Surrealism Against the Current: Tracts and Declarations

Pluto Press, 2001 - 232 pagina's
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Intro -- Title Page -- Copyright -- Contents -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction: Surrealism as a Collective Adventure -- Note on the Selection of Texts -- 1. The Historical Orientation of Surrealism -- Introduction to La Révolution surréaliste -- Declaration of 27 January 1925 -- The Position of Surrealism -- Letter to André Breton -- Dialectics of the Dialectic -- Inaugural Rupture -- High Frequency -- Note for Le Surréalisme, même -- Confronting the Liquidators -- Let's Get to the Point -- The Platform of Prague -- The Possible Against the Current -- When Surrealism Turned Fifty -- Hermetic Bird -- The Platform of Prague Twenty Years On -- 2. Surrealism vis-à-vis Revolutionary Politics -- The Revolution First and Always! -- Burn Them Down! -- Mobilisation Against War is Not Peace -- 'Planet Without a Visa' -- When the Surrealists Were Right -- The Knife in the Wound -- Counter-attack: Union of the Struggle of Revolutionary Intellectuals -- Declaration: 'The Truth About the Moscow Trials' -- For a Revolutionary Union -- Neither Your War Nor Your Peace! -- Binary Star: Letter to a Group of Militants -- Hungary, Rising Sun -- The Example of Cuba and the Revolution -- Neither Today Nor In This Way -- The Surrealists to the French Section of the Fourth International -- Portrait of the Enemy -- Down with France! -- The Public Sphere and Curiosity -- 3. The Security of the Spirit -- Letter to the Head Doctors of Insane Asylums -- Address to the Dalai Lama -- Address to the Pope -- Open the Prisons/Disband the Army -- The Fiftieth Anniversary of Hysteria -- The Aragon Affair -- Read ... Don't Read -- Poetry Transfigured -- The Fireships of Fear -- Back to Your Kennels, Yelpers of God -- See ... Don't See -- Murderer! -- Facing the Mob -- The Heart's Hue and Cry -- Warning Shot -- Against Céline -- Expose the Physicists, Empty the Laboratories!

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