What party in politics? What success did he meet with? What situation obtain?

ESTHER VANHOMRIGH, (p. 399.) When die? What does Campbell say of his By what name most known? How treated poetry? What is the poem by which he is by Swift? When did she die ? best known? What is said of it? What is the story taken from? Give the substance of it? (note.) [Commit “ Hymn to Contentment.”]

LADY RACHEL RUSSELL, (p. 400.) Dates of birth and death? Whose wife?

What the fate of her husband? How did WILLIAM PENN, (p. 369.)

she aid him? What does Burnet say of her What is said of him? How renowned? letters, and of her conjugal devotion ? Whose son? In whose reigns did he flourish ? Where educated ? What early change in religious views ? How treated by his father?

GEORGE SEWELL, (p. 401.) When did he begin to preach ? How treated ? What of his life? What profession did he What is his most popular work? For what follow? His chief productions? His best was he tried ? What is the most important piece? Repeat it. period of his life? Where was territory granted to him? Why? When did he sail from England ? In what ship? When

SIR RICHARD STEELE, (p. 402.) arrive at Newcastle? Where then did he go Where born? When? Where educated ? with the colonists? What were his reasons What profession did he first choose? What for coming to America? When did he return were the consequences? In what departto England? What did he there accom- ment of literature did he first exert himself? plish? When did he reembark for this what periodical paper did he project? When country? How long did he remain? Why published ? What appellation does he de80 short a time? When did he die? Of serve? When did he begin the Spectator what works was he the author?

with Addison? When the Guardian? What

title did he receive? To what post of honor JOSEPH ADDISON, (p. 374.)

elected? Why continue so poor? What was

one of his projects? When did he die? What is said of Addison? Where edu- What is said of his style? How does he comcated? In whose reigns did he flourish? pare with Addison? How with Tillotson, How did he first attract notice? What pen- Temple, and Dryden? [Commit Shakspeare's sion did he obtain? Where did he travel ? Description of Dover Cliff.] What compose there? What did he publish on his return? What deprived him of his pension? What poem did he write? What

DANIEL DE FOE, (p. 410.) does Warton call it? (note.) What ballad How known? When born, and where? superior on the same subject? When did What of his education ? In what did he first the Tatler first appear? How did Addison engage? Why leave it? What did he first recognise Steele's hand in it? What paper publish? What periodical paper? When? did Addison project? What is said of it? | What did it resemble? Upon what new field When was it commenced ? (note.) What is did he afterwards enter? What is said of its plan? Who were the contributors? How his best known work? What else did he are Addison's papers designated? What fol- publish? What curious title of one work? lowed the Spectator? When commenced ? When did he die ? What is said of him as a Whom did Addison marry? What is said of writer? What peculiar power had he? her, and of the connection ? What is said of What does Dr. Johnson say of Robinson Addison's death? Relate the account of it? Crusoe? When did he die? What does Melmoth say of him as a writer ? What Young? What Johnson? What are the four departments

JOHN GAY, (p. 414.) in literature in which he excels? What is In whose reigns did he flourish? What said of him as a critic? What critical papers was his early employment? Why abandonare mentioned? What of his humor? What ed? What his first work? Of what benefit papers most distinguished for this quality ? was it to him? What post did he obtain in What of the moral tendency of his writings? 1712? What work_did he soon after pub[Commit what he says of Shakspeare. Also lish? What does Drake say of it? What the “Hymn" on p. 395.] What works and other department in literature did he enter? criticisms referred to ?

What successful drama did he write? By

what is he now known? What is said of his ANNE FINCH, (p. 396.)

Fables? What of his character? What are

the lines of Pope ? What prose did he write ? When did she flourish? Whose daughter? What does Wordsworth say of her poetry?

BARTON BOOTH, (p. 418.)
MATTHEW PRIOR, (p. 398.)

Dates of birth and death? What is said

of him? Why deserve a notice here? In whose reigns did he flourish? Where educated? Where go, and in what capacity ? When did he die ? What does Campbell say

JOHN ARBUTHNOT, (p. 419.) of him?

Whose son was he? Where educated! What did he first publish? How considered? | of him as a writer? What does Dr. Blair To whom introduced ? To what club was he say? What is one of the most amusing of attached ? When did he die? What of his his papers? Give an account of it. What character? What did Pope say of him? effect had it? Who helped him on with the What Swift? What is his best poem? joke? Who wrote the most interesting ac

count? What is said of Swift's poetry? ELIZABETH ROWE, (p. 422.) In whose reigns flourish? Whose daugh

THOMAS YALDEN, (p. 446.) ter? What did she first publish? What In whose reigns did he flourish? Where her best prose compositions? What of her educated? What profession did he enter? poetry!

What is said of his poetry? Of his prose?

What paper of great humor did he write? HENRY GROVE, (p. 424.) What was he? When born? What is

ALEXANDER POPE, (p. 450.) said of him in his youth? What profession When born? What of his early life? did he enter! What post did he afterwards What of his poetic taste? What instance of occupy? What work publish? Its design? precocity? When did he write his pastorals? His next writings? What other treatises? When his Messiah? What is the Messiah ? What is said of his religious opinions? When on what founded? Who was Pollio? (note.) did he die!

When did he finish his Essay on Criticism?

What did he publish in 1712? What kind THOMAS TICKELL, (p. 427.)

of a poem is it? What else did he publish

sucoessively? For what, at the age of When, and where born? Where educated ? twenty-five, did he issue proposals? What Who was his most intimate friend? How of its success? What followed such fame? did Addison feel towards him? What poem How did he retaliate? Was it wise thus to did he publish? What is said of it? What do? What did he publish in 1733? How office did he fill? What charge did Addison assailed? Who has vindicated it? What did leave with him? What does Drake say of he project? Did he finish it? What is his his Elegy? What other pieces? When did rank as a poet? What of his person?

(note.) he die?

Lord Bacon's remarks? How does Warton rank Pope? What does Roscoe say of the

Messiah ? (note.). What does Johnson say RICHARD BENTLEY, (p. 429.) of the Essay on Criticism? What Warton ? What is said of him? Where educated ? Subject of the Essay on Man? In what To what appointed in 1692? In what con- does Pope most show his inventive powers ? troversy did he engage 2 Who were against Subject of the Rape of the Loek? What him? How did he acquit himself in it? does Warton say of it? (note.) What of What is said of most of his works ? What Pope's prose works? [Commit at pleasure.] was his reputation as a scholar? In what did he fail? Give the example quoted. When did he die ?

ROBERT BLAIR, (p. 465.)
Where born? What profession did he

enter? What is his chief work? What does WILLIAM SOMERVILLE, (p. 431.) Campbell say of it? [Commit at pleasure.] In whose reigns did he flourish? Where educated? Where did he settle? How did

JAMES THOMSON, (p. 468.) he employ his time? Character? What does Shenstone say of him? When did he In whose reigns did he flourish? Where die? By what is he best known? What is educated? What incident turned his attensaid of it? What else did he write? [Com- tion to poetry? When did he publish his mit lines on Addison.]

“Winter? When the other Seasons? What is his noblest effort? What does Campbell

When did he die? What rank JONATHAN SWIFT, (p. 433.) does he hold as a descriptive poet? What Where born? Where educated? With does Campbell remark? What is his greatwhom did he early reside? What did he est charm ? [Commit the stanzas from there write? Who invited him to Ireland ? “Castle of Indolence"-the “ Various SufferWhere did he settle there? Relate the aneo ings in Winter"--and “Hymn on the Sea dote, (note.) What did he publish in 17047 sons.”] What is its design? What its character? How rewarded in 1713? What destroyed his hopes of further preferment? How, for

ISAAC WATTS, (p. 479.) many years, did he employ himself? What When born, and where? Where edumade him very popular with the Irish in cated? Where afterwards reside as private 1724? Give the account in full? What was tutor? To what situation was he called in the result? What did he publish in 1726? 1698? How afflicted? What valued friend What is said of it? Its design? What were received him to his house? How long did some of his other publications? Give the he remain there? What does Dr. Johnson account of the end of his life. What is said day of this ? (note.) When did he die? How

say of it?

to be considered in his literary character ?

GEORGE BERKELEY, (p. 510.) What is said of him as a poet? What of his Psalms and Hymns? What as a philoso- Where and when born? Where educated ? pher? What were his works in this depart What did he publish in 1709? Its object? ment? What does Dr. Johnson say of his What in the year following? What does it “Improvement of the Mind”? What of him attempt to prove? What influence had it in as a theologian? What did he remark of making him known? Where did he travel ? the Bible? (note.) What does Dr. Johnson What time spend there? What did he pubsay of him as a poet? (note.) What is Dr. lish on his return? Give an account of the Drake's criticism ? [Commit “Summer Eve South Sea scheme, (note.) What objectihad ning”—“The Rose"_"Looking Upward"- be long had in view ? What did he do to “Seeking a Divine Calm," &c.]

effect it? Repeat the verses in connection with it. When did he sail from England ?

Where reside? What was the result of his CONYERS MIDDLETON, (p. 489.)

plan? What publish in 1732? What in For what celebrated? When born? What 1744 ? What is said of it? Where did he was his first publication? What does Dr. reside the latter part of his life? Give the Monk say of it? What did he publish in account of his death. What of his cha1729? Its object? What is his great work? racter? What is the line of Pope applied to When did it appear? What might it be him? called? What of its style? What did he publish in 1749? What of it? When did he die? [Commit “Character of Pompey."]

Dates of birth and death? Whose daugh-

ter? What of her poetry?
In whose reigns did he flourish ?


WILLIAM COLLINS, (p. 516.) educated? What political side did he espouse? Whither did he go? What was What of him as a poet? When born? In done respecting him in his absence? In whose reigns flourish? What does Johnson whose cause did he enlist? What occurred say of him? When were his odes published ? in 1723? What in 1735? What did he there | How received at first? How was he relieved write? When did he return to England ? from pecuniary embarrassment? What does When die? To whom did he bequeath his Campbell say of his poetry? What Drake ? manuscripts ? What did they contain ? (note.) What Hazlitt? (Commit “Ode to What was Johnson's remark? Give the ac- Fear”-“The Passions”—Ode to Mercy.”] count and cause of Bolingbroke's maligning on what occasion was the Ode to Mercy Pope, (note.) What is said of his character? | written? of his style!


What is said of him? When did he flouWhat is said of his influence? Where and rish? What of his boyhood? At w trade when born? What of his education? Where was he put? How did he rise? What situdid he settle as a clergyman and school- ation did he obtain? What did he first pub master? For how long? What is said of lish? What was his first novel? How rehis labors? Where did he go for his health ceived? What his second? What is said of With what result? What of his writings? | it? What does Dr. Drake say? What was What is his best known work? What is his third ? Its object? When did he die? said of it? With what other great and good What of his character? Why not now much men does he rank? What are some of his read? What work published in 1755? other works? What popular biographical work did he write? Who was Colonel Gardiner? Give the account of his conversion,

THOMAS SHERLOCK, (p. 529.) (note.) Is the military compatible with the Where born? In whose reigns did ha Christian profession? What is Doddridge's flourish ? Where educated ? In what did most elaborate work? For what else are we he distinguish himself? What promotions indebted to Doddridge ? Repeat the epi- did he receive? When did he die? What is gram, and his hymns.

said of his sermons? His style ? JOSEPH BUTLER, (p. 504.)

LADY MONTAGU, (p. 532.) In whose reigns did he flourish? What profession did he design to enter? What Whose daughter? What of her character did be early publish? What change in his and education? To whom married? Where views? What appointment did he receive in reside? Whose society enjoy? To what 1718? What did he publish in 1736? What place did she go in 1716? When return? is its object? What of its execution? What Where settle? Result? What did she in. is said of the work? When did he die ? | troduce into England? How long reside What is said of his character? Of his bene- there after her return? Where go in 1739? volence ? What was his remark when made where and when did she die? To what chiefly Bishop of Durham? [Repeat Bishop Wil- does she owe her fame? What is said of her son's admirable remarks on the “ Analogy."] I letters ?

JOHN BYROM, (p. 538.)

THOMAS CHATTERTON, (p. 570.) When born? What of his early scholar- When born? Whose son? Where early ship? What situation did he first fill? Who educated ? To whom bound an apprentice ? is the “Phoebe" of his pastoral? Where did When did he first attract attention? How? he go after his marriage? What do? What Whom did he endeavor to interest in himself change in his circumstances? What is his and his poems? How succeed? When did best piece? What else did he write? What he go to London? What were his prospects ? of his “Three Black Crows?” [Commit the How soon disappointed? When did he die? latter.]

His chief poems? What does Campbell say of him? What Warton? (note.) What books

to be read on the Rowleian controversy? WILLIAM KING, (p. 541.) When did he flourish? What was his reputation? By what now most known?

MARK AKENSIDE, (p. 578.).

What of his rank as a poet? When born? WILLIAM SHENSTONE, (p. 546.)

Where? For what designed? What profes

sion did he choose? Where go? What did When born? For what early distinguish- he publish? What anecdote relating to the ed? How has he celebrated his first teacher? copyright? What of its success? What did Where educated? What publish? Where he subsequently do? With what success? did he go to reside in 1745? What is said of When die? What is said of the “Pleasures it? When did he die? What does Campbell of the Imagination"? What is its object ? say of him as a writer ?

How executed? What does Johnson say of

it? What is said of his revised” edition ? ROBERT DODSLEY, (p. 549.)

[Commit on “Taste," &c.] When born? What of his early life? What was his first publication? What his

THOMAS GRAY, (p. 585.) next? What its success? What business When born, and where ? Where edudid he enter into? What position did he cated ? Where and with whom did he take in it? When die ? What were his travel? Result? Whose fault? Where did writings? For what now more known? he retire for study? What was his first What did he do for Dr. Johnson?

production? What next? What in 1750? What of its success? What office was ten

dered to him? What did he publish the EDWARD YOUNG, (p. 555.) same year? What professorship was he In whose reigns did he flourish? Where called to in 1768? How discharge its duties? educated? What anecdote told of him in When did he die? What of his life? Of his college? What tragedy did he publish? learning ? Extent of his attainments ? What What of it? What did he publish in 1725? rank as a poet? What does Mr. Matthias What is said of them? What was Gold- say of him? What of him as a man? What smith's criticism? What profession did he anecdote? What does Sir Egerton Brydges enter? Whom did he marry? Who are in- say? (note.) [Commit the “ Elegy," and the tended in the “ Philander” and “Narcissa" “Progress of Poesy,” and “Ode on the Prosof the Night Thoughts? What lines refer to pect of Eton College.”] What of his letters ? Mrs. Temple's death? (note.) When were What does Dr. Beattie say of them? the Night Thoughts published? What is said of them? What does Johnson say? What compliment did Warton pay him?

TOBIAS SMOLLET, (p. 606.) What did he publish in 1762? When die? What is said of him? What does Dr. War- In whose reigns did he flourish? What ton say? What of him as a poet ? What of of his early life? What profession did he the influence of Night Thoughts? [Commit enter? When and where die ? In what at pleasure.]

character is he chiefly to be viewed? What
of his reputation in this character? What
as an historian?

What as a poet?
When born? What of his early life?
What his employment? On what does his
fame rest? What else did he publish? What

JOHN HAWKESWORTH, (p. 609.) of his death? What of the “Shipwreck ?

What is said of his early life? His first literary effort? What did he project in 1752? How qualified ? What success did it

meet with ? CATHERINE TALBOT, (p. 666.)

What does Drake say of him?

What did he next do? What office in 1765? In whose reigns did she flourish? Whose How did he fill it? Whose works did he daughter? What of her early years? With publish? With what intrusted by govern. whom did she form an intimate friendship? ment? How executed? Why censured ? What of her character ? When did she die ? When did he die? What of his character ? ller chief publications ?

[Coromit hymn.]

pose ?

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7 | reigns did he flourish? Where educated ? OLIVER GOLDSMITH, (P. 618.)

What of his early indications? Why did he How distinguished? When born? Where? not remain the usual time at the university ? Where educated? College habits ? To what What employment did he first seek? How in part owing? What did his uncle intend unqualified for it? What next? What subfor him? What anecdote of his habits? sidiary assistance did he receive? What new Where did he go in 1752? For what pur- project? Its success? Where did he go?

How long remain? Why leave? What first publish? What did Pope say of Where did he go then ? How long remain? | it? What of his Irene? What his situation Where travel, and how? What lines in the at this time? What publish in 1744? How Traveller alluding thereto? What was his received? What proof of its merit? (note.) first literary engagement? What did he first What did he issue in 1747? What in 1749 ? publish? What next? What did he publish | When did he publish the Rambler? What in 1760? What were they ? (note.) What in of it? When did his Dictionary appear? 1766? What is said of it? What does Wal- How long in completing it? Anecdote of ter Scott say? (note.) Repeat the anecdote Chesterfield ? [Commit lines of Garrick, and relating to its composition, (note.) What Letter to Chesterfield.] What did he next did he publish in 1764? What did Johnson publish? Why not qualified for editing say of it? What in 1765? What in 1768 ? Shakspeare? What in 1759? Why? What What two years after? What was the criti- receive in 1762? When introduced to Boscism of Johnson? What was one of his last well? Results? Where did he go in 1777 ? publications? When did he die ? What What his opinion of Ossian's Poems? What effect of his death on his friends? What of was his last labor? What is said of it? his merits as a writer? What does Sir Wal- What does Sir Egerton Brydges say of it? ter Scott say? What impression does Bos-What incidents in his life in 1781 and 1782? well's Johnson give of him? (give the account Give the account of his approaching dissoluin the note in full.) What anecdote con- tion. When die? His characteristics? What nected with the lines in the Traveller, “By of his conversation? What other qualities sports,” &c. ? (note on p. 622.) What does and peculiarities? What of him as a ChrisCampbell say of two lines on p. 624? What tian? Anecdote of the Earl of Eglintoune? Johnson? What of his prose ? What does Remark of Goldsmith? (note.) [Commit at Headley say of it? (note.) What did John- pleasure.] son say? (note, p. 627.) [Commit at pleasure.]

MRS. GREVILLE, (p. 672.)
DAVID HUME, (p. 635.)

What piece of hers has been much adFor what celebrated ? When and where mired? born? What of his early employment? Did it agree with his taste? Where did he go for

ROBERT LOWTH, (p. 673.)

more retirement to study? What did he first publish ? How received? What next? For In whose reign did he flourish? Where what is he now most known? When did he educated? What position in the English publish his History of England? What church did he hold ? When die? What did while it was in progress? When did he die? he write? What of his Lectures on Hebrew In what three characters to be viewed ? Poetry? Remark of Gibbon? (note.) ReWhat of him as an historian? As a political marks of Leigh Hunt, on the Utility of economist? As a philosopher? Why does Poetry ? (note.) he not deserve the name of a philosopher ? What of his death-bed ? (note.)

- Typ

THOMAS WARTON, (p. 680.) TT WILLIAM PITT, (p. 639.)

For what celebrated? What of his family?

When born? Where educated ? What did In whose reigns did he flourish? When he first publish? To what professorship did he enter parliament? When and how elected? What did he publish in 1774? die? What of his public life? Why should What is said of it? What does Sir Egerton Americans remember him with gratitude ? Brydges say of him? (note.) [Commit “The With what sentiment had he no sympathy? Hamlet.”] What the most interesting relic we have of him? What is said of it? What does Lord WILLIAM ROBERTSON, (p. 684.) Grenville say of it?

How celebrated? When and where born?

What of his early attainments? What pro SIR WILLIAM BLACKSTONE, (p. 645.)

fession did he enter? What did he first pub

lish? What next? The merits of these When born? What of his education ?

works? Of what does the introduction of What profession did he enter? What write ?

“Charles V.” consist? What did he pub What success in his profession? Where go? | lish in 1777? When did he die? To what What publish in 1765? Influence? What do most of his works relate? What of his office did he hold? When die?

style ? What does Gibbon say of Robertson

and Hume? (note.) SAMUEL JOHNSON, (p. 647.) What styled? Why so? Where born ?

EDWARD GIBBON, (p. 688.) When ? What often termed? In whose When born? What does he say of his lot?

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