defence of the Papal church? circumstances? How did he devote the rest What of him in 1689? Consequence? How of his life? Of what was he one of the first did he devote the latter part of his life? members? How did he employ his time? What is his best piece? When did he die ? How like Newton? What of his writings ? What is said of his character? What of him Name some of them. What has he been as a poet? What does a critic in the Retrostyled? What does Mr. Hughes say of him? spective Review say? What Campbell? What Burnet?

What lesson to be learned from Dryden's life and writings? What is said of his

prose? What does Drake say? What JohnRICHARD BAXTER, (p. 332.)

son of his account of Shakspeare? What What is said of Baxter? Meaning of non- compliment to Dryden recorded by Malone? conformist? When did he flourish? What (note.) What books referred to ? of his early education ? Where did he preach? What side did he take in the civil war? For what arrested ? By whom? What

JOHN LOCKE, (p. 356.) of the character of Jeffries? Result of his What was he? In whose reigns did he trial? What of him as a writer? What are flourish ? What profession did he first his two chief works ? What of them? Why? choose? Why leave it? What official staWhat work did he leave behind him? With tion did he hold? With whom reside? whom was it a favorite? What does Dr. What constitution did he draw up? What Barrow say of him ? (note.)

were its provisions? (note.) Where did he go for his health? With whose fortune was

his own united ? What occurred in 1688 ? JOHN TILLOTSON, (p. 336.)

Where did he pass the rest of his life? What In whose reign did Tillotson flourish? | is the great work of Locke? What are its How educated ? What course did he take principles? What his second work menat the Restoration? How rewarded for it at tioned ? Object? What third ? Fourth? first? How afterwards? What are his prin- What position does it maintain? Fifth? cipal compositions ? What is said of them? Sixth ? Seventh ? Eighth? What other What does Hallam say? (note.) What Blair ? useful book? What does Drake say of his

style? What is said of his personal cha

HENRY VAUGHAN, (p. 339.)
How styled ? Dates of birth and death?
Where born? For what profession destined ?

ROBERT SOUTH, (p. 362.)
What his first publication? Why so called ? Dates of birth and death? For what cele-
What of his poetry? What of his prose ? brated? What side did he take in church

and state ? What does he maintain in one

of his sermons? What proves him wrong? SIR WILLIAM TEMPLE, (p. 342.) What is said of him as a writer ? What was he? Where educated? Where did he travel? How live during the “Commonwealth"? What honor did Charles II.

THOMAS PARNELL, (p. 366.) bestow upon him? What political measure Where born? In whose reigns did no did he arrange and complete? How did the flourish? What profession did he choose ?

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