All I Have Left To Do Is Live!

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 332 pagina's

Shirley Hardison's story begins as she resigns from her position as a Vice-President at a major insurance company one Monday morning. Immediately she finds herself faced with four of life's most stress producing events -- a major career change, the loss of her father, the only man whose love she has ever trusted, the breakup of a tumultous marriage and the sale of her first and only true home. In the midst of working on the little "fixer-upper" she purchased as an investement, a broken foot forces her to sit down for a few minutes and examine what has been happening. Sitting in her treasured old seagrass rocking chair amid the rubble that would someday be her living room again, she looks up at the bare rafters and realizes that like her living room ceiling, her life has been stripped away to the point where her still painfully raw, but surprisingly strong soul is exposed. Between Estrogen and Eternity is the travelogue of her adventures on a journey that makes her realize that she has been given an incredible opportuinty.

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