The Clear Light of Day

David C. Cook, 2007 - 289 pagina's

Recently ordained and more recently divorced, Reverend Esme Browne finds herself at an uncomfortable crossroads when stationed at the Portland Road Chapel. In addition to the seaside town, she also now bears the spiritual responsibility for two country chapels, which, for the efficient, well-versed, forty-something lifelong student should be exciting, invigorating and even hopeful. Esme, however, has forgotten how to pray, and, she fears, how to feel.

A chance encounter with an eccentric pair of country gnostics may change all that, but she'll have to be willing to juggle the demands of the Church, her parishes and a bevy of well intended but nibby neighbors, before she'll know for sure.

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A new fave!

Gebruikersrecensie  - Shirley -

Similar to Jan Karon's tales of a minister's life, this one is set in England and features a single divorced woman. Loved it! Will look for more of Wilcock's books! Deep teaching, humour, and a wonderful storyline that is not predictable have won me over! Volledige review lezen

Gebruikersrecensie  - Karen Wubbels -

I had previously read Wilcock's Trilogy, The Hawk and the Dove. I found that to be an extraordinary story and immediately searched for other books by this author and found The Clear Light of Day. I no ... Volledige review lezen

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